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Hi-Tec Hiking Boots Review: Pick Your Trekking Buddies

Last Update: 11 June 2022

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The Best of Hi-Tec Hiking Boots Reviewed [For Both Men and Women]

While the name Frank Van Wezel may not ring a bell to most people, Hi-Tec Sports, the company that he founded back in 1974 lives on as proof of his contribution to the hiking footwear arena. The company has achieved many firsts and awards thanks to its ingenious approach toward making hiking footwear.

Known to offer the much-needed ankle support and comfort, Hi-Tec brand of hiking boots is a top choice when it comes to pain-free hiking and intense walks.

You may not find a few of the high-end boot features in most of Hi-Tec hiking boots but given their overall affordability and excellent performance on the trail, this compromise is admissible.

Besides, most Hi-Tec boots are considered crossover meaning their agility, comfort, foot protection and stability are in between those of athletic shoes and high-end hiking boots.

In this post, we take a deep nosedive into the finest of Hi-Tec hiking boots (for both men and women). It’s an interesting dive that may land you your next trekking buddies.

Let’s get to it right away:

For Men or for Women? (Select One)

The Best Hi-tec Hiking Boots for Men

Our many hours of in-depth research and hands-on tests of the available options landed us to these top five Hi-tec hiking boots for men. Generally, the boots fall under or slightly above 100 dollars and are well worth every cent.

Boot Name Upper Outsole Waterproofing Shaft Height
Hi-Tec Trail OX Chukka I Hiking Boots Leather/Synthetic Michelin Rubber Yes (I-Shield) 4 inches
Hi-Tec Logan Hiking Boots Leather/Fabric Rubber (MDT) Yes (Slightly) 4.5 inches
Hi-Tec Bandera Hiking Boots Leather/Textile Rubber Yes (Slightly) 5 inches
Hi-Tec Altitude Lite I Hiking Boots Leather/Fabric Rubber (MDT) Yes (I-Shield) 5 inches
Hi-Tec Altitude V I Hiking Boots Full-grain Leather Rubber (MDT) Yes (I-Shield/Ion-mask) Mid-Top

1. Hi-Tec Trail OX Chukka I Mid Hiking Boots

The Trail OX Chukka boots are available in two bold color schemes namely; Chocolate/Black/Burnt Orange and the classic Black/Goblin style. It is considered to be a crossover boot, which means that it will mimic the comfort and agility of athletic shoes and the protection and stability of a hiking boot.

This mid-cut boot offers enough ruggedness and waterproofing to see you going down uneven and exposed-root trails without the slightest of worries.

Notably, the colors are slightly toned down to the familiar black so they can be easily passable for the workplace and other indoor spaces.

Good Traction

The integrated Michelin rubber outsole coupled with the rugged shell provides stability and excellent support on whichever trail you take on. Walking on slippery surfaces or even gravel-filled grounds is easy as the rubber outsole provides excellent grip.

Remarkable Design

The crossover design of the Trail OX Chukka I’s is everything a hiker or backpacker needs and deserves. The boot’s elongated gusseted tongues help keep any dirt, grit or whatever debris out while the leather upper and secure heel cap will guarantee protection and support when you’re out and about.

The boots also have soft cushioned lining and removable footbeds to provide comfort and allow for easy cleaning, respectively. Interestingly, the liners don’t get too hot to wear even after long periods thanks to the breathability aspects of this pair.

Also, the padded tongues and collars together with the lacing system deliver a comfortable and personal fit. The molded heel cap with the lightweight fork shanks deliver extra stability on any type of terrain.

Excellent Cushioning and Comfort

The aptly-named high rebound XLR8 midsoles are not only well-cushioned for comfort but also made to offer a higher energy return with each step. Additionally, the OrthoLite Impressions insoles have a slow recovery foam material to allow for optimal cushioning and odor-/microbial-resistance.

Waterproofing and breathability are taken care of by the I-Shield and Dri-Tec treatments, which keep the boots dry and stain-free. You will also feel the effect of the moisture-wicking microfleece linings that offer comfort and kick out any perspiration.

