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Last Update: 04 October 2022

CenterPoint Sniper 370-Crossbow Package


Ravin R10 Crossbow Package: Premium Choice


TenPoint Titan SS Crossbow Package

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Hunting for that crossbow that you can trust for that long-awaited hunting experience? No pun intended but the hunt is over as we have done the heavy work for you.

This narrowed authentic list delves into the features of best crossbows in the market. Take a look.

Crossbow Speed (ft. per second) Kinetic Energy Draw Weight Power Stroke Overall Length Axle to Axle Length (Cocked / Uncocked) Overall Weight
Ravin R10 Crossbow Package 400 fps 142 lbs. ft. 220 lbs. 11 inches 33 inches 10.5" / 6.5" 6.8 lbs.
Barnett HyperGhost 425 Crossbow 425 fps 152 lbs. ft. 206 lbs. 16.333 inches 36.25 inches 20.375" / 17.667" 7.7 lbs.
TenPoint Titan SS Crossbow Package 340 fps 95 lbs. ft. 175 lbs. 12.5 inches 36 inches 21.5" / 18.5" 6.7 lbs.
Excalibur Null Matrix SMF Grizzly Crossbow 305 fps 72 lbs. ft. 200 lbs. 11.5 inches 36 inches 20" / 18" 5.5 lbs.
Barnett 78128 Whitetail Hunter II 350 fps 122 lbs. ft. 150 lbs. 11 inches 34.25 inches 18.25" / 16.125" 6.4 lbs.
PSE Fang Series Crossbow (2019 Model) 305 fps 103 lbs. ft. 155 lbs. 11.5 inches 31 inches 19.25" / 16" 6.8 lbs.
CenterPoint Sniper 370-Crossbow Package 370 fps 110 lbs. ft. 185 lbs. 13.5 inches 25 inches 18" / 21" 8 lbs.
Invader G3 Crossbow Package 330 fps 97 lbs. ft. 165 lbs. 13.5 inches 37.75 inches 22.6" / 19" 6.6 lbs.
Barnett Recruit Compound Crossbow Package 300 fps 80 lbs. ft. 130 lbs. 12.5 inches 34.25 inches 18.25" / 16.125" 6.4 lbs.
Barnett TS390 Tactical Series Crossbow 390 fps 128 lbs. ft. 187 lbs. 14.25 inches 36.25 inches 18.875" / 16.75" 7.6 lbs.

1. Ravin R10 Crossbow Package

Notable Features

ravin r10 crossbow Check Price / Buy

Launched in 2019, the Ravin R10 is undoubtedly among the fastest and most accurate crossbows on the planet. Not to be confused with the R9, the R10’s stock, reduced by 1.5 inches, has a smaller stance.

The crossbow, available in either the camo or the gunmetal camo, comes equipped with bolts with 100-grain practice field points. You need not tire yourself with assembling as the bow is mostly assembled. All you have to do is mount the scope on the picatinny rail then sight it in. Thereafter you are ready to shoot.

You can easily cock this crossbow even while sitting down, due to the integrated cocking mechanism. Not only that, but it also has anti-dry fire mechanism specifically included for your safety.

With an arrow speed of up to 400 feet per second, this crossbow is definitely one of the most fast-paced arrows in the field. This means that the shooting range allows more room for distance as the speed of the arrow can allow accurate shots at longer distances of up to 60 yards.

The smooth and solid trigger as well as the scope that lights up is an added feature you will appreciate during those early morning or late evening hunts.

There is little to complain about this masterpiece. The scope’s visibility may not be clear and prove strenuous, the reticles within taking effort to see. Even with the lighting which can be altered from black to red and even green, this still may be faulty.

Nonetheless, the crossbow carries well as the weight is evenly balanced. With a five-year warranty, relative noise when fired, built-in cocking mechanism and anti-dry fire making an excellent balance, this is by far the best in hunting crossbows.

We rate it at 4.8 stars.

