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The Best Backpacking Backpacks (2021 Top Picks)

Last Update: 25 June 2021
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The Best Hiking Backpacks of All Time

A good quality backpack is an integral part of planning your hiking trip. You want a backpack that is just right; not too big that it’d be clumsy to carry and not too small that it can’t fit all your essentials among other key attributes.

Whether you’ve been spending endless nights over which backpack ticks all your boxes, we’re here to help you pick out the best backpack for your backpacking adventures. At the very least, a good quality hiking backpack should be comfortable, durable and easy to organize.

And yes, many other aspects constitute a good backpack. Luckily, we’ve done all the donkey work of evaluating what makes a good quality pack and reviewed a bunch of known and unknown brands so you don’t have to.

So, What Makes for A Good Quality Hiking Backpack?

Here, you’ll be looking at the support, comfort, durability, and ease of use of the backpack. Some key things to check include the following:

The Frame

The frame of the backpack gives it its rigid look and provides the much-needed support and weight distribution when fully loaded. To avoid the fiasco that is collapsible drawstring bags, backpacks utilize three main frame systems namely; external, frameless, and internal frames.

The most common frame type in hiking backpacks is the internal frame, which is preferred for its subtlety and body-contouring fit. External-frame packs are more suited to carrying heavy or irregular loads and their ventilating effectiveness.

Frameless backpacks are for you if you intend to hike light and fast.

Ultimately, you want a frame type that will be comfy to have on and that will evenly distribute the weight to your hips. Packs with internal frames tend to be more practical and easier to handle as compared to the bulky external-framed ones.

You can expect most of the backpacks with either internal or external frames to have Aluminum, which is preferred for its sturdiness and lightweight nature.

How Long Is Your Hiking Trip?

Whether hiking for a weekend or many days, it’s important to remember that the size of your backpack is directly linked to the length of your excursion. Going for longer hikes will mean having to carry more items, resulting in increased weight and further necessitating a bigger backpack.

Generally, you want to pack light and carry with you only the most essential items for your survival in the wild, however, this is not always the most practical or easiest route to follow.

Weekender hiking trips can be carried out efficiently using 30-50 liters backpacks and 50-80 liters backpacks seem to be perfect for a 3- or 5-nights hiking adventure. If you’re into winter treks, backpacking with children or going for more than five days then 70-liter or larger backpacks are more in your lane.

The Backpack Fit

The backpack of your choice should cozily hug your hips and be suitable for your torso length. So, pay close attention to the manufacturer measurements such as the torso length and hip sizes.

Some backpacks will have specific torso sizes while others may have adjustable suspensions for a more custom torso fit. However, the adjustability feature will add extra weight to the pack. Given that your hips will bear up to 80 percent of the load, it’s prudent that you find a backpack with the right hip belt size.

Most backpack hip belts will support waist sizes from 25 inches to 45 inches but you may also find others with interchangeable hip belts for a better fit.

Furthermore, some brands will have age- and gender-specific backpacks for a more custom fit. Women sizes are mostly characterized by short, narrow torso measurements and female-body contoured components. You may also find backpacks made for young children that have adjustable suspensions to cater for their growth.

Weather Resistance

Being out in the backcountry or hiking through less-traveled trails, one of the biggest challenges you’ll face will be the weather. The sudden downpour can render some of your items unusable or make it hard for you to stay warm.

Particularly, your backpack should have water-resistant qualities to safeguard the items within. The main material of the pack should also be able to combat snow, heat and other elements. Dyneema Composite Fabric (DCF) or high-denier-rated ripstop Nylon are usually the best bets for the balance between water resistance and weight.

Extra measures such as seam-sealed packs and even an included backpack rain cover are welcome features for protection against the elements. A bigger stride is going for a backpack with additional waterproof coating on the interior.

How Comfy Is Your Backpack?

While comfort can be subjective, there are still some bare minimums you should check out in a quality backpack. The overall fit, weight of your load, and padding around key stress points will mostly determine the overall coziness of the backpack.

Always opt for a backpack with a wide hip-belt that is sufficiently padded since most of the load will rest on your hips. The padding provides comfort and helps spread out the weight evenly across your back. Importantly, the hip belt should be fairly adjustable for a more custom fit.

Additionally, weight distribution and comfort can be enhanced by having padded shoulder straps and a padded contoured back. That way, you get less strain on your lower back as your natural arch is maintained and ventilation is enhanced by the space left between the bag and your back.

Ensure that you go for options made of single-piece padding to avoid splitting or thinning out when carrying the fully-loaded backpack.

The Loading System

How easy it is to load and unload your backpack is a factor that matters a lot. That said, you will mostly have a top/front loading or side/panel-loading access. Top/front-loading backpacks are standard and require a more systematic approach when packing i.e. pack items that you won’t use regularly at the bottom and the rest at the middle and top.

Side/panel access backpacks have rigid forms where you unfold or unzip to show the whole interior of the pack. Items are easier to get in and out of such a pack.

Go with your gut feeling on this as neither of them is a deal-breaker. The main compartment will benefit heavily from a U-shaped zipper as you can access items easily.

A Backpack That Offers Even More!

To ensure you’re getting value for your money, look out for additional and practical features as detailed below:

The Best Hiking Backpacks You Should Definitely Consider

These are the best hiking backpacks of 2021:

We shall get to it straight away without wasting any much of your time. Below are the top brands of the finest backpacking backpacks of this year.

1. Osprey Packs Atmos AG 65L Men’s Backpack

Osprey Atmos Ag65 Men's Backpack
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Performance Chart

84% Overall Score
Build Quality 9 Ease of Use / Adjustability 8 Affordability 8 Lightweight 8 Comfort 9

You simply can’t mention the Osprey Packs brand of backpacks without highlighting their groundbreaking technology, the Anti-Gravity suspension. The Atmos AG backpack is tailored to fit men’s physique or anyone that fits their 16 inches to 23 inches torso sizes.

