Byer of Maine's TriLite Camping cot

Byer of Maine's Trilite Cot [2019 Updated Review]

Last Update: 27 September 2019

Byer of Maine's Trilite Cot: A Lightweight Backpacking Camping Cot?

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The Trilite Cot from Byer of Maine is a lightweight camping bed aimed at delivering the best value for your money. It features a set of strong, durable yet lightweight materials; all fused together with an ingenious design.

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Which Type of Cot is This?

dimensions of byer trilite cot
Dimensions When Stretched

In our review of the best camping cots, we categorized the Trilite Cot as a lightweight, collapsible camping cot that has a minimal setup process. At only 7.5 pounds, it is safe to consider the Trilite Cot lightweight, portable and possibly a backpacking cot.

The assembly process involves unfolding the tri-fold frame and jamming in the steel legs into the frame. The bars and the fabric are already attached, so the assembly takes way less time than other camping cots in the same category.

Design and Build of the Cot

design and build of byer trilite cot
Design and Build

The cot has a wide sleeping surface that measures 74 inches long by 25 inches wide, which is well raised from the ground by 8 inches. Durability, strength and featheriness are at the center stage of the overall design of the cot.

This is evident in the choice of materials used to make the cot’s frame, legs and top. The frame is made of lightweight, durable aluminum while the legs are made of heat-treated spring steel legs.

The top is composed of a high-density rip stop polyester fabric with a 600 denier rating, ideal for maximum longevity and comfort. Additionally, you will also have two straps at your disposal when you want to secure a sleeping pad atop the fabric cover.

Together, these components bring the cot’s load capacity to a whopping 250 pounds, which is quite a big deal for such a lightweight camping bed. Additionally, the cot’s length and lack of end poles ensure support of individuals of heights of slightly over six feet.

Lastly, you’ll also notice that there are no middle bars running across the sleeping deck, which means a whole lot of difference in terms of comfort during sleep. An organizer pouch is also included to help you hold your small items.

Portability of the Cot

disassembled trilite cot
Components of the TriLite Cot

As if its feathery weight of only 7.5 pounds isn’t impressive already, the Trilite cot further integrates extra features to make it highly portable and easy to use. A stuff sack with a padded shoulder strap is included to make it easy-peasy to carry the cot around.

Additionally, the ease of assembly and disassembly further reinforces the portability aspect in the Trilite Cot.

Notably, the Trilite Cot is undoubtedly not the smallest or lightest of camping cots thus portability will be limited to short distances. A bike, boat or car will be more ideal to easily transport the cot over long distances.

Setups and Teardowns

Inserting the legs into the frame will be perhaps your biggest challenge when setting up the Trilite Cot else the process is quite easy. The frame comes preinstalled with the side poles so all you have to do is unfold the frame and insert the legs.

Place the frame upside down to have the leg holes facing up then place the end of one of the legs into the hole. To insert the other end of the leg, pull the leg towards you and direct it into the hole using a “thumb up” holding technique.

assembly of the trilite cot
Assembly: Pushing the Leg into the O-Ring

The steel legs can be quite rigid and difficult to get into the holes in the frame especially the last leg. A rubber grip can be a nice workaround on the matter. Just be cautious so as not to hurt yourself in the process.

Best Applicable Use

The camping cot is fairly versatile in terms of usage; it can be used as a temporary bed for overnight guests or more popularly for outdoor activities like camping. The Trilite Cot is lightweight, portable and easily packs into a small compact size.

This camping cot from Byer of Maine is particularly best suited for activities that don’t involve carrying the cot by yourself for long distances. Therefore, for car camping, biking or motorcycle touring, the Trilite Cot is a good option to consider.

Compare With Other Lightweight Camping Cots

Cot Name Frame Material Fabric Material Dimensions (L*W*H) Weight Load Capacity More Details
Byer of Maine's TriLite Cot [This Cot] Aluminum frame, Steel legs Ripstop Polyester (600D) 74" x 25" x 8" 7.5 lbs. 250 lbs. Check Price
ALPS Mountaineering Ready Lite Cot Aluminum Ripstop Polyester (420D) 78" x 28" x 7.5" 4.8 lbs. 300 lbs. Read Review
GO-KOT Backpacking Folding Cot Aircraft-Grade Aluminum frame, Steel legs Cordura Nylon (1000D) 74" x 26" x 8" [Standard] 9 lbs. [Standard] 350 lbs. [Standard] Read Review
REDCAMP Folding Camping Cot for Adults Steel Oxford Polyester (600D) 75" x 28" x 15" 14.7 lbs. 250 lbs. Read Review
BYER OF MAINE Allagash Plus Cot Aluminum frame, Steel legs Polyester (600D) 75" x 30" x 8" 8.5 lbs. 250 lbs. Read Review


The TriLite cot performed quite spectacularly on a number of scales we use to test the different camping cots. Particularly, is is lightweight, easy to assemble and carry around. You can confidently pick one for camping, hiking, biking and for other outdoor activities, or pick another one from our selection of lightweight collapsible cots tabled above.



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I bought one . Using it indoor . I bought a sleeping pad for it . And every time in the morning there is moisture under the sleep pad leaving the fabric a little moist .