  • Helicoid technology
  • Versa-draw cocking system
  • Safety switch design
  • Fast arrow speed
  • Easy assembly
  • Balanced weight
  • Unclear scope
  • A little noise when fired

2. Barnett HyperGhost 425 Crossbow, Realtree Max 1 Camo

Notable Features

Barnett HyperGhost 425 Crossbow Check Price / Buy

The Barnett HyperGhost 425 guarantees exceptional shot placement. It comes almost fully assembled except you have to attach the riser with the accompanying nose bolt. After correct assembly, you are sure to experience smooth dead-on shooting on a target at 60 yards with outstanding penetration.

The crossbow accommodates 22-inch, 380 grain arrows delivering smooth, accurate and lethal shots.

The 5x32 scope comes already mounted and requires a few adjustments to the factory settings to accurately sight in. It brings the target up to 5 times closer to you ensuring precise shots. Further, the scope is illuminated meaning that you can easily hunt in low-light environments.

Indeed, this is one of the lightest bows in the industry with a practical overall weight and a smaller profile. With an aluminum rail, side quiver and a rope-cocking device, there is little to add to this quality crossbow.

Its anti-dry fire mechanism will keep your bow protected from damages as it will not fire without correct setting of the bolt.

Precision, safety and performance of the crossbow is taken care of for you. The HyperGhost 425 features a cocking device that lightens the weight for you. The package also includes lube wax for your strings, a thoughtful and much-needed addition if you asked me.

It is however not whisper-quiet as it lacks a String dampener to reduce noise when the bow is fired. This means that far shots on game can’t be taken as the game will most probably be alarmed by the noise. Other shortcomings include the scope being unclear thereby inappropriate to use.

The sleek machine with deadly accuracy which will come in handy during archery season earns 4.4 stars from our panel of editors.

  • Easy assembly
  • Safety mechanisms
  • Precision of shots
  • Lightweight
  • Not whisper-quiet

3. TenPoint Titan SS Crossbow Package

Notable Features

TenPoint Titan SS Crossbow Package Check Price / Buy

The TenPoint Titan SS Crossbow Package is available in four styles; the 3x Multi-line Scope, the 3x Pro-view 2 Scope, W/ Acudraw & 3x Pro-view 2 Scope and the W/ Acudraw 50 & 3x Pro-view 2 Scope. We tested the first of the four and it emerged an overall top-scorer in terms of functionality when compared with other crossbows. It is exceptionally accurate at 20 yards, right out of the box.

Its scope comes already mounted thus requiring little adjustment to the factory settings. Its duplex crosshairs are calibrated at 20, 30 and 40 yards. The scope is however non-illuminated making low-light environment hunts a bit of a tussle.

The package comes with the bow and stock both fully assembled, so you’ll have easy assembly as you only have to attach the two by mounting the bow on the stock. Being a skinny package, it comes with no arrows nor string suppressers. Without these suppressers, the sound that usually resonates after shooting is loud and very inconvenient. Despite lacking a string suppresser, the bow is surprisingly very quiet.

More importantly, this package is entirely accommodating of novices as it comes with an instructional DVD which guides all users. This, in addition to the easy assembly and impressive accuracy of the bolt and scope earn the bow 4.9 stars.

  • Easy assembly
  • Dead-on accuracy
  • Handy instructional DVD
  • Non-illuminated scope

4. Excalibur Null Matrix SMF Grizzly Crossbow

Notable Features

Excalibur Null Matrix SMF Grizzly Crossbow Check Price / Buy

With a mass weight of 5.5 pounds, the Excalibur Grizzly bow may need some foundation to add to its accuracy. This weight however makes it more portable than most crossbows in the market.

This recurve crossbow accommodates a 20 inch bolt with 125 grain tips. Assembling it is easy even for beginners as it comes with an instruction manual and a DVD that guides you. Further, it sighted in very easily taking only a few shots to align the scope to dead center. Other than incredible accuracy, the scope itself is made of high quality glass enhancing the bow’s durability.

Its 200-pound draw weight is moderate and easy for seniors to pull even though this has a large bearing on the speed of the arrow. The minimal weight lowers arrow speed.

The package includes a rope-cocking device which is easy to cock. You can depend on this bow at the field as you will have no hard time changing its strings. The ease of changing strings ensures that you need not interfere or end your hunt.

