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Launched in 2017, CampingManiacs.com is a passionate community of campers and hikers. Led by Daniel Msanii, this passionate community is zealous to share their outdoor experiences and advice via the platform.

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Daniel Msanii - Author & Leader

Daniel Msanii

Author & Leader

When he's not camping or adventuring the outdoors, you'll find him behind the screen grinding hard on his keyboard to put up some super-awesome content on campingmaniacs.com. An ardent believer in making a difference, Daniel Msanii believes that by giving advice to camping enthusiasts, he will have done his part in changing the world albeit in a subtle way. Mostly self-opinionated, he takes his time to analyze situations rather than going by the conventions. An ardent researcher, avid reader, web designer, front-end developer, zealous hiker and camper are a few statements he loosely lets define him.

Starting off on camping escapades back in 2011, he has grown fond of the activity over the years. His exposure to a myriad of different camping terrains, gear and the outdoor atmosphere has hitherto changed his perception of the entire outdoor life. For instance, his interaction with different camping gear has taught him that what you see is not always what you get.

That is why in 2017, he decided to come up with CampingManiacs.com, a platform which would help him share his outdoor experience, give advice on the same and ultimately help the enthusiastic camping and hiking community.

Though often pressed for time, he does all he can to be helpful. This is the very reason he decided to allow renowned campers and hikers to be part of CampingManiacs by contributing to the community. These contributors are generally trusted and in most cases run parallel camping and outdoor websites.

By being part of CampingManiacs readership, you will have helped Daniel achieve his dream of changing the world (or a part of it). He sincerely wishes to thank all the readers that form an awesome community of campers that are the CampingManiacs!

Reserved but conversant with outdoor activities and trends, Josef has an immense wealth of knowledge on the subject. He is a well-seasoned researcher and writer on anything and everything outdoors. He will answer all your questions regarding outdoor activities be it how to pitch a tent, which RV to get, fun camping activities and games to try out or even what the best practices for effective camping are.

He is passionate about the outdoors and has partaken many a trips for activities such as trekking, zip-lining, hill climbing and camping among others. He finds joy in experiencing the beauty of nature at firsthand and interacting with people from different cultures. He spends his time balancing between work, family time, going on thrilling adventures and learning new things. He also loves watching movies, listening to house music, reading novels.

Josef has spent a considerable amount of time on-the-road and in the wild thus making him a great resource on the subject. Aside from the personal experiences, he is passionate about finding and sharing new information about camping and in general – the outdoors. He has been writing on the subject since 2013 and can help you discover new ways to improve your next camping trip.

Josef M. - Reviewer & Editor

Josef M.

Reviewer & Editor