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The 8 Best Hand Powered Pocket Chainsaws of 2022 (Review)

Last Update: 11 June 2022

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Are you tired of paying your arborist hundreds of dollars to cut down branches in your yard? Or maybe you’re sick of carrying a heavy ratchet every time you go hiking, backpacking, or camping? Well, it’s time to invest in the best pocket chainsaw.

As a survivalist and outdoor enthusiast, it’s hard to think about hiking, backpacking, or camping without a nifty pocket chainsaw by your side. While it’s small and compact, a pocket chainsaw can actually be your saving grace out in the woods.

Today, chainsaws are no longer the large, clunky tools that everybody hates to carry. Rather, they are more compact, lightweight and practical when it comes to getting the job done without the excess.

We’ve used different pocket chainsaws in different camping and backpacking trips. Some blew our minds and some didn’t cut it for us. And after more than 60 hours of hand testing, we’re confident that the following are the best pocket chainsaws to consider.

These are the Best Pocket Chainsaws:

1. Nordic Survival Pocket Saw

Nordic survival hand powered pocket saw
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Performance Chart

78% Overall Score
Length 7 Lightweight 8 Blade Quantity 8 Ease of Cutting 9 Ease of Sharpening 7

At Camping Maniacs, we’re suckers for outdoor adventures, and as four-season backpackers, we often have to cut... a lot. In our experience, we’ve always had to carry chainsaw blades and flexible saws separately. So when we received the Nordic Pocket Chainsaw, it didn’t take us long to plan for our next hike into the woods so we could play with this new toy.

To us, the Nordic Pocket Chainsaw is a compact and handy wood cutting tool designed to make your hiking life a lot much easier. From the straightforward simple (but functional) design to the easy storage, it’s certainly an excellent addition to any backpacker’s trail maintenance tools.


One of the best and perhaps most obvious things we loved about the Nordic Pocket Chainsaw is its minimalistic design. The pack size is good, small enough to hold in your fist. Yet, surprisingly, the handsaw still packs sufficient raw power to cut through high-density wood.

The Nordic Chainsaw comes in a sturdy Nylon fabric pouch that closes with a functional Velcro piece. The loop on the pouch allows you to attach the chainsaw to your belt or cycle panniers for easy carriage. It also serves to protect the saw with thick padding. The solid construction of the saw extends to the nylon pouch with a durable metal link.


Made from heat-treated high carbon steel and featuring double cutter teeth on every major link, the Nordic offered the best cutting experience for us. Seriously speaking, the teeth are all uniform and sharp to the touch, which makes it the perfect tool for cutting small and medium-sized branches.

In the field, the chainsaw remained sharp. It also remained clean even after making a dozen cuts. And not once did we need to sharpen it again.

Thanks to the reinforced carbon steel, the Nordic Pocket Chainsaw requires almost no maintenance procedures to keep it functional. All it took for us to keep the chainsaw in a perfect condition was some sharpening and occasional lubrication. And that’s it! Unlike engine-powered chainsaws, the Nordic piece is a simple yet effective tool for any avid hiker, camper, or backpacker.


The Nordic Pocket Saw is approximately 104 cm long with the chainsaw taking about three-quarters of this length. The whole kit (including the pouch) weighs about 160g, which makes it easily portable with minimum effort.

Over Verdict

Ever had to cut branches just because you can? That’s the pleasure we got from the Nordic Chainsaw. The saw is perfect for cutting medium-sized twigs and campfire wood, and the best part is that you don’t have to struggle to carry it around. So ditch that hatchet and add the Nordic Pocket Chainsaw to your trail maintenance tools. Then you can thank us later.

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2. Sportsman Pocket Chainsaw

Sportsman Pocket chainsaw
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Performance Chart

70% Overall Score
Length 8 Lightweight 7 Blade Quantity 6 Ease of Cutting 8 Ease of Sharpening 6

If you are a hiking enthusiast, your search for the best pocket chainsaw could potentially be over with the new Sportsman Survival Pocket Chainsaw. No more wire chainsaws that are too short to cut a thicker limb. No more thread chainsaws with pointed teeth that are too lean to sharpen. Just a handy and practical saw to accommodate all your outdoor needs. And the best part is? It fits perfectly in your pocket!