Notably, these boots tend to get more comfortable and flexible the more miles you clock without any worries of blisters and the like.

Our Verdict

The Trail OX Chukka boots pride themselves with the latest of Hi-Tec’s technologies such as Dri-Tec and I-Shield. All of these work hand-in-hand to deliver a high-quality mid-cut boot that is worth considering.

They pack some extra weight but it comes in handy when trailing through rough, rocky terrain.

2. Hi-Tec Men’s Logan Waterproof Hiking Boots

Looking stylish in the Ghillie lacing system, we have the Men’s Logan hiking boots. They can be bought in four color schemes namely; charcoal/CobaLight or smoky brown with olive/snow or gold or Taupe/Red Rock color combinations.

The boots are specifically designed to tackle rocky grounds, ankle-deep puddles and muddy trails. The leather and fabric mesh upper together with the Dri-Tec waterproofing membranes work seamlessly to deliver comfort, protection and agility.

Rugged Comfort

The uppers in this model are made of durable and flexible suede leather that also includes mesh vents to allow for breathability. The Dri-Tec lining champions the waterproofing in hiking boots so you don’t have to worry about your feet getting wet.

Plush comfort is further assured by the well-padded collar and gusseted tongue, which keeps debris away from your foot.

The Ghillie-style lacing system grants a comfortable, secure foot lockdown thanks to the integrated rustproof metal components and eyelets.

The Soles

Compression-molded EVA or CMEVA midsoles are used in the Hi-Tec Logan boots to promote comfort and shock-absorption. You can also find antimicrobial OrthoLite insoles in this model for that extra coziness and freshness.

Nylon fork shanks housed in the midsoles help deliver firmness and stability to the underfoot.

The MDT rubber outsoles offer excellent traction on a wide range of terrain while preventing any build-up of dirt or debris that may slow you down. The lug patterns help channel water out more efficiently and thus preventing slippages and falls.

Our Verdict

Longer break-in periods are expected in these Hi-Tec boots and you may also want to consider getting an aftermarket insole for extra support and comfort. Overall, the Logan Waterproof Hiking boots are an economical buy that will deliver comfort and support.

3. Hi-Tec Men’s Bandera Mid Waterproof Hiking Boots

Fasten the laces on this pair and your feet will remain comfortable, dry and well protected from the elements. Going by the overall positive reputation by a majority of its users, it is clear that the Hi-Tec Bandera hiking boots are well worth looking into.

Aesthetic Design + Active Use

The Bandera mid-cut hiking boots are arguably some of the best-looking boots with even more exciting color combinations.

First, the mid-cut design allows for a more secure lacing system and promotes ankle support. You also get protection from cuts, bruises and grazes around the ankle region. The suede leather and textile upper provide a good mix of waterproofing and breathability.

The waterproofing on these boots seems to only be effective in light to medium rain showers else your feet will be soaked in water. At such a moderate price range, this is to be expected.

The boots are very comfortable thanks to the included removable foam insoles that deliver a contoured fit for each foot. The collar and tongue are also well-padded to offer extra cushioning and further make the Ghillie-style lacing system even more secure.

Steel shanks and rubber outsoles are also included for extra stability, protection and support on uneven grounds.

The MDT rubber outsoles have a cup sole design which promotes traction (to some extent) and works wonders impact protection.


Hi-Tec Bandera boots are best suited for day hikes and light hiking and preferably on well-manicured trails. The boots are fairly lightweight and can be good options for entry-level hikers and outdoorsmen.

Some of the components may suffer from premature wear and tear and thus you may want to replace them with other aftermarket options for better performance.

Our Verdict

The Bandera boots make do for entry-level hiking footwear that will deliver just-enough comfort, support and durability at a budget-friendly price. These lace-up hiking boots have a lovely design, top-of-the-line footwear technology and will offer great performance on many types of terrain.

However, you may want to replace some of the components, especially the laces and insoles overtime with better aftermarket options.