The Anti-Gravity suspension works seamlessly to spread the load evenly on your back making your pack feel light and comfy to carry. The continuous mesh back panel extends from the hip belt to the top to ensure unrivaled fit and optimal ventilation.

Feature-rich Backpack

The pack has an adjustable harness in the Anti-Gravity suspension, which used together with the adjustable Fit-on-the-Fly hip belt can further enhance the fit. Your load stays stabilized thanks to the side compression straps in this pack.

Pockets, anyone? The Atmos AG has multiple pockets for all your hiking gear; you get dual-access mesh side pockets, zippered hip belt pockets, a sleeping bag compartment, and even a floating top lid. The top lid is removable and loaded with web attachment points and dual-zipped pockets.

You may also attach your tools to the backpack using the integrated pole attachment points and tool loops with tie-offs. With all these storage options, you can pack all your snacks, smartphone, water bottles, gear, and other smaller items leaving the main compartment roomy for other essentials.

Another feature that caught our attention is the removable floating top lid, which provides extra storage space. It may be removed to shave off some weight leaving the integrated FlapJacket flap to protect your gear just as effectively.

The integrated hydration reservoir sleeve was also a welcome feature, especially with its 3L capacity support.

Sturdy Build and Comfy

The Atmos AG pack weighs less than five pounds for all three sizes (Small, Medium, Large), which is fairly lightweight. The manufacturer doesn’t skimp on the quality of material as the packs are made of high-denier nylon all around for maximum longevity.

The internal LightWire-tensioned frame allows support for low-medium loads i.e. between 30 pounds and 50 pounds, without much compromise on comfort. Load transfer and comfort is at its peak with this pack due to the Anti-Gravity suspension and the die-cut foam and mesh on the lower and upper back.

Our Take

The Osprey line of backpacks are popular for their innovative Anti-Gravity suspension and this particular pack lives up to the hype. The Atmos AG 65L provides the best ventilation, comfort and is loaded with useful features for maximum utility.

While the storage and organization are awesome with this pack, we feel that the hip belt could use some more refining. The straps holding the belt may slip off sometimes and the zippers are not that easy to open and close. Also, there’s no zipper for the main compartment as it is a top-loading pack.

That said, the Men’s Atmos AG 65L is a worthy buy and is also available in a women-specific sizing, the Women's Osprey Aura AG 65L.

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2. Nevo Rhino Internal Frame Backpack

Nevo Rhino Internal Frame backpack
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Performance Chart

80% Overall Score
Build Quality 7 Ease of Use / Adjustability 9 Affordability 8 Lightweight 8 Comfort 8

Among their many popular products, the Nevo Rhino backpack stood out for us mostly due to the affordable price versus included features factor. The backpack has a diffident 45-liter + 5-liter capacity and is loaded with essential features, the kind you’d be forced to buy were it another brand.

The Nevo Rhino backpack makes for an easy recommendation as it is incredibly lightweight, high-quality, durable, and reasonably priced.

High-quality Build

While the backpack weighs a mere 2.63 pounds, the manufacturer employs high-quality materials and workmanship for optimal longevity and comfort. It is mainly made of durable nylon material and features well-stitched seams and durable zippers.

The highly-adjustable waist buckle system is sturdy enough to handle big loads and thickly-padded to offer a snug fit as you trek on.

Uncompromisingly Affordable

Unlike other pricey alternatives, the Nevo Rhino backpack comes with loads of features at a very friendly price. You get a waterproof rain cover to shield your pack from the elements, a whistle buckle, easily accessible zipper systems, carabiners, many practically-located pockets, and straps.

The 45-liter capacity is expandable to 50 liters thanks to the included top lid leaving you with enough space for all your gear. There are also two mesh side pockets, webbing attachment points and more pockets at the bottom, top, and center.

Lastly, you may use the provided sleeve in the main compartment for your hydration bladder, laptop or similarly-sized gear.

Our Take

The Nevo Rhino 45L/50L backpack is perfect for anyone looking for a budget-friendly pack for short to medium trips without too many compromises. Feel free to get it for your backpacking, cycling, hiking, sports, and camping adventures.

We feel that the adoption of an even stronger ripstop fabric and redesigning the top to be detachable can make this an even better backpack.

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3. Osprey Packs Stratos Men's Hiking Backpack

Osprey Men's Stratos backpack
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Performance Chart

76% Overall Score
Build Quality 6 Ease of Use / Adjustability 9 Affordability 7 Lightweight 8 Comfort 8

Another gem from Osprey Packs is the Stratos Men’s hiking backpack that comes in four beautiful earthy colors and small/medium and medium/large sizes. Despite the low capacity of 33 liters and 36 liters in this top loader, you still get to enjoy its high-quality build, breathability, and comfort.

The backpack is a beast when it comes to lightweight hiking and travel adventures given that the included features and feathery weight of under 3.5 pounds.

Lots of Integrated Features

Nothing puts a damper on your hiking trip than the sudden downpour. Luckily, the Stratos backpack has got you covered thanks to the included removable rain cover, a feature that was lacking in their premium Atmos AG backpack.

The fun does not stop there as you can make use of the included trekking pole attachment point that is engineered for easy on the go use. You also get up to nine pockets as well as top and side loading access to help you better organize and store your gear.

They include two water bottle side pockets, two pockets in the top lid, two pockets in the hip belt, the sleeping bag compartment, the rain cover pocket, and the front stash pocket. The Stratos 36 is perfect for separating your gear according to different activities or for ease of access.

There’s also an internal hydration sleeve where you can easily slide in your hydration reservoir.

Sturdy and Well-Ventilated Back Panel

The pack features a mesh back panel that in conjunction with the hip belt allow for an adjustable snug fit. Also, the barely noticeable wire frame perimeter suspends the mesh back panel to allow for unlimited airflow and weight distribution.