For years, many companies have tried to assimilate portability with ruggedness in one handsaw. And while some have succeeded to build a working cutter, Sportsman Industries seems to have married the two perfectly in this pocket chainsaw.

The design features a 65nm thick preheat-treated carbon chain, which easily cuts through the hardest of wood. This makes the saw perfect for many outdoor activities including camping, hiking, landscaping, and the list goes on.

The Sportsman Pocket Chainsaw comes with a free tough nylon snap pouch and belt loop to keep your saw safe while backpacking. The pouch protects you (and your pants) from scratches from the saw teeth.


Sportsman Survival Pocket Chainsaw easily rips through anything from head branches to tough hedges without clogging in the teeth. The 36” bidirectional chainsaw cuts through wood in both ways, so it doesn’t really matter how the teeth land on the logs. The longer upper chain racks up equally faster with the capacity to saw three sides of a limb at once.

Again, when it comes to handsaws, longer often means better. And the Sportsman Chainsaw is better than all options considered! The 36” chain gives the user a better body posture while cutting, which translates to less fatigue. It also makes it easy to cut long branches without having to expand the bands.

The blade is self-cleaning and sharp enough to keep debris from clogging the teeth. Sharpening of the saw teeth after use is easy and straightforward. Just use a 5/32 round chainsaw file to keep it acute for the best performance.


At only 5 ounces, this unit is lightweight and portable and therefore a good option for the wanderer. The saw easily folds to fit into its handheld bag so you don’t have to pack so much weight while hiking.

Our Verdict

The Sportsman Pocket Chainsaw can rip through wood like butter. From the carbon steel teeth to the nylon pouch, the saw is easily a must-have tool for any hiker or backpacker. We also found the narrow chain super helpful in reducing the drag as you pull back and forth. Our thoughts? Wrap your Sportsman chain around that annoying branch and tear through it. It will only take 5 minutes!

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3. SOS Gear Pocket Chainsaw

SOSGEAR Pocket Chainsaw
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Performance Chart

70% Overall Score
Length 6 Lightweight 7 Blade Quantity 7 Ease of Cutting 7 Ease of Sharpening 8

While the aesthetic appeal doesn’t really translate to high performance, first impressions do matter to any buyer. When we received our SOS Gear Pocket Chainsaw, it was a match made in heaven for us.


SOS Gear packs a complete survival kit for the average hiker that includes the sharp handsaw in an embroidered pouch, a magnesium fire starter with built-in compass, and a free whistle.

The kit employs a beautiful camouflage design to get you in survival mode and the Flint Ferro Rod gets you prepared to start a fire easily in the woods.


As far as the functionality goes, the 24” foldable chainsaw is superior to cable, wire and rope saws. Made of heat-treated carbon steel alloy, it offers maximum resilience while cutting. This also plays a major role on the blade’s durability and capacity to stay sharp for a long time without re-sharpening.

Other than the usual standard safety features, there isn’t much to be said about this particular pocket chainsaw. Then again, there isn’t much required from the user either. The important thing to keep in mind while operating the chainsaw is to stay focused on the task. Protective gear such as goggles and gloves may also come in handy, especially on a windy day. There’s also a free user manual packed with the kit for first time users.

In terms of the maintenance, the SOS Gear Pocket Chainsaw is as easy as it can be. All you have to do is re-sharpen the blades with a round file regularly to keep the saw sharp.


The SOS Gear Pocket Chainsaw takes on a compact design making it a perfect tool for backpacking, hunting and fishing. The kit is lightweight for easy packing and portability while the pouch straps a useful band that hooks on your jeans or bug-out bag.

Our Verdict

Overall, this pocket chainsaw is compact, lightweight, and highly packable to carry around to your backpacking and camping adventures. Beyond outdoor application, we also found it useful to use around the home garden. It’s super easy to maintain and unclog any stuck debris from the teeth. All it takes is a little oil and you’re clean to go!