4. Hi-Tec Men’s Altitude Lite I Hiking Boots

The Altitude Lite I is one of the few understated gems from Hi-Tec Sports; it has a fairly bland look, even the 3 color variations. However, it does feature the brand’s in-house technologies to ensure great performance.

The upper is made of leather and fabric with waterproofing qualities i.e. the I-Shield protective layer which keeps off dirt and repels water.

Comfortable and Lightweight

The comfort levels of these lightweight boots are unmatched. The included OrthoLite Impressions insoles and padded collar/tongue offer extra cushioning and support even when walking on uneven or rocky grounds.

The MDT outsole also adds onto the overall comfort, support and traction of the boot so you don’t have to worry too much about slipping or falling on slippery surfaces.

Also, the shaft measures five inches from the arch allowing enough room for a secure lacing-up and ankle support. The upper speed-lacing system helps in ankle/arch support as well as allowing for quick, secure foot lockdown.

The V-LITE construction in these boots means that they are as lightweight as possible without compromising too much on comfort and functionality.

Our Verdict

As the name suggests, the Altitude Lite Is are lightweight hikers that are ideal for light packing and day hiking. The paracord laces come loose too quickly so you may want to go for a more durable option further down the road.

5. Hi-Tec Men’s Altitude V I Hiking Boots

Easily one of the best and most popular of Hi-Tec hiking boots are these Altitude V I boots. They have a stylish design and pack several high-tech footwear technologies. They feature their patented Ion-Mask™ hydrophobic technology that ensures your feet stay dry all through.

In terms of color choices, you get to pick from four; black/charcoal, dark chocolate/dark taupe/black, wheat/cool grey/black and dark chocolate/light taupe/black. The dark colors are stylish and can be worn to other casual occasions other than hiking.


A combination of I-shield, Dri-Tec, and Ion-mask hydrophobic technologies are used on the pair to deliver high-end waterproofing and breathability. The protective membranes and linings repel dirt and water making sure your feet stay dry and your boots stay clean for longer.

Fairly Durable

To ensure the longevity of the product, Hi-Tec used MDT rubber outsoles among other rugged components. The outsoles also offer high-performance traction and support. The use of leather for the upper is especially a huge plus when it comes to the longevity of the boots.

There’s rustproof metal hardware in the lacing system as well as a lightweight yet sturdy fork shank that help deliver secure foot lockdown and custom stability and flexibility.

Comfortable and Lightweight

Hi-Tec went all in to ensure these hiking boots are lightweight and comfortable as evident with the V-LITE construction style and integrated technologies.

Also, in the Altitude V I hiking boots are the micro-fleece sock liners that offer light cushioning, anti-odor and antimicrobial benefits.

The compression-molded EVA midsoles are used in these boots for cushioning and impact-absorbing effects.

Our Verdict

A pair of mid-cut hiking boots that are rugged, ideally-weighted and comfortable, the Altitude V I boots are perfect for any type of weather conditions and terrain. They are comfortable, protective and made of waterproof full-grain leather!

There’s little to complain about as breathability can be an issue for some time.

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Top 5 Hi-tec Hiking Boots for Women

Save for the fluffy, colorful designs, women’s hiking boots don’t differ that much from men’s boots. The same factors considered when selecting the other hiking boots will also be taken into account in this segment.

We found the following hiking boots for women to offer the best traction, durability, ankle support and comfort.

Boot Name Upper Outsole Waterproofing Shaft Height Heel Height
Hi-Tec Women’s Sierra Tarma I Hiking Shoes Nubuck/ Suede Leather Rubber (MDT) Yes (I-Shield, Dri-Tec) 6 inches 0.75 inches
Hi-Tec Women’s Logan Hiking Boots Suede Leather/Fabric Rubber (MDT) Yes (Dri-Tec) 4.75 inches 1 inch
Hi-Tec Women’s Altitude Glide Walking Boots Nubuck/Full-grain Leather Carbon Rubber Yes (Slightly) 5 inches 1 inch
Hi-Tec Women’s St Moritz 200 Insulated Boots Suede Leather Carbon Rubber Yes (Thermo-Dri) 8 inches 1.75 inches
Hi-Tec Women’s Skamania Mid-Rise Hiking Boots Suede Leather/Mesh Rubber (MDT) Yes (Dri-Tec) 5 inches 1.5 inches

1. Hi-Tec Women’s Sierra Tarma I Hiking Shoes

Rocking nubuck/suede leather uppers, the Sierra Tarma I hiking boots are a favorite pick for many female hikers. They come in two stunning color styles and are well-known to offer great performance in any weather condition and terrain.