We also found that with the mesh running down to the hip belt, one can comfortably control the backpack and there’s a reduced risk of slippage of the belt. You may adjust the torso length to your desired fit with very simple operations i.e. by raising the shoulder straps.

Comfort is further upheld by the thickly padded shoulder straps and hip belt that also double up as moisture-wicking agents.

Our Take

The 33-liter and 36-liter capacities are a reserve for ultralight backpackers and thus the Osprey Stratos Men’s hiking backpack will be more suited to that target group. It may also make for a good quality but slightly heavier day pack for light hiking and day trips.

Despite a few minor issues, we found this to be a high-quality backpack worthy of consideration for short solo hiking or traveling adventure.

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4. Teton Sports Scout 3400 Internal Frame Backpack

Teton Sports Scout 3400L camping Backpack
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Performance Chart

76% Overall Score
Build Quality 7 Ease of Use / Adjustability 7 Affordability 9 Lightweight 6 Comfort 9

The Teton Sports brand is known for its top of the line outdoor gear mainly centered on hiking and backpacking gear. Their Scout 3400 internal frame backpack is one of the highest-rated packs in the market today, which can mostly be attributed to its unisex, feature-laden and high-quality build.

The pack is about 30 inches in height with adjustable torso support of between 15 inches and 19.5 inches. The strong combination of an aluminum internal frame and a 600 denier Oxford canvas material allows it to handle loads of up to 75 pounds.

Versatile Mid-range Pack

The Scout 3400 has a 55-liter capacity that will be more than sufficient to take on 2-5-day hiking, traveling, and camping trips. It also won’t add that much weight to your load as it weighs a mere 4.5 pounds, which is inclusive of the sleeping bag partition, exterior pockets, integrated rain cover, tool loops, and compression straps.

Aside from the included 3-liter hydration sleeve, the padded and straps and multi-position torso adjustable mechanisms don’t go unnoticed. You can set up the torso adjustments to suit any body size without forgoing breathability or comfort.

The open-cell foam lumbar pad and the molded channels in the back panel ensure optimal airflow and comfort.

Storage Compartments Galore

If the max carry of up to 75 pounds and capacity of 55 liters flew by you then storage options might just reel you in. The external storage options range from gear loops, compression straps, and side pockets, all designed for better organization and quick access.

Quick access to your rain jacket or rain poncho is made lighting fast thanks to the included bungee storage at the front. A separate space for your sleeping bag has already been factored for maximum convenience when packing and unpacking your gear.

Our Take

The “3400” in its name stands for 3400 cubic inches of capacity, which is more than enough to get anyone started in the exciting world of hiking and backpacking. The Scout 3400 from Teton Sports is large enough to keep all you need for a week-long trip and small enough to toss it in the overhead compartment of most airline flights.

With that in mind, one can easily brush off the minor inconveniences about the pack.

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5. Kelty Trekker 65 External Frame Pack

Kelty Trekker External Frame Backpack - 65L
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Performance Chart

74% Overall Score
Build Quality 8 Ease of Use / Adjustability 7 Affordability 8 Lightweight 6 Comfort 8

Our very first external-framed backpack on our list is the Kelty Trekker 65 backpack that seems to effectively embody its manufacturer’s motto of ‘built to last’. As expected, external-framed packs are known and preferred for their longevity, larger storage spaces, and ventilation.

The Trekker 65 pack is feature-rich and eye-catching thanks to the bold garnet red color and of course, the exposed aluminum external frame. Noticeably, the hip belt, shoulder straps, load lifters, and the pack bag are all attached to the frame using aluminum pins.

Comfy Custom Fitting

The frame itself allows for custom adjustments such as widening or narrowing the distance between the shoulder straps to allow for a better fit for all body shapes and sizes. Also, mesh in the back panel can be tweaked to allow for better airflow and in effect minimize soaking your back in sweat.

The Trekker 65 has a telescoping frame that allows you to drop or raise the height of the hip belt and in effect shorten or lengthen the torso length to your custom fit.

Sturdy Build

The backpack weighs slightly above five pounds and is your best bet if you want to carry heavier, bulky, irregular-sized gear. The stiff aluminum frame together with the wide adjustable hip belt allows for a maximum carry of up to 55 pounds, in relative comfort.

The external frame also saves up space in your main compartment as you can hang most of the bulky gear from the frame. This includes multi-person tents, sleeping bags, extra water containers, bear canisters, and quick snacks among others.

The major downside to having an external is perhaps the extended height. You will be faced with clearance issues when trekking through brushy or narrow trails as the pack is taller and wider than a comparative internal-framed backpack.

The frame also forces you to adopt a more erect stance unlike in internal frame packs. This is highly beneficial as it strengthens your quads and glutes muscles to better handle heavy loads.

Our Take

The Kelty Trekker 65 sticks to the classics by incorporating all the perks of external-framed backpacks and fusing in some modern-day conveniences. The backpack will be a treasure for scout troops, backpackers, hunters and all parties looking to haul heavy gear through dirt-laden trails.

However, the “classic” problems of external frames can still be experienced in this backpack, for instance, the change in stance, the added weight, and hoisting challenges among others.

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6. Kelty Coyote 65 Hiking Backpack

Kelty Coyote 65 Hiking Backpack
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Performance Chart

72% Overall Score
Build Quality 8 Ease of Use / Adjustability 7 Affordability 8 Lightweight 7 Comfort 6

The Coyote 65 hiking backpack has been in the market since 2017 and is part of Kelty’s popular Coyote series for men and women. Despite this 65-liter backpack being so affordably-priced, it’s fully packed with impressive and functional features.

The pack can also be found in 80-liter capacities as well as 60- and 70-liter capacities for the women-specific design. The Coyote 65 hiking backpack brings along the popular PerfectFIT system that does wonders when it comes to comfort and weight distribution.