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4. Skyocean Pocket Chainsaw

Skyocean paracord handle pocket chainsaw
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Performance Chart

68% Overall Score
Length 6 Lightweight 7 Blade Quantity 6 Ease of Cutting 7 Ease of Sharpening 8

The Skyocean 24”-11teeth / 36”-16teeth hand chain saw is a favorite among campers and outdoorsmen mainly because of its compact design and raw power. The saw comes with a multipurpose paracord handle that not only offers a good grip but also gives it a rugged survival look.


The 24” Skyocean Pocket Chainsaw packs eleven sharp cutting saw blades that can cut through anything from small branches to large tree trunks. You can also go for the 36” option, which packs 16 teeth.

The teeth and blades are made of industrial-grade heat-treated steel for durability and resilience. The flexible chainsaw links allow steady bi-directional motion for cutting from two different directions effortlessly. The self-cleaning sharp teeth also keep the chain from clogging from wood debris, which saves more time and effort.


The Skyocean Pocket Chainsaw gives decent cuts, especially on softwood. We used it effortlessly to clear windfall mountain biking trails and while it took some extra muscle power for thick logs, it certainly performed as expected.

Like any other chainsaw, the Skyocean saw binds a lot towards the end while cutting a tree. This means that the further down you cut, the tighter the cutting curve hence the easier it gets the saw to bind. A simple hack to counter this would be to hold the handles wider apart or flip the log upside down once you are half-way through.

The Handsaw also comes with two durable paracord handles, which offer maximum grip and efficiency while cutting.


As far as portability goes, the chainsaw is lightweight, versatile and adaptable. At only 0.39lbs, the 24” chain can easily fold within 4 inches and you can carry it around in your fist like your cellphone!

A convenient and compact pouch with a belt loop allows you to store and carry your chainsaw around in the woods.

Over Verdict

In any camp or survival adventure, you need a good chainsaw to cut through the woods. As with most sturdy tools that we’ve tested so far, we were particularly excited about the Skyocean Emergency Folding Chain Hand Saw.

From an environmental viewpoint, the Skyocean Pocket Chainsaw is naturally more sustainable than more mechanical engine-powered hand chainsaws. So if you look forward to cutting softwood trees on your hike, this would be the perfect tool to bring along. It’s compact, highly efficient and requires minimal maintenance measures. So grab your piece and get grooving because your bush craft adventure just got better!

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5. SUMPRI Pocket Chainsaw Survival Gear

SUMPRI pocket chainsaw
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Performance Chart

62% Overall Score
Length 8 Lightweight 4 Blade Quantity 7 Ease of Cutting 6 Ease of Sharpening 6

A couple of years ago, we took a chainsaw to the woods, put two handles on it and tried using it as a handsaw. It worked out okay, but the problem is, it cut only in one direction. SUMPRI Pocket Chainsaw is different. It’s a more advanced option designed that cuts both ways.

As a folding hand saw tool, the SUMPRI Chainsaw is ideal for a bunch of outdoor activities, including camping, hiking, backpacking, firewood gathering, landscaping, and clearing trails.


SUMPRI packs a complete survival kit that includes the chain handsaw, a nylon pouch for the saw and a free all-weather magnesium fire-starter. How cool is that?

The heavy-duty storage pouch is quite useful because it protects and provides easy access to both the chainsaw and fire starter.


This pocket chainsaw guarantees a great cutting speed with minimal exertion force. This makes it the ideal cutting gizmo for emergencies. The super-heated, heavy-duty steel blades pack enough raw power to cut through 3-inch limbs in less than 30 seconds!

Its 36” longer chain makes for incredibly fast cutting time, sawing 3 sides of any limb at the same time. So whether you are a boy scout looking to clear the ATV trails or a landscaper looking to do some emergency pruning, this blade could come in handy.

And who doesn’t love freebies? SUMPRI understands the average camper’s needs and packs a free all-weather magnesium fire starter inside the kit to get you covered whenever you need to start a fire. The fire starter is fireproof, shatterproof and designed to withstand both hot and cold weather.


This one weighs only 8.8 ounces, which makes it super lightweight to carry. The compact, yet functional, design allowed us to pack enough cutting power in a small handheld saw that could easily fit in the fist.

The saw is also super flexible in that you can fold and unfold at your convenience. This versatility allows you to expand the chainsaw using extra ropes to cut hard to reach branches.