Comfortable Boots for Any Trail

The OrthoLite insoles deliver comfort, performance and a contoured fit while the EVA midsoles add extra cushioning and high energy return for longer. The Dri-Tec membrane and I-Shield layer also help keep your feet dry with its waterproofing abilities.

Thickly padded tongue and collar ensure adequate arch and ankle support as well as comfort. The shaft height also works wonders in ankle/arch support.

Durable and Rugged Construction

The tried and tested MDT outsoles are also present in the Sierra Tarma boots to deliver unparalleled traction and support over the roughest of trails and weather conditions. You no longer have to worry about slipping on wet surfaces.

The high-quality Nubuck and suede leather upper guarantees comfort for many more treks to come on whichever terrain you trek on. To top it all off, the Ghillie-style lacing system also sports rustproof hardware for long-lasting secure fitting.

Our Verdict

The Sierra Tarma I hiking boots are good options if you are looking for stylish, comfortable and functional footwear for a backpacking or hiking. The boot integrates industry-leading technologies to give the best value for money.

2. Hi-Tec Women’s Logan Mid Hiking Boots

Hi-Tec Sports also makes the Logan for women and it seems to pack almost similar components as some of their other bestsellers. The boots feature ingenious craftsmanship that is geared towards durable, high-performance and comfort.

Rugged and Stylish

The Logan has two main color options namely; charcoal/purple and charcoal/cool grey/lichen. While that may be limiting to some, they still look lovely and will color coordinate with a wide selection of outfits.

The suede leather and fabric mesh uppers help maintain breathability while the infused Dri-Tec layers provide waterproofing.

The mid-rise design offers a snug fit and comfort around the collar keeping your ankles protected and supported on long, uneven trails. The lacing system features round nylon laces that go through rustproof D-rings and hooks to allow for a secure foot lockdown.

Rugged MDT rubber outsoles are also present in the Logan boots to provide support, stability, and traction so that you can face rocky, exposed-root, wet, and rough terrains without fear.

Comfort and Fit

A lightweight fork shank is used in the boots to maintain support and stability while the CMEVA midsoles allow for shock absorption and extreme comfort. You also get a cushioned footbed with the coveted anti-odor/anti-microbial properties.

Notably, the boots can be a bit stiff during the first few wears, which is mainly as a consequence of the overall protection and grip that the Logan offers. That said, you will have to break-in them first before setting out for your trek.

Our Verdict

Without a doubt, the Logan boots make great entry-level options for beginners and will have you hiking through all manner of weather conditions and terrains. Get yourself some thick hiking socks and extra arch support as these shoes may not offer the best support.

Also, since the boots are fairly heavy to wear, it makes them perfect for backpacking and hiking as opposed to leisure trekking.

3. Hi-Tec Women’s Altitude Glide Walking Boots

These lace-up hiking boots from Hi-Tec Sports are made of nubuck leather uppers, carbon rubber outsoles and Trek-Lite CMEVA midsoles. The Altitude Glide hiking boots are the perfect answer for women who enjoy the great outdoors.

The inside of the boot features moisture-wicking linings that ensure your feet stay warm, sweat-free, and dry all through your day hike. Hi-Tec’s compression-molded EVA midsoles reprise in this model to deliver optimal support, stability and comfort.

Additionally, the rugged rubber outsole and rustproof lacing system hardware contribute substantially towards the boot’s general longevity and performance. The outsoles, especially, have multi-directional lug patterns that diligently delivers durable traction on all terrains.

Waterproofing is also taken a notch higher thanks to the seam-sealed construction that blocks out any water from seeping into the inside of the boots.

