Go-Kot Foldable Camping Cot

Go-Kot Folding Camping Cot Review [A Deep Dive Into It]

Last Update: 18 August 2022

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Go-Kot Folding Camping Cot Review

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The manufacturer of Go-Kot has always been focused on delivering the best cot for campers and adventure enthusiasts. Since 1978, these camping cots have continually surpassed these expectations as many of their clients would attest to.

In fact, some camping enthusiasts still have their forty-year-plus old camping cots, still as functional and as comfortable as ever before.

The cots are made 100% in the USA and are available in two sizes and up to eight color variations. The Go-Kot camping cots mainly feature a tried-and-tested practical design that is devoid of unnecessary flashiness.

Main Subtypes of the Go-Kot

Go-Kot Camping Cot
Go-Kot - Long Size Variant

Recently, the company has introduced a third variant, the K-9 cot, meant for camping with dogs. This article’s scope will however dwell heavily on the first two variants of cots for adults.

GO-KOT® - Regular Size

GO-KOT® - Long Size

K9-KOT™ [For Dogs]

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Which Type of Cot is This?

With its weight being less than ten pounds on either of the two sizes, it is clear that the Go-Kot cots fall under lightweight, collapsible types of camping cots. The cots do require some assembly, but it will take you less than a minute to have its working condition.

What’s more, the side poles are already pre-inserted into the cot’s fabric so all you have to do is insert the legs and you’ll be good to go. Broadly speaking, the Go-Kot camping cots will come in handy for anyone looking for a lightweight, easy-to-assemble and off-the-ground sleeping system.

Design and Build of the Cot

design and build of Go-Kot cot
Design and Build

“Often imitated, never duplicated” seems like a befitting expression when it comes to talking about the design of this cot. While it may not be as unique today, history shows that it’s one of the pioneers of this low-profile, collapsible form factors.

Basically, the cot has pre-inserted foldable side poles, a fabric top and six steel legs. The frame of the cot is made of high-quality, durable yet lightweight materials. For instance, the side poles are made of aircraft-grade aluminum.

Its sleeping surface features a 1000-denier nylon fabric that is commonly known as Cordura. The fabric is well-trusted for its water-repellent and mildew/mold-resistant qualities. However, the biggest downside of the Cordura fabric is that it can be uncomfortable to lie on.

So be sure to place a sheet or a thin sleeping pad on top for extra coziness.

Held firmly by its galvanized steel spring legs, Go-Kot demands that you set it up with the legs in pairs to enhance stability, especially at the middle section. The legs have a distinctive W shape that is meant to prevent them from digging into or damaging your tent footprint.

Regarding sizes, you can get the Long model which measures 84 inches long by 26 inches wide or the Regular model that measures 74 inches long by 26 inches wide. Keep in mind that both these cots will provide up to eight inches of elevation from the ground.

Overall, this high-quality build, coupled with the integration of strong, durable materials, enable the Go-Kot to support hefty weights of up to 350 pounds.

Portability of the Cot

Carrying the Go-Kot camping cot
Carrying the Go-Kot

Everything about Go-Kot screams portability, be it its feathery weight, the included carrying bag or even its compact packed size. But the screams are nothing when compared to those of the Helinox Lite Cot, our best pick when it comes to portable and backpacking cots.

The Go-Kot Regular weighs only nine pounds while the Go-Kot Long weighs only ten pounds, which is fairly lightweight.

When you are done using the cot, simply remove the legs, fold down the sleeping deck and roll it into a compact size that is easy to carry.

The included storage pouch has a buckled opening to keep everything intact and a shoulder sling to make the whole package easy to move around.

Even though the pouch contracts the cot into a more portable bundle, it feels a bit too tight to fit in all the components. This is true at least for the one we purchased but the manufacturer reached out with a clarification that they fixed this issue in the newer models.

In some cases, the legs end up protruding outwards from the bag making it very cumbersome to carry. That said, an extra load of 9-10 pounds will still be a little heavy for backpackers and hikers so you might want to reserve this cot for car camping and for easily accessible campgrounds.

Setups and Teardowns

Components of Go-Kot camping cot
The Components

Having gotten the parts of the cot out of the bag, setting it up follows three simple steps:

Mastering how to insert the last leg of the cot will mostly determine the speed at which you will assemble the cot. Add-on accessories like a rubber grip can help make the process much easier, but you will get the hang of it after a few attempts.

The teardowns are just as straightforward. Simply remove the legs, fold and scroll the sleeping deck and place all the components in the accompanying bag.

Best Applicable Use

These camping cots are built to accommodate most people’s heights and body shapes as they provide generous sleeping surfaces. For instance, the Long model measures 84 inches long by 26 inches wide while the Regular model measures 74 inches long by 26 inches wide.

Other good news for tall people is that there are no end bars on either of the cots, which means you can use the cot’s length in its entirety.

steel legs - Go-Kot camping foldable cot
Strong Steel Legs

The Go-Kot camping cots will be more than ideal for hunting, camping or just about any other recreational activity. They can as well be used as temporary beds for overnight guests at home or at the office.

If you are bringing along your dog with you, the K9-Kot will be a worthy multi-purpose camping bed for them. The elevation from the ground will help in relieving the pressure off their joints but will still be low enough for them to climb.

Compare With Other Lightweight Camping Cots

Cot Name Frame Material Fabric Material Dimensions (L*W*H) Weight Load Capacity More Details
GO-KOT Backpacking Folding Cot [This Cot] Aircraft-Grade Aluminum frame, Steel legs Cordura Nylon (1000D) 74" x 26" x 8" [Standard] 9 lbs. [Standard] 350 lbs. [Standard] Check Price
BYER OF MAINE Allagash Plus Cot Aluminum frame, Steel legs Polyester (600D) 75" x 30" x 8" 8.5 lbs. 250 lbs. Read Review
ALPS Mountaineering Ready Lite Cot Aluminum Ripstop Polyester (420D) 78" x 28" x 7.5" 4.8 lbs. 300 lbs. Read Review
REDCAMP Folding Camping Cot for Adults Steel Oxford Polyester (600D) 75" x 28" x 15" 14.7 lbs. 250 lbs. Read Review
Byer of Maine's TriLite Cot Aluminum frame, Steel legs Ripstop Polyester (600D) 74" x 25" x 8" 7.5 lbs. 250 lbs. Read Review


It is obvious that the Go-Kot camping cots are not your ordinary lightweight cots. These are premium, high-end cots for those who would like something that will serve them for eons.

The two sizes are suitable for ordinary and very tall people respectively, while the K-9 goes for your pup.

Given that this company has been churning out these great cots for many years, their experience easily goes unchallenged. Adding this to the fact that they are based in Alabama in the USA, their quality is one you can be confident about.

We would only like to see an innovation that will reduce the discomfort that comes with the Cordura canvas top, as well as a variation that will include cots with higher heights off the ground.

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