Our Verdict

For such an affordable pocket chainsaw, SUMPRI sure did a good job on this one. The chain blade is a bit more slender than other competitor saws and we found this particularly helpful as it produced smoother cuts. Overall, we’ve had a wonderful cutting experience with this tool. You, too, should find it useful, mostly because it takes minimal effort to use.

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6. Wealers Pocket Chainsaw

Wealers handheld pocket chain saw
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Performance Chart

74% Overall Score
Length 7 Lightweight 8 Blade Quantity 6 Ease of Cutting 9 Ease of Sharpening 7

Unlike traditional offset tooth saws, the Wealers pocket chainsaw serves as a clean cutting tool with great precision and speed. It’s not just a reinvention of an old design – it’s the perfect form of it.


Made from heat-treated steel alloy, the Wealers pocket chainsaw is easily the perfect survival kit for any hiker, outdoor camper or survivalist. The material not only to fend off corrosion but also to makes the chainsaw functional.


We spent 5 days in the woods testing out the Wealers pocket chainsaw. And we are more than willing to admit that its performance was impressive. The steel make allows the saw to cut through the toughest of jobs while still maintaining its sharpness.

Weighing approximately only 5 Oz, the flexi-design also makes the chainsaw super lightweight for cutting. The expandability also improves on the work efficiency thanks to the pull and tug motion to push and shove ratio. So there’s generally less effort required while cutting through any material.

Being an adaptable survival tool, the pocket chainsaw can find use in many outdoor activities from hiking to camping and cycling in terrains. Any survivalist will agree that a good cutting tool is prerequisite to successful hiking, and this pocket chainsaw does much more than just cut wood. The saw can even accommodate gritty cutting of both small and medium-sized wood.

Again, the bi-directional teeth are ideal for maximum efficiency to offer clean cuts through wood. The minimal binding allowance decreases the overall effort required to operate the tool and ensures the teeth clean cut through without collecting debris between.


The Wealers Pocket Chainsaw employs an innovative folding design that allows you to crease it so it fits into its small holster case. We were able to save on luggage space, which would have otherwise been insufficient to carry a hatchet (check out our top picks for hatchets).

Ironically, the tool is small enough to fit in the fist, unlike traditional cutting tools.

Our Verdict

The Wealers pocket chainsaw was certainly a handy tool in our 5-day camp in the woods. The steel-reinforced chain made it easy to cut through wood and the sleek and lightweight design made it easy to carry.

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7. Loggers Art Gens Pocket Chainsaw

Loggers Art Gens 48 Inch High Reach Tree Limb Hand Rope Chain Saw
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Performance Chart

64% Overall Score
Length 9 Lightweight 4 Blade Quantity 9 Ease of Cutting 5 Ease of Sharpening 5

While many appraisals will only focus on selling you the product, we decided to write about our very own experience in the woods with the Loggers Art Gens Pocket Chainsaw. The tool is, well, great. Versatility, checked! Price is on point. And it’s an ideal option for someone who’s looking for a pocket chainsaw that doesn’t break the bank.


We all love free stuff, right? So when we first received my Loggers Art Gens Pocket Chainsaw, we were impressed – literally. Packed inside is the Chainsaw we’d ordered along with lots of other cool stuff like a throwing weight pouch, two emergency safety ropes and four spring buckles.

Unlike other chainsaws, the Loggers Art Gens piece also came with two free woven nylon handles. How cool is that!

On to the mechanics, the Loggers Art Gens Pocket Chainsaw is made of 62 sharp Carbon Steel teeth for maximum resilience and durability. The upper limb is also fitted with an extra chain with blades on both sides. This allows flawless cutting of wood using either side of the saw thanks to the double stroke rotations.


The rule of the woods is and has always been the same: the handier the better. And Loggers Art Gen has managed to accomplish this with their Chainsaw by marrying traditional offset saws with some flexibility. The multipurpose chainsaw can find use in almost all outdoor activities that require you to eat through wood such as hiking, hunting, backpacking and the list goes on.

After using the Chainsaw for days, we found it extremely handy especially in bushy woods. We also found that it’s easiest to use in twos rather than pulling straight up. This way, the wood debris won’t jam up the chain.