Great Organization and Accessibility

Getting items in and out of the pack is a breeze thanks to the practical openings and zipper systems. For instance, the top opening is secured by cinching the drawcord and the pockets are large enough to allow for quick retrieval of gear and full utilization of the space.

The bag has a separate sleeping bag compartment that can be accessed at the bottom unlike in other packs where you’d have to remove all gear in the main compartment. Also, the pockets have good quality zipper systems that allow for easy operation.

You can also find zippered pockets on both sides of the hip belt that can be used to store small items such as quick snacks, a compass, a smartphone, a small camera and so on. Further, compression straps are included to help you hold items in place and make the pack more compact to carry.

The Comfy PerfectFit System

Fitting the Coyote 65 is quite easy as the torso length is adjustable to accommodate a wide range of body shapes and sizes. We are talking of an impressive torso length support of 15.5 inches to 21 inches.

Additionally, the pack has thick padding under the Hex Mesh fabric so that you stay comfortable as you trudge on your muddy trails or otherwise. However, the improved lumbar support and comfort are at the expense of ventilation due to the used fabric.

The included load lifter straps, sternum straps, compression straps, and hip belt stabilizer straps work hand in hand to improve the fit and allow for easy movement with the pack.

Our Take

Weighing slightly less than five pounds and with a capacity of 65 liters, the Coyote 65 should be your go-to hiking backpack for multi-day hikes. You get enough room to pack your gear, durability you can rely on under tough weather conditions, and a comfy hugging-fit.

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7. Gregory Mountain Products Baltoro Men’s Backpack

Gregory Mountain Baltoro 65 Pack
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Performance Chart

72% Overall Score
Build Quality 7 Ease of Use / Adjustability 8 Affordability 6 Lightweight 8 Comfort 7

Going by the included rain cover and top-loading access, the Baltoro 65 from Gregory Mountain promises a good quality backpack for men. The pack is well-liked for its many features, load-hauling capability, and unmatched comfort.

The Gregory Baltoro 65 weighs only 4.84 pounds with a max carry of up to 50 pounds and a capacity of 65 liters. The same design and features can also be found in their 62-liter and 68-liter options.

Pockets Aplenty

Apart from the main compartment, the Baltoro 65 has up to ten external pockets including 2 hip belt pocket, 3 front pockets, 3 in the top lid, a side mesh pocket, and a side water bottle holder. The pockets give you plenty of storage space and allow for easy packing and gear organization.

One of the hip belt pockets is waterproof and ideal for keeping your camera, phone or small water sensitive gear. However, slipping in your gear in a Ziploc bag before tossing it in the pocket can be a good extra measure against water damage.

The large left side pocket is ideal for holding your glacier wands, tent poles, collapsible fishing rods or other such long thin objects. The water bottle holster on the right can hold a 1-liter bottle and allow for quick access on the go.

The top lid has two zippered compartments for separating your emergency items such as navigation tools, gloves, and beanies, etc. The rain cover also stores away in the third pocket of the top lid for maximum convenience.

Lastly, the mesh pocket may be used to store wet gear and the front panel pockets are deep enough to hold medium-large gear such as shoes, a hammock, a solo tent body, and even a tarp.

Comfy Suspension

Fitting and comfort have been well-thought off in this backpack owing to the many adjustability features and padding. There are the sleeping pad straps that hold your sleeping system in place and additional gear loops sewn into the seams for better load management and balance.

Trekking poles and ice axes get to hold on to the strategically-placed webbing loops at the front corners of the pack, where you can also find elastic shaft holders to keep the attachments securely in place.

Additionally, the pack supports a torso length adjustment of between 16 inches and 18 inches for an even snug fitting. The shoulder straps also tend to dynamically pivot with each change in gait allowing for safer and more balanced mountain/hill climbing.

To prevent any slippage of the pack, the manufacturer went ahead and added a textured silicon coating on the lumbar pad where the hip belt comes in contact with your waist. Moisture is also wicked away by the cushy padding in the shoulder straps and back panel.

Our Take

The Gregory Baltoro 65 is a beast when it comes to handling heavy loads and has been engineered for high volumes and comfort. Its innovative features will help you organize and pack your gear more easily and further allow for a comfortable backpacking experience.

The snug fit and adjustable suspension provided by this backpack may be enough to overlook the minor annoyances that come with the pack.

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8. Kelty Redwing Backpack

Kelty Redwing 44 Backpack
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Performance Chart

72% Overall Score
Build Quality 7 Ease of Use / Adjustability 6 Affordability 8 Lightweight 9 Comfort 6

The Kelty Redwing 44 is a middle child in terms of size to their 32-liter and 50-liter variants. The Redwing 44 with its 44-liter capacity is best suited for weekender or overnight hiking and mountaineering adventures. It features a wide opening to the main compartment, multiple pockets, and an outstanding suspension system.

Easily Accessible Storage

The front panel has a long U-shaped zipper system that allows you to unzip nearly three-quarter-way of the pack to easily pack and access your items. That way, you get a top-loader as well as a side-panel loader functionality out of the backpack.

There’s also a ton of pockets in the Redwing 44. This includes several side pockets, pass-through holders for long objects, mesh pockets, and a flat compartment with organizational pockets for your navigation tools and personal items.

Also, you can use the top pocket above the main compartment for all your emergency tools and food.

The main compartment also has a padded laptop sleeve with a Velcro clasp that can be interchangeably used as a hydration sleeve. Additionally, the front stash pocket can be used to store items that need not be in the main compartment such as a small pillow or jacket.

The fun bit about the front stash pocket is that it collapses flat when not in use and is secured using a simple but effective sliding hook.

Feature-rich and Comfortable

The padding and adjustability of the shoulder straps allow for countless configurations for the best fit. The Redwing 44 also has load lifter straps that bring the load closer to your body to minimize fatigue and improve stability.

The sternum strap and hip belt are sufficiently padded and easily adjustable to allow for easy transfer off the shoulders and onto the hips. The cinching system in the components is quite intuitive as it allows you to easily tighten or loosen the components by pulling the straps towards or away from the center of the torso.