Lastly, the fully gusseted leather tongue keeps any debris or grit out of the shoe while together with the padded collar, the ankles are well-cushioned and supported. Also, the removable insoles offer a contouring fit and may be swapped as needed with great ease.

Our Verdict

Perfect for day hiking, these stylish boots will deliver comfort and support on a variety of terrains at a budget-friendly price. The components of the Altitude Glide hiking boots are durable and well-crafted for high performance.

4. Hi-Tec Women’s St Moritz Insulated Hiking Boots

The St. Moritz boots will be the talk of the town as they feature a chic design without compromising on performance, durability, and comfort.

Aside from the very conspicuous faux-fur around the tongue and collar, the St Moritz boots have a couple of useful features such as the insulating lining, rubber sole, and leather upper among others.

Excellent Ankle Support While Trekking

The shaft measures 8 inches from the arch, which allows for a comfortable, snug-fitting as well as ankle support. The fluffy collar also guarantees free ankle movement without the risk of chafing or spraining.

Well-Built Footwear

The St Moritz hiking boots have suede leather uppers, molded abrasion-resistant toe and heel chassis, CMEVA midsole and carbon rubber outsole.

The waterproofing in this model is achieved by the Thermo-Dri waterproofing and insulating layer which consists of the 200g Thinsulate fleece material. The fleece lining is not only moisture-wicking but also very warm.

Even though there’s no waterproofing on the suede leather upper, it still manages to keep water out when you’re in ankle-deep puddles and snow.

The overall construction of the boots is made in-line with women’s gait, for instance, the removable insoles offer a contoured fit. Additionally, the faux-fur collar/tongue is comfortable and insulating to some extent.

The lug patterns on the rubber outsoles are grippy enough for winter conditions as well as rough terrain.

Our Verdict

The St Moritz line of boots from Hi-Tec offers practical, fashionable winter wear that will keep your feet warm and dry all through. They offer a snug fit after a few wears and the faux fur adds some pizazz to the already good-quality hiking boots.

However, more can always be done to improve on the boot’s breathability aspects as the highly-effective insulation leads to sweaty feet.

5. Hi-Tec Women’s Skamania Mid-Rise Hiking Boots

On the outside, the Skamania mid-rise boots are made of high-quality suede leather and fabric meshing uppers and do feature an EVA midsole and rubber outsole. The upper is waterproof, durable and breathable thanks to the meshing and Dri-Tec waterproofing.

The lacing system is not complicated and together with the pull-on loop in the rear, will have your feet secured with a few quick lace-up actions. Also, the laces are made of durable nylon and the eyelets feature rustproof hardware.

Durable and Comfortable

The boots also sport removable contouring insoles that are easy to wash, comfortable and swappable for orthotics (if necessary).

The lug patterns on the rugged outsole offer good traction on wet, rocky and uneven trails while the 5-inch shaft height ensures the best-possible ankle support. The boots also incorporate the use of a steel shank, which helps with stabilizing your foot on uneven terrain.

The mid-cut design plus padding in the collar and tongue leave enough room for the ankle to move freely without the risk of rolling.

The Fitting

A snug fit is essential when tackling highly-technical and lengthy trails. However, the Skamania hiking boots falls a little short of this crucial factor. They are considerably heavier than other comparable options, but way lighter for heavy-duty hiking.

The midsoles and insoles are also not contoured enough to support various arch types, but you can always get some orthotics to alleviate this problem.

The boots are also known to run small and thus you may require a half size larger than normal for a good fit.

Our Verdict

Women with a wider or stockier build will greatly benefit from these lightweight and comfortable hiking boots. You will also be guaranteed of excellent arch support, especially if you have flat arches.

The Skamania mid-rise hiking boots are affordable, mid-weight options that require very little tweaking to deliver high-performance and comfort on all types of terrain.

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Should You Buy Hi-Tec Hiking Boots?

Hi-Tec Sports, with their forty-five years’ worth of experience and numerous awards, has remained a leading brand over the years for the lightweight hiking boots and sportswear. The company made the first lightweight hiking boots as well as originated the world-renowned "Magnum Boots".