Loggers Art Gen is the longest pocket chainsaw we’ve ever tested and actually used on multiple camping and hiking trips. We consider it the heaviest option among the many kits we’ve taken for a test drive. But even at 13.8 ounces, it’s not really too heavy to carry around.

Our Verdict

Overall, Loggers Art Gen is a practical tool that every hiker, camper and backpacker should really use. So the next time you find yourself on a trail with your RV and a fallen tree is in your way, just grab your Loggers Art Gen Chainsaw, grab a hold, and get a good rhythm as you eat through the wood.

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8. Yokepo Survival Pocket Chainsaw

Yokepo Survival Pocket Chainsaw
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Performance Chart

68% Overall Score
Length 8 Lightweight 6 Blade Quantity 7 Ease of Cutting 7 Ease of Sharpening 6

The Yokepo Survival Pocket Chainsaw is a practical hand chainsaw designed to make cutting small and medium tree limbs easier.


The chainsaw in either 33 Serrated or 16 Serrated 24 inch teeth, making it ideal for cutting small and medium sized trees and branches. . The teeth are made of heat-treated 65Mn steel, which makes them resilient to withstand the toughest of wood. The reinforced teeth also make the saw durable and rust resistant.


As far as performance is concerned, Yokepo Pocket Chainsaw is one of the most versatile tools on this list. Not only can you use it to cut fallen limbs in the wood, you can also easily use it to perform other simple trimming tasks.

Throughout our last adventure in the woods, the blade remained sharp and we didn’t have to sharpen it once.

The durable hand bands are also worth a mention. They are in a camouflage color to match the theme of the jungle while still offering maximum grip while cutting.

Ah yes, Freebies. The Yokepo Pocket Chainsaw comes with a portable pocket, woven wristlet, survival rope and an extra flint stone. These tools are essential for any outdoor fan especially forest harvesters, campers, anglers and hikers who need a little something extra.


This tool weighs only 6.4 ounces, which means it’s so lightweight that you won’t have a hard time carrying it around. The compact design allows for easy packing and handling while cutting. The saw easily folds to fit in the hand and you can even expand it using other ropes to reach high branches.

Yokepo packs its Chainsaw in a nylon pouch designed to keep the saw intact while travelling. The pouch has a good padding both in its interior and in exterior to protect the user from getting a scratch from the blade. A handy band hangs on the pouch to allow easy fitting on the belt or backpack.

Our Verdict

The Yokepo Pocket Chainsaw is certainly a must-have tool for any outdoor enthusiasts. From the sharp blade to the firm bands, the blade offers up to 3 times faster cutting speeds than ordinary blades. The saw is also extremely affordable to target any backpacker looking to hike on a budget.

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How to Choose a Good Pocket Chainsaw: A Complete Buyer's Guide

For the average hunter, backpacker, survivalist, or any other outdoor enthusiast, a pocket chainsaw is both a lifesaver and a survival grace. It’s an artistic upgrade from the traditional wire and power chainsaw and it provides equally enough raw power to cut down branches and trunks in the woods.

For many years, saw companies have tried to band traditional cutting tools with some bit of convenience without compromising on the efficiency, and the pocket chainsaw is a major breakthrough in this space. It’s compact, easy to use, and provides equally enough efficiency while cutting down trees.

Why Use a Pocket Chainsaw?

At its very core, a Pocket Chainsaw is just a series of chain links with cutting blades affixed on the facet. While it’s manually operated, it’s light in weight for ease of use and requires little exertion force (depending on the design) to rip through wood thanks to the length of the chain and sharpness of the blades.

That said, there are many Pocket Chainsaws available in the market today and choosing the right one could prove harder than you might think.

In this guide, we break down the most important features to consider when buying the perfect Chainsaw for your needs.

Factors to Look Out For When Considering a Chainsaw

1. Robustness

All pocket chainsaws are the same at first glance. But that doesn’t mean they are all the same. A good chainsaw is robust in its design and is made of tough material such as carbon steel to ensure it doesn’t break while cutting. Heat-treated carbon steel is the best material for a good saw, as it tends to retain its sharpness for a longer time.