The LightBeam aluminum and HDPE frame stand strong against considerably hefty loads without digging into your back thanks to the thick back padding and lumbar-friendly form.

The zipper pulls have plastic holds for even better handling and the daisy chain loops, as well as the front carrying handle, hides away inside a small flap in the front of the pack. You also get the usual attachment loops on the bottom of the pack for dangling your ice axe or trekking poles.

Our Take

If you are looking for a mid-sized version of the classic, Kelty Redwing 50 backpack or at least their 2015 model then this is exactly that but with a few improvements. However, be wary that the size of the pack is no longer carry-on cabin baggage size in most airlines.

That said, a full-featured, lightweight, comfy, and durable backpack for your short hiking excursions awaits…

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9. Lowe Alpine Ascent Superlight 30 Pack

lowe alpine ascent superlight 30
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Performance Chart

70% Overall Score
Build Quality 7 Ease of Use / Adjustability 5 Affordability 8 Lightweight 7 Comfort 8

The Ascent Superlight 30 pack is a reflection of Lowe Alpine’s 50 years’ worth of experience in developing world-class carry systems for the outdoors. The Ascent Superlight is one of their lightest packs yet with a weight of only 1.28 pounds.

It has a clean design that incorporates lightweight, durable materials to make a spacious 30-liter main and only compartment.

Elegant and “Superlight”

The Ascent Superlight pack is made of lightweight and durable 100D ripstop nylon fabric that is further waterproofed with the company’s proprietary TriShield Superlight coating. The pack has zipper entry at the top with no extra compression straps leaving it functional and streamlined.

It has a removable frame made of a foldable bivvy mat that offers insulation during cold nights, padding and some slight stiffness. The frame can be removed altogether to make the pack even lighter.

This pack is mostly targeted to ultralight mountaineers. The bat-winged shoulder straps help keep you stable over rough trails and the “active” shoulder harness allows for full-body motion without forgoing comfort. The padding is sufficiently done to allow maximum comfort when carrying loads of up to about 35 pounds.

The two integrated double HeadLocker attachments are easy to use and designed for technical ice tools and axes while the tensioners on the pack help you stabilize and center the load. You will also spot two zippered pockets at the top of the backpack – one is accessible from within and the other from outside – offer extra storage for your gear.

Our Take

The Ascent Superlight was brought forth around 2017 to mark the company’s 50th anniversary. It’s very lightweight and innovatively designed to incorporate as much functionality and comfort as possible. Ultralight backpackers will love this product’s durability and minimalist design.

However, be wary that the internal frame is pretty much non-existent and the torso length is not adjustable.

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10. Mystery Ranch 2-Day Assault Backpack

Mystery Ranch 2-Day Assault Backpack - forest-green
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Performance Chart

70% Overall Score
Build Quality 6 Ease of Use / Adjustability 9 Affordability 7 Lightweight 8 Comfort 5

The 2-Day Assault backpack from Mystery Ranch follows in the footsteps of its bigger brother, the 3-Day Assault pack. It’s slightly smaller in capacity at only 27 liters and a weight of 3 pounds. However, you still get the rugged materials and many features to boot.

Rugged and Feature-rich

The classic 3-Zip system allows for quick, easy access to the main compartment through a front opening and top-loading mechanism. The rugged yet lightweight 500D Cordura fabric, water-resistant YKK zippers, and full-length plastic frame sheet makes it almost as durable as its military-grade predecessor, the 3-Day Assault pack.

The interior of the main compartment is filled with zippered mesh partitions and drop pockets to enable you to better organize your gear. Additionally, there’s a laptop compartment at the back that can be accessed through a side zipper even when the bag is suspended.

Comfort and fitting are not compromised thanks to the well-padded, contoured shoulder straps, waist belt, sternum strap, and internal frame. The compression straps can be cinched down when packing light for a lower and more stable profile.

The top mesh compartment is a good space to stash all your frequently-used gear and the webbing all-round the pack allows you to attach Molle-supported gear with ease. Water bottles on either side are present as expected and the pack is available in a Large/X-Large size as well as three outdoor-friendly colors i.e. Foliage, Black, Coyote, and Forest.

The Mystery Ranch 2-DAP also has a hydration pouch in the interior to take care of all your hydration needs.

Our Take

The Mystery Ranch 2-Day Assault backpack is your go-to option for all those weekender trips, commute bag, short hikes, and short-haul flights. The 27-liter capacity is more than enough for 2 days’ worth of gear and best suited for everyday urban life and functionality.

The backpack is lightweight, durable, comfortable, and easy to access and organize – all of the attributes that Mystery Ranch products have been known to deliver.

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11. Loowoko 50L Hiking Backpack

Loowoko 50L Hiking Backpack
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Performance Chart

70% Overall Score
Build Quality 6 Ease of Use / Adjustability 7 Affordability 9 Lightweight 7 Comfort 6

You might not have heard of the Loowoko brand, but this particular hiking backpack is worth getting acquainted with. The 50L backpack compacts comfort and functionality into a super lightweight 2.6 pounds form factor.

If not the wide variety of colors to choose from – black, dark blue, green, orange, and red – then its many useful features are sure to impress you.

A Lightweight Toughie

A durable, water-resistant ripstop nylon material makes up the main body while an included rain cover ensures that all your gear is protected from the elements. The backpack has enough storage space for a 3- or 4-day hiking trip, which includes the roomy main compartment, multiple pockets and attachment points.

There’s even a shoe compartment for extra organization and an additional eight straps to attach your gear to the pack.

The sturdy, breathable back panel and S-shaped shoulder straps work wonders in relieving stress from your shoulders and chest. This whole setup redistributes the weight across your waist and in effect can allow maximum load support of up to a whopping 88 pounds.