The bow fits well on the shoulder and its trigger, though a bit stiff at first, pulls very well once oiled.

It lacks an anti-dry fire mechanism meaning that you have to be extra careful to avoid injuring yourself or the bow through dry fires.

With a limited lifetime warranty, the crossbow being easy to draw, compact and having amazing balance it garners 4.4 stars from us.

  • Lightweight
  • Conveniently portable
  • Durable
  • No safety mechanism
  • Minimal draw weight lowers arrow speed

5. Barnett Whitetail Hunter II Crossbow

Notable Features

Barnett Whitetail Hunter II Crossbow Check Price / Buy

The Barnett Whitetail Hunter II hosts 20-inch bolts with 100-grain Broadheads. It comes mostly assembled requiring little time to assemble. Just attach the riser to the provided nose bolt and you are ready to go. Right out of the box, it can shoot 50 yards very accurately.

You will be particularly impressed by how quiet the bow is when fired due to the string dampeners it comes with as well as its custom composite laminated limbs.

With the whitetail hunter II, your safety is guaranteed as it comes with an anti-dry fire trigger barring any explosion and self-harm. This is in addition to finger-safety reminders that guide you on where to correctly place your fingers before firing. The bow's safety is also guaranteed thanks to a nock sensor that deters dry fires.

The bow, being narrow across the limbs, makes it easy to use on a tree-stand. Moreover, it features a rope-cocking device that makes pulling back the 150-pound limbs very easy. It further allows the integration of a crank-cocking device sold separately.

The package features lube-wax advisable to wax every ten shots in addition to a quiver that holds three bolts. Equipped with an adjustable stock, the bow can be shared with family. By just removing the butt pad to adjust, the bow can be carried by both young and old hunters.

On the flip side, its scope doesn't adjust well. Furthermore, the instructional manual had unclear pictures which could be worrisome for new crossbow users.

Although the anti-dry fire trigger is an applaud-worthy safety feature, it comes as a shortcoming when you need to de-cock. The safety mechanism means that you either have to shoot into the game to de-cock or have a shooting block with you at all times if you want to de-cock it.

This ambidextrous product made in the U.S with a warranty, shoots nice, and is easy to sight in, light, fast and compact. It earns 4.3 stars from our team.

  • Hushed shots due to string dampeners
  • Included wax to prevent wear
  • Finger safety
  • Its anti-dry fire system makes it cumbersome to de-cock
  • Unclear instructional manual

6. PSE Fang series 2019 model

Notable Features

PSE Fang series 2019 model Check Price / Buy

You can choose from the fang XT Mossy oak, break up infinity, fang LT mossy oak or the fang LT Muddy girl of this model. This compound crossbow hosts a 20-inch 400-grain bolt.

It comes mostly assembled, with instructions on how to mount the bow. However, I encountered trouble assembling the limbs to the bow. After overcoming that, it fires impressively on target at 20 yards right out of the box. It only required a few shots to correctly sight in. Even so, you might have to upgrade it to experience the full potential of the bow.

The package comes with a cocking rope whose advantage over other cocking devices is that it is very quiet if the need arises to cock it in the woods. It also features 3 arrows, a quiver, dual string stops as well as a picatinny rail system where the scope can be mounted.

This crossbow, with a limited lifetime warranty that excludes its strings and cable, is fast and very accurate. For that it earns 4.2 stars.

  • Accuracy of shots
  • Quiet cocking
  • Warranty
  • Tricky Assembly
  • Heavy

7. CenterPoint Sniper 370-Crossbow Package

Notable Features

CenterPoint Sniper 370-Crossbow Package Check Price / Buy

This crossbow is the perfect march for hunters looking for a fully-equipped package. Available in black and camo, this compound bow features well-finished metal on metal screws, an adjustable stock and an anti-dry fire and auto safety which not only ensure the safety of your fingers but also that of the bow itself.

With dead-on consistent accuracy, alongside whisper-quiet shots, it is no surprise that this powerful crossbow makes an appearance in this list. The bow’s strength is evident in the impressive speed of 370 feet per seconds with a draw weight of 185 pounds. Its quad limbs made of Compact Recurve Technology are fitted with such precision that it shoots this speed with no qualms.