Then again, most Carbon Steel saws are not corrosion-resistant like stainless steel. A good solution for this is to put in some extra effort to maintain your blade. This means drying the saw and cutting blades immediately after cutting and oiling them frequently.

3. Rustproof

The wilderness is harsh. That, not only on you but also on your saw too. Make sure the chainsaw you choose has a special coating that prevents corrosion in humid areas. Fortunately, some carbon steel saws have durable coatings and are heat-treated to offer protection from rust and stains. The blades are self-cleaning and only require regular sharpening to keep going.

4. Teeth per Inch

The number of teeth per inch directly correlates with the exertion force required while cutting wood. A chainsaw with many teeth per inch is smoother to operate and produces cleaner cuts on the wood. On the flipside, it takes longer to make the cut that it would with less teeth.

When choosing a Pocket Chainsaw, a good place to begin would be to define your purpose for your saw. If you are looking to cut lots of wood within a short period, going for something with less teeth per inch would be ideal. But if you are just looking for an easy time while hiking or landscaping, more teeth per inch would be more than ideal.

5. Size and Weight

While all portable pocket chainsaws are manageable in terms of the size and weight, some are lighter yet functional than others. A good one should be lightweight, compact and small. This, obviously, doesn’t mean it should compromise on the cutting quality and efficiency.

When buying the chainsaw, you should always purpose to strike a good balance between quality and size. For bush crafters and hikers who spend a lot of time moving around, going for something small and lightweight allows for portability and easier packability.

6. Handles

It all comes down to the handles. Good handle bands provide a better grip, which means clean and firmer cuts. When choosing the perfect pick, going for firm and durable handles is best to ensure optimal performance while cutting. The handles should be firmly attached to the saw and flexible enough to allow expandability with a rope.

Different companies use different materials for the handle bands for aesthetics and brand identification. Going for something stout and durable rather than “attractive” will give you a lasting solution to your chainsaw’s performance.

7. Cost and Availability of Replacement Blades

Have you ever bought a good printer only to realize that there were spare options when it broke down? That’s exactly the same case with pocket chainsaws. When choosing the perfect chainsaw for your cutting needs, you want to go for something with a variety of options in spares.

It’s no surprise that after a while, the blades on your chainsaw will need replacement. While you can increase the lifespan of your blades by regular sharpening and lubricating the teeth, it would be far much easier to replace worn out blades if they are readily available at your local store.

8. Push and Pull Cutting

Most folding chainsaws are pull only. This is particularly important for workability, as the saws are generally thinner making them easier to control while cutting. As a rule of thumb, it’s easier to control your pulling power when cutting than when exerting a push force on your saw.

Pocket Chainsaws, on the other hand, require a somewhat balanced operating force while operating. The way to achieve this is by going for a narrow saw with sharp teeth to allow cutting in a clean straight line. This is notably important in pruning and landscaping activities.

9. Storage Pouch and Accessories

Most Pocket Chainsaws come with a free storage pouch to keep your saw safe and portable. The material used to make the pouch is exceptionally important as it dictates its durability. A good pouch is made of nylon for a longer lifespan.

Nylon also keeps the saw locked in tight, protecting the user from scratches while carrying around. A good pouch should also come with a belt loop so you can easily attach it to your belt or backpack for portability.

As far as accessories go, some companies pack their pocket chainsaw along with other handy tools that any hiker, camper, or backpacker could find useful in their adventure in the woods. Some of these tools include; magnesium fire starters, a whistle, compass, and a sharpening file. The pocket chainsaw along with these handy accessories provides a complete survival kit for any outdoor enthusiast to carry around.

So when choosing your perfect chainsaw, it would be a good idea to look at the freebies that come with the package. After all, who doesn’t love free stuff!

10. Maintenance

Unlike most traditional cutting saws, pocket chainsaw do not require intense maintenance procedures. However, depending on the choice you make for your saw, some may require some extra attention to perform properly. Ideally, you should go for a pocket chainsaw made of high carbon steel. This will mean minimal re-sharpening needs for the blades to cut easily. Carbon Steel blades tend to maintain their sharpness for a longer time.