Comfort over Everything

The Loowoko 50L Hiking Backpack is all about comfort, what with the fully adjustable torso length, adjustable straps, and waist belt. The adjustability not only allows for a snug fit for most body shapes and sizes but also guarantees that there’s adequate support and upper-load balance.

However, the torso variations are heavily curtailed by the lack of an internal frame.

The molded channels in the back panel plus the included open-cell foam lumbar pad help to provide optimal comfort and ventilation.

Our Take

There are quite a few products on our list that provide as much value for money as the Loowoko 50L backpack. You get to enjoy the pack’s impressive longevity, practical features, and load support. However, this backpack seems more inclined towards beginners and weekender backpackers.

The lack of an internal frame makes it more of a day pack than a hiking backpack.

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12. Mammut Trion Zip Backpack

Mammut Trion Zip Backpack - Titanium
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Performance Chart

70% Overall Score
Build Quality 8 Ease of Use / Adjustability 5 Affordability 7 Lightweight 8 Comfort 7

The Trion Zip from Mammut is a sleek alpine backpack with a few tricks up its sleeves. The top-loading system, especially, promotes quick and easy access to gear and faster loading times. It has a 42-liter volume that is upheld in place by the 6mm aluminum internal frame.

Ultralight and Roomy

Relatively heavy loads can be hauled with ease and comfort thanks to the detachable and thickly-padded hip belt and effective load transfer to the hips. The over 400 denier nylon construction further strengthens the pack to face the elements head-on.

The hip belt is padded and a bit narrow for efficient climbing and load balancing.

Some daisy chain loops here and two ice axe attachments will have you carrying all the gear you need for your hiking adventure. Plus, there are numerous and easily accessible internal and external pockets all-round the pack. The Trion Zip also allows for the hydration system to be installed.

While there are straps to better position the pack, the ventilation is still wanting. The thickly-padded back panel is comfortable but very poor at promoting airflow.

Our Take

A comfy, durable backpack that is well worth its salt, the Trion Zip will have you enjoying the great outdoors in no time. The access points are strategically positioned and extra storage encourages better organization without too much overpacking.

The Trion Zip 42L is an average looking bag that speaks volumes in terms of affordability and simplistic functionality.

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13. High Sierra Women's Summit 45 Internal Frame Backpack

High Sierra Women's Summit 45 Backpack
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Performance Chart

68% Overall Score
Build Quality 8 Ease of Use / Adjustability 6 Affordability 8 Lightweight 6 Comfort 6

Built for the female physique, the High Sierra Summit 45L is primarily made of a 1680 denier-rated ballistic fabric and a 300- by 250-denier rated Duralite fabric. The resulting product is a strong, durable, water-resistant pack that will effectively shield your gear from the elements.

The Summit 45L packs all the classic features that have been long loved and associated with the High Sierra line of backpacks.

Female-specific Fit and Comfort

The craftsmen at High Sierra made this female-first product by engineering the components to fit most women’s petite body shapes. The back panel has airflow provisions and a comfortable foam padding to keep you going for longer.

The Hex-Vent mesh padding lines up the hip belt and shoulder straps allowing for great comfort, moisture-wicking qualities, and airflow. However, the material can feel rough on bare skin and in some cases cause chaffing.

Also, the one-piece aluminum frame doesn’t transfer the weight effectively thus leaving excess weight on your shoulders and upper back.

Large Storage Capacity

The main compartment can be accessed via a top-loading system using a drawstring closure that’s been shielded by a waterproof top lid. The many pockets mostly compensate for the minor inconveniences that are sometimes experienced in top-loading packs.

Additionally, the pack has a shoulder strap pocket, a drop-bottom sleeping bag compartment, easily accessible mesh water bottle holsters, and a built-in rain fly. There are also lots of attachment points for your carabiners, trekking poles, axe, and any other gear that can’t be placed in the inner compartment.

The burly zippers secure the items inside and can even withstand prolonged abuse.


The company also sews in a gear checklist into the top lid so that you don’t forget the essentials for your backpacking or hiking trip. The floating top lid also makes it very easy to stash ropes and other small-sized gear, plus the hydration sleeve has an accompanying hose port.

Our Take

With such good load balance, great access, and organization of gear, the High Sierra Summit 45L already feels like a steal. It is made of durable, high-quality materials and is designed to offer the best fit for female physiques. Comfort is not compromised despite the use of rugged materials.

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14. Granite Gear Crown 2 60 Backpack

Granite Gear Crown 2 60L Backpack
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Performance Chart

66% Overall Score
Build Quality 6 Ease of Use / Adjustability 8 Affordability 6 Lightweight 7 Comfort 6

Made by the renowned Granite Gear company, the Crown 2 60 backpack is an update to the classic Crown V.C. 60 pack. It features a state-of-the-art Re-Fit hip belt, a removable Polypropylene frame sheet, and optional top lid among others bring it to a total weight of fewer than two pounds.

The new and improved Crown 2 60 makes for the perfect overnight and multi-day pack in whichever trails you choose to explore.

Durability and Comfort

The removable Vapor Current Mark 2 frame is made of compression-molded Polypropylene and cushioned with molded foam. The frame offers great support and can be removed to help shed some weight when you want to go ultralight.

Sticking with the ultralight theme, you can also leave the top lid at home to further shed the overall weight of the pack.

The Crown 2 60 is mainly made of 100 denier nylon and further reinforced with 210 denier ripstop nylon fabrics and coated with waterproof treatment. The rugged build of the pack allows it to support loads of between 15 pounds to 35 pounds.

A snug fit can be achieved by adjusting the hip belt accordingly or configuring the torso arrangement between the supported 15- to 25-inch ranges.

Multiple Storage Options

Starting from the outside, you get over five exterior pockets – 2 large water bottle side mesh pockets, 2 zippered waist belt pockets, 1 stretch mesh pocket on the back, and 1 zippered top lid pocket. You may also attach your trekking poles and ice axe on the provided loops.