The CenterPoint sniper 370 has integrated string suppressors that aid in keeping your shots quiet and void of vibrations. It further features a tactical cool AR handgrip and adjustable M4-style stock. The adjustable stock makes it suitable for both youth and adults, or with and without heavy wear.

With only one major shortcoming being that the directions are poorly made hence confusing for beginners, this crossbow lacks in no other way. To put it simply, this crossbow is by far one of the best hunting crossbows. It scores 4.5 stars.

  • AR style adjustable stock
  • Picatinny rail
  • Removable quiver
  • Shoots quietly
  • Devastating power
  • Poor directions

8. Invader G3 Crossbow Package

Notable Features

Wicked Ridge Invader G3 Crossbow Package Check Price / Buy

The Wicked Ridge is accompanied by a manual with clear and complete instructions on how to link its stock and bow. This makes for easy assembly.

Its pull weight is 50% With Acu-52. Once pulled, it reduces the 165 lbs. draw weight by half with consistent and accurate drawing. The cocking device further entails mini-magnets instilled to hold the handles securely in place.

It sports safety-engineered fore grip and wings which keep your fore-grip hand safely below the bowstring release path. Self-harm is inhibited as its safety becomes automatically engaged when you cock the crossbow. You must then release it manually in order to fire a bolt.

This product features 20-inch bolts which come with omni nocks. Another safety feature is that the string has to be centered on the nock for firing. In the same manner, the safety of your fingers is ensured by the dry-fire inhibitor it incorporates. They also deter firing of the crossbow without an arrow.

With a non-illuminated scope, the bow still shoots excellently up to 50 yards. The ambidextrous bow further comes with lube to prevent wear and damaging of the bow's strings. Although it does not come with a sling, there are two attachment areas for it.

Due to the lack of noise dampeners, the bow is loud when shot. This may interfere with the hunt by alerting your game giving it easy chance of reaction and escape, especially when shot at far range.

This crossbow made in the U.S.A is by far the safest, lightest, narrowest and fastest bow. Incorporating a limited lifetime warranty, the powerful machine that is easy to use and sight in, earns a clean 4.6 stars from our panel.

  • Lightweight
  • Cocking device reduces weight by 50%
  • Safety ensured through dry-fire inhibitor
  • No noise dampeners

9. Barnett Recruit Compound Crossbow Package

Notable Features

Barnett Recruit Compound Crossbow Package Check Price / Buy

This product from Barnett comes in black and its size makes it just ideal for women and small framed people such as smaller men or larger boys. It is easy to assemble, even for novices as it simply entails mounting the riser to the stock and the scope to the stock.

A kinetic energy of 80 is just enough to take down game when combined with a draw weight that is extremely easy to pull back thanks to the cocking rope that accompanies it.

It sports a picatinny rail where you can attach other accessories as well as a red-dots scope alongside its batteries. The scope allows you to sight with both eyes being open hence remain alert and more aware of your surroundings even when aiming.

Its durability is guaranteed by the heavy-duty string it is made of. Further, it features an adjustable stock that makes it interchangeable between adults and youth or one can simply maintain it as they get older.

The ambidextrous crossbow comes with a rope cocking device and still allows integration of a crank cocking device. With it, your safety is guaranteed owing to the finger reminders on the fore-grip. Safety is further guaranteed with anti-dry fire which prevents unintended firing without a bolt.

Instructions that accompany the bow are clear. They, for instance, state that the odd-colored arrow fletching has to be facing down. Even so, this may not be handy as the scope only functions well within 10 yards. An upgrade of the scope should suffice to enjoy the maximum potential of the bow.

Including just the right amount of safety mechanism and complete accuracy, this crossbow earns 4.4 stars from us.

  • Features a solid liner lock
  • Centered blade
  • Four-way carriage
  • Closing not accommodative of the left-handed

10. Barnett TS390 Tactical Series Crossbow

Notable Features

Barnett TS390 Tactical Series Crossbow Check Price / Buy

This