Building on that foundation, the company has continually come up with innovations to improve hiking and sports footwear.

Hi-Tec boots come in all styles and sizes with a few variations to cater for everyone’s needs and preferences. For instance, you will find different levels of waterproofing, insulating or breathability qualities depending on the footwear’s specific use.

The boots are generally more affordable than some of the best hiking shoes and than most hiking boots of other brands. You can find a decent pair of Hi-tec boots from as low as $40 to as high as $200.

Other reasons to buy Hi-Tec hiking boots include the following:


comfort of a hiking boot

Lightweight and breathable OrthoLite insoles are used in the boots to provide optimal comfort on even the toughest of conditions. After the first year, the open cell foam PU (polyurethane) insoles retain up to 95% of their cushioning effect, which is more than 3X better than regular EVA insoles.

The insoles also offer other benefits such as moisture management, breathability, anti-microbial roles and easy cleaning. Comfort is further enhanced by the slow recovery foam which allows for foot-shape contouring and comfortable fit.

Waterproofing and breathability membranes such as the Dri-Tec, I-Shield and Thermo-Dri protective layers are other comfort-enhancing elements.

Most Hi-Tec boots are mostly true to size so you don’t have to second guess what shoe size to go for as is the case with other brands of hiking boots. They also offer most of their boots in standard, wide and triple wide sizes for a guaranteed fit.

Protection from Water

waterproof hiking boots

Waterproofing, breathability and general protection from moisture in Hi-Tec boots are catered for by the following technologies:


The Dri-Tec membrane has microscopic pores that easily allow water vapor to escape while blocking any entry of water droplets into the boots. Hi-Tec boots perform quite well in wet environments as the membrane provides superior waterproofing capabilities and thus will keep your feet dry and comfortable.


This is an extra protective layer that repels dirt and water so that your footwear remains stain-free, lightweight and comfortable for longer.


Lastly, another in-house innovation is the Thermo-Dri technology which fuses the Dri-Tec membrane with 3M’s Thinsulate insulation. This helps in keeping your feet warm and dry for longer periods without getting too hot to wear.


hiking boots traction

Most of the Hi-Tec boots will have chamfered lugs that offer unmatched traction on many types of terrain. The outsoles have Multi-Directional Traction (MDT) which means that they are designed to quickly release dirt as well as allow forward propulsion and braking.

Additionally, the manufacturer integrates top-of-the-line brands in making the outsoles; for instance, some models will spot Vibram soles while others will have rubber soles by Michelin.

Hi-Tec boots offer the much-needed grip over a variety of surfaces and in extension results to less fatigue, more flexibility and protection.


lightweight hiking boots

As many avid hikers will tell you, weight is a very important factor when determining which hiking boots to go for. Typically, most manufacturers have to compromise between protection, comfort and weight when making the boots.

Hi-Tec has three main technologies geared towards reducing the weight of the boot:


Keeping comfort in mind, the XLR8 technology comprises of an impact-absorbing midsole that delivers better cushioning without adding too much weight to the boot. In fact, the XLR8 midsoles are 10% lighter than your regular EVA options.


Tracking back to its 1976 origin with the Sierra Lite boots, the V-LITE footwear technology is centered at delivering a lightweight hiking boot without many compromises.

Hi-Tec has achieved this by using reliable yet lightweight components and materials as well as using rubber sparingly in the outsole. The V-LITE variants are lightweight and comfortable while still retaining high performance.


Other Hi-Tec boots will feature DTA midsole inserts that are not only lightweight but also very durable. Further, they help ensure stability and flexibility as you go down your favorite trail.

Final Thoughts

Looking for good quality hiking boots? Hi-Tec is your best bet when it comes to comfortable, practical and affordable hiking boots. They have every type of hiking boots be it for adventurous campers, casual traveler or light hikers.

Please Note: Hiking boots generally require longer break-in periods than most types of hiking footwear. Applying some mink oil into the boots may help shorten the break-in periods.

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