The large side pockets have easily accessible compression straps for quick adjustments and on-the-go usage. The main compartment has a removable as well as a roll-top lid for maximum convenience and weight control. The included hydration sleeve can hold hydration of your choosing.

Our Take

There’s very little to gripe about the Granite Gear Crown 2 60 Backpack. The Crown 2 60 seems to be a true labor of love given that the company incorporated most of the customer feedback about its predecessor to bring forth this long-lasting, lightweight and functional pack.

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15. Osprey Packs Aether AG Men's Backpack

Osprey Packs Aether AG 70 Men's Backpack
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Performance Chart

66% Overall Score
Build Quality 8 Ease of Use / Adjustability 5 Affordability 7 Lightweight 6 Comfort 7

Premium quality backpacks are pretty much synonymous with the Osprey brand. In particular, the Aether AG line of backpacks is very popular due to their superior comfort, versatility, and durability. The AG- Anti-gravity technology in these packs does a good job of transferring the weight from the upper body and shoulders to the waist.

The award-winning Aether AG 70 pack is revered for its great organization, strong suspension, and snugness.

Unmatched Comfort

The AG system features a mesh back panel that sits suspended a few inches away from the backpack itself to promote ventilation and comfort. The IsoForm hip belt together with the padded shoulder straps helps support loads of up to 60 pounds without forgoing comfort.

The strong metal frame provides excellent support and the many compression straps along the front and sides of the backpack help keep your load centered and intact.

The DayLid daypack

Organization is at the forefront in this feature-rich pack. First, the removable top lid has two zippered pockets while the main compartment has a large mesh pocket at the front. The zippers are easy to open and two of the waist belt pockets are roomy enough to store your smartphone, camera and so on.

There are also two accessible water bottle pockets at the side and top of the pack. Plus, you also get a hydration sleeve with an accompanying exit port where you can slip in your hydration bladder.

Now back to the removable top lid, it is easily accessible by just undoing the buckles and unzipping the top pocket to reveal the day pack. The pack is very elaborate as it looks like a normal backpack but without the sturdy framing.

The DayLid is complete with a small external zippered pocket at the top, dual access to the key compartment, and meshed shoulder straps. You also get an extra exterior hydration pouch with a hanger for the hydration reservoir. The day pack is perfect for doing your errands or going for short day hikes.

However, this added day pack of sorts only adds some extra ounces to the overall weight of the backpack.

Bespoke Fit?

The Aether AG 70 is available in three different colors – Adirondack Green, Neptune Blue, and Outback Orange – and up to four varying sizes namely Small, Medium, Large and X-Large. The volumes also differ across the different sizes and can go up to 76 liters.

That said, you can utilize some of the included features in the pack for a more custom fit.

You can adjust the shoulder straps according to your height as well as how close the pack rests on your shoulders and upper back. It’s also important to note that the various sizes support different sizes of torsos and the hip belt is removable and replaceable.

Our Take

The large 70-liter capacity together with the rugged yet comfy suspension makes this a must-have carrying system for multi-day thru-hiking, backpacking and mountaineering adventures. The Aether AG 70 excels in providing an easily configurable fit and comfort.

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16. The North Face Terra 65 Backpack

north face terra 65 backpack
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Performance Chart

64% Overall Score
Build Quality 8 Ease of Use / Adjustability 6 Affordability 7 Lightweight 6 Comfort 5

The Terra 65 backpack from North Face flies under the radar for most people even though it has a sturdy simplicity, incredible functionality, and an overall clean design. The pack is affordable and weighs only 4.15 pounds, which is thanks to the preference of functionality to gimmicky features.

Well-thought Storage Options

The main compartment can be accessed via three openings that include the usual top lid, a zippered front-side opening, and the bottom compartment entrance. However, access from the bottom compartment can only allow you to access small items from the main compartment that is after working the small divider.

The top lid may also be used to store your sleeping bag, tent or other gear. You also get multiple pockets in this 65-liter hiking backpack to store your extra gear and help you better organize the pack.

The big front stash pocket is a welcome feature in the pack as it allows for more organized storage and the hydration compartment can fit 2-liter+ water bottles.

Size and Fitting

The pack comes in two sizes, small/medium and large/x-large, as well as an included harness adjustment mechanism to ensure you get a custom fit.

The back panel is made of cushy foam, breathable mesh and further strengthened by the internal frame for comfy extended use. Notably, the company’s Dyno Lift system does a great job of balancing the load and transferring the weight more dynamically.

The OptiFit suspension system helps provide a comfy, secure and on-the-go fit. Also, the molded hip belt provides much-needed support and comfort effortlessly. The side straps let you bring the load closer to your body for even better weight balancing and comfort.

Rugged Construction

The high denier polyester and nylon fabric used on the body of the pack is made to resist abrasion and rips that are prevalent in most camping gear. The fabrics include 600 denier polyester, 1200 denier polyester, and 420 denier nylon.

The burly zippers have a J-style form that allows for easy handling and quick access without any snags.

Our Take

The Terra 65 backpack is an easy recommendation not only because of the track record of the North Face company but also the many practical features it comes with. It can be rather poor at ventilation in the back panel but excels at being a good quality multi day pack for all your outdoorsy quests.

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17. Mountainsmith Mayhem 35 Backpack

Mountainsmith Mayhem 35 Backpack
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Performance Chart

64% Overall Score
Build Quality 8 Ease of Use / Adjustability 6 Affordability 5 Lightweight 6 Comfort 7

Mountainsmith pulls out all the stops to bring you an aesthetically appealing, rugged and comfortable backpack that is ready to face the mountain trails and beyond. The Mayhem 35 has 35-liter volume and is made of top-of-the-line materials such as strong Cordura fabrics and spring steel among others.

Whether you opt for Barley, Burnt Ochre or the Huckleberry color style, the backpack is without a doubt their best offering yet.

