Ready Lite Cot by Alps Mountaineering

Ready Lite Cot By Alps Mountaineering [2019 Review]

Last Update: 30 September 2019

Alps Mountaineering Ready Lite Cot Review

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The Ready Lite cot from Alps Mountaineering is a large, lightweight camping bed designed with portability and durability in mind. Its unique features are particularly tailored to match the outdoorsy spirit in you.

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Which Type of Cot is This?

The Alps Mountaineering’s Ready Lite Cot falls under the category of lightweight camping cots. The cot will require some minimalist assembly which basically comprises of connecting the major components into a sturdy camping bed.

Due to its feathery weight, this cot is suitable for hikers and backpackers (we are yet to find a more lightweight cot). Still, this is a perfect choice for you if you like cycling, kayaking, driving or motor biking to your outdoorsy destination.

Design and Build of the Cot

design and build of Alps Mountaineering Ready lite Cot
Design and Build

Durability and sturdiness among other attributes are just as important as to being lightweight and portable when it comes to camping cots. To this end, the Ready Lite cot tries to deliver the same as efficiently as is possible.

The cot features a top polyester cover, two side poles and five collapsible legs.

The poles are made of 7000 series aluminum, which is used in the aerospace industry and offers the highest strength in the market. The poles are corded to make them facile to store in tight spaces.

Additionally, the poles have black O-rings so you don’t have to second guess on where to insert the legs. Pull-over tabs are included to hold the side poles in place.

The cot top surface has a polyester fabric with a 420-denier rating which adds to the overall support capacity of the cot. Though not the highest of the denier ratings, the cot’s top features a honeycomb ripstop design which helps prevent it from tearing and allows for breathability. A clever way to ensure durability and robustness if you asked me.

Additionally, you can be assured that the fabric will remain taut yet comfortable all through the night.

The legs are super strong to the extent that they may be a little hard to get them into the frame. Luckily, a removable rubber grip is also included to make the process easier.

This pack of bundled-up features gives you a wide sleeping surface that measures 78 inches long by 28 inches wide, safely elevated off the ground by up to 7.5 inches.

Our reviewers found the height off the ground to be a bit low though sufficient enough to protect you from the critters and to offer the needed breathability.

Portability of the Cot

ready lite cot components
Components of the Ready Lite Cot

The Ready Lite cot makes a few tradeoffs in favor of portability up to a certain degree. The cot folds down to a fairly modest footprint of 17 inches in length by 7 inches in width. Additionally, the cot weighs a measly 4.8 pounds making it very easy to carry around.

To top it all off, there’s an included carrying case with a shoulder sling to make the cot’s movability a piece of cake. One can easily attach the bundle to their backpack and get going.

In its given category, the Ready Lite Cot was the lightest we tested. It can be easily moved around by backpackers and hikers.

Setups and Teardowns

The Ready Lite cot doesn’t come preassembled so you will have to set it up yourself every time. Out of the carrying sleeve you have two corded aluminum side poles, the polyester cover, and five legs.

The process begins with stretching out the side poles and inserting them in place in the cot cover. Next come the legs which you, with the help of the rubber grip, can easily insert into the frame of the cot one by one .

The biggest flaw of the Ready Lite cot is definitely the setting up process, especially, getting the last leg into the frame can be quite an ordeal. You will require some opposing force to fully insert the legs into the frame.

Bonus Tip: A dull wedge or shoehorn can come in handy, to jam in the last leg into the holder.

Best Applicable Use

Ready Lite camping cot in a tent

With such a feathery weight and a load capacity of 300 pounds, the Ready Lite Cot is a compact versatile camping bed. Hikers and backpackers will especially find it a perfect cot to carry around for short outdoor excursions.

If you are in the market for a lightweight, sturdy camping cot that will offer a bare minimum off-the-ground sleeping system then this is a worthy option.

Compare With Other Lightweight Camping Cots

Cot Name Frame Material Fabric Material Dimensions (L*W*H) Weight Load Capacity More Details
ALPS Mountaineering Ready Lite Cot [This Cot] Aluminum Ripstop Polyester (420D) 78" x 28" x 7.5" 4.8 lbs. 300 lbs. Check Price
Byer of Maine's TriLite Cot Aluminum frame, Steel legs Ripstop Polyester (600D) 74" x 25" x 8" 7.5 lbs. 250 lbs. Read Review
GO-KOT Backpacking Folding Cot Aircraft-Grade Aluminum frame, Steel legs Cordura Nylon (1000D) 74" x 26" x 8" [Standard] 9 lbs. [Standard] 350 lbs. [Standard] Read Review
REDCAMP Folding Camping Cot for Adults Steel Oxford Polyester (600D) 75" x 28" x 15" 14.7 lbs. 250 lbs. Read Review
BYER OF MAINE Allagash Plus Cot Aluminum frame, Steel legs Polyester (600D) 75" x 30" x 8" 8.5 lbs. 250 lbs. Read Review


The Ready Lite Cot by Alps Mountaineering won our reward for the best backpacking cot. You will find it a practical choice especially if you love attaching bundles of extra comfort enhancers to your backpack.

If you would otherwise prefer a non-lightweight cot (whichever reasons), we also reviewed other camping cots which you might want to check out. They might act as good alternatives to this lightweight cot

Trying to achieve a balance of everything (durability, lightweightness and comfort) without too much tradeoffs, Alps Mountaineering has truly proved its mastery of outdoor product manufacturing in this backpacking cot.



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I bought one . Using it indoor . I bought a sleeping pad for it . And every time in the morning there is moisture under the sleep pad leaving the fabric a little moist .