In terms of clogging, choose a chainsaw with self-cleaning teeth. This prevents too much clogging between the teeth and keeps the blade going without having to stop in intervals to unclog.

What to Do Before Buying a Pocket Chainsaw

Before settling for the perfect pocket chainsaw to buy, here are a few things to keep in mind:

Plan First

You must have a plan before buying a chainsaw. It all comes down to the type of cutting you intend to do. If you are looking to cut down large trees in a big field, a Pocket Chainsaw may not be ideal for this need. Instead, you might want to invest in an electric powered saw.

Again, you need to factor in your cutting skills compared to the cost of hiring someone instead. This is particularly important if you are just looking to do a little landscaping at home. It may be cheaper to hire a professional landscaper to get the job done than buying the tool itself. However, if you are an outdoor enthusiast who spends a lot of time exploring the woods, investing in your own Pocket Chainsaw is definitely a worthy investment.

Test the Chain in the Presence of the Salesperson

The attractiveness of a pocket chainsaw can easily distract you. At first glance, most chainsaws look great. And this, if anything, can sidetrack your attention from their performance. The important thing to keep in mind is that a good Pocket Chainsaw should be as functional as it is attractive.

Before making the purchase, pick up the saw and gauge the weight and balance to decide if it suits your needs. You can also try explaining your needs to the salesperson so they can advise you accordingly depending on the options they have. Giving this brief will allow them to narrow down some good options for you to choose from.

Warranty, Support and Return Policy from the Vendor

Sometimes, it’s hard to get the right tool at first purchase. Therefore, it’s always wise to look at the after sales options available while making the purchase from your vendor. To cover yourself from an unexpected disappointment, you should always go for a Pocket Chainsaw, which comes with a warranty period, continued support even after purchase and a clear return policy.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much raw power should a Pocket Chainsaw pack?

Most Pocket Chainsaws employ an ergonomic design for maximum efficiency and comfort while working in any environment. The chainsaw should be able to withstand the maximum pull force exerted by the user without breaking.

Can I use the Pocket Chainsaw to cut through PVC?

While the Pocket Chainsaw can be used to cut through PVC pipes, it would be much easier to use a hacksaw instead. Pocket Chainsaws are ideally made to be used on wood.

How long should a good Pocket Chainsaw be?

Most Pocket Chainsaws are made to be between 24 to 36 inches long. Depending on your needs, anything between these sizes should work fine. If need arises, you can always extend the length of the chain using a rope to cut tall branches and hard-to-reach areas.

What should I do if the Chainsaw binds on the tree?

More often than not, your Pocket Chainsaw will bind to the tree while cutting. This is not necessarily a design problem but rather a performance issue. This means that the further down you cut the tree, your chainsaw will get stuck between the cut areas.

To counter this, you can do one of two things. First, you can flip the log upside down once you are halfway done on the cut. Then you can begin cutting again from the other end. Alternatively, you can try holding the handles wider apart either by yourself or with the help of a friend.

Final Thoughts

The ideal Pocket Chainsaw is robust in its build in terms of the chain teeth and blades, light in weight for portability, small and foldable for packability, bi-directional for cutting wood both ways, and have comfortable to use handles. All these factors play together to provide an overall fun and practical cutting experience for the user.

While not particularly necessary, the chainsaw should also, preferably, come with some handy accessories such as a fire starter and a storage pouch. These will save you a few bucks that you would have spent buying the items separately. The blades should be easy to sharpen and have readily available and cheap replacements when necessary.

A well-maintained Pocket Chainsaw can remain functional for many years. But this is only true if you choose the right saw for your needs and use it the right way. Remember, expensive does not always mean better. So go for something practical based on your specific needs while considering the factors that we have highlighted herein.

Written By Daniel Msanii

When he's not camping or adventuring the outdoors, you'll find him grinding hard on his keyboard to put up some super-awesome content on campingmaniacs.com. Starting off on camping escapades back in 2011, he has grown fond of the activity over the years. His exposure to a myriad of different camping terrains, gear and the outdoor atmosphere has hitherto changed his perception of the entire outdoor life. He enjoys sharing the experiences of his adventures and gear reviews with the awesome camping community on this platform. Read more about us.


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