Intuitive Design

The 15 inches to 20 inches support for torso lengths and the easily adjustable harness makes the pack a good option for many people. The model also comes in separate sizes and gender-specific fittings.

Enjoyable climbing and hiking trips demand very durable gear to prepare against the unpredictability of the great outdoors. The Mountainsmith company knows this all too well as they made the Mayhem series of backpacks of very durable Cordura fabrics with 305 denier and 610 denier ratings.

The pack is pretty much meant for professionals and can carry huge loads of up to 45 pounds without losing a point in terms of comfort.

The zipper system to the main compartment is intentionally asymmetrical to allow quick access and organization of your hiking gear. A hydration sleeve with a strategically-placed hose port is present in the main compartment. Also, the many included pockets in the pack are positioned asymmetrically for the visual appeal as well as for quick access.

Additionally, the j-shaped zippers are easily operated and the many tool loops and stretch pockets help tremendously in organization and access to gear.


Aside from well-padded shoulder straps, a peripheral steel sheet, a strong frame sheet, and a load stabilizer bar work together to ease the load off your back. The pack also has large padded ventilation channels covered by breathable mesh.

The wide hip belt on the pack is sufficiently padded and flexible to allow for a body-hugging fit around the waist. The effective suspension system transfers weight off the shoulders and upper back to the waist, which is further cushioned by the hip belt and lumbar pad.

Our Take

The Mayhem 35 comes with a steep price tag, but a quick look at the features and intuitive design then you’ll notice that it is well worth it. Heavy-duty Cordura fabrics are hard to find in most popular backpacks and yet the Mayhem 35 has it.

That said, this premium backpack is perfect for day hikes as well as light hiking, climbing, mountaineering, and cycling trips.

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18. Deuter Aircontact Lite 50 + 10 Backpack

Deuter Aircontact Lite 50 Plus 10 Trekking Backpack
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Performance Chart

64% Overall Score
Build Quality 7 Ease of Use / Adjustability 6 Affordability 6 Lightweight 7 Comfort 6

The Aircontact Lite has a 50-liter capacity in the pack itself and an extra 10 liters of volume in the top lid. This backpack comes from Deuter’s popular line of comfortable and durable trekking backpacks. The Aircontact Lite is geared towards hauling relatively heavy gear over multi-day excursions.

Before we move on to its features, it is worth acknowledging that the light weight of about 3.88 pounds is very impressive considering it can haul 60 liters worth of gear.

Designed for Peak Performance and Comfort

The Aircontact Lite backpack is made of high tenacity and ripstop fabrics for maximum durability and slight water resistance. The back system is composed of breathable open-cell foam padding, hollow-chamber foam panel, and a strong ergonomic X-style internal frame.

The back system is built to last and provide proper ventilation and comfort as you trail those muddy terrains.

The S-shaped shoulder straps have an airy mesh lining and are designed to offer a hugging fit for any body shape or size. Deuter’s Vari Quick system is known for its easy adjustability and support for varying torso lengths can also be found in this unit.

The pack fits torso lengths of between 15 inches and 21 inches.

Since internal framed backpacks work more efficiently with the load placed closer to the body, the Aircontact Lite backpack utilizes shoulder straps and the hip belt to adjust the weight placement accordingly. The pack is also very versatile thanks to features like the extendable top lid, included signal whistle, compression straps, and numerous attachment points.

The side compression straps help hold the load intact and move it closer to the body while the exterior and interior pockets and tool loops provide additional storage and improve organization.

Our Take

The Deuter Aircontact Lite is an awesome backpack, to say the least. The 10-liter top lid took us aback and the comfort and load transferring effectiveness were above par. The pack is versatile, roomy, comfortable and rugged, all the qualities that cement this is a worthy consideration.

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19. Mystery Ranch Glacier Backpack

Mystery Ranch Glacier Pack
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Performance Chart

62% Overall Score
Build Quality 6 Ease of Use / Adjustability 7 Affordability 7 Lightweight 6 Comfort 5

Another entrant from Mystery Ranch is the Glacier Backpack that is available in Wood, Galaxy, and Adobe color styles. The pack weighs around 6.4 pounds and has a volume of up to 70 liters, which is a perfect size for a week-long hiking or climbing trip.

If the weight of the pack is too heavy for your errand runs or day hikes, you can simply use the detachable floating top lid as your day pack. The top lid also has two large pockets to store extra gear when using the backpack.

Sturdy Build and Innovative Design

External storage is in plenty owing to the well-placed ice axe loops, compression straps, and daisy chains. There are numerous pockets on the outside and a sleeping bag is also included for improved access and organization. The latter also has a flat zipper and roll-top opening mechanism.

You also get a comfortable and easily adjustable suspension system and the shoulder straps can be moved up and down effortlessly using the Velcro attachments on the adjustable yoke system.

The Glacier backpack is available in gender-specific fittings and many size variations (6 sizes for men’s backpacks and 4 sizes for women’s backpacks) guaranteeing that there’s something custom for everyone.

The high denier rated Cordura fabrics and strong YKK zipper systems give this backpack a military-grade kind of ruggedness. The Glacier backpack can withstand all manners of abuse without a scratch – whether you’re trekking through muddy terrains, snowy regions or in the blazing sun, the pack will handle it all gracefully.

Our Take

These hefty Glacier backpacks are more suited to long trekkers, forest rangers and other professional outdoorsy types who need to haul big loads through the backcountry. The 70-liter capacity is further reinforced by durable, high-quality materials ensuring peak performance and longevity.

The backpack borrows a lot from the innovative features and functionality in the now-defunct Dana Designs backpacks.

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Let's Pack This Up!

We’ve logged in-the-wild experiences using the backpacks and further looked into customer feedback to bring you this selection of the very best packs for hiking. We hope the shared information will make a little easier for you to choose which to go for.

To recap, take into account what makes a good quality pack, the length of your trip and look into other custom features you might be interested in before “adding to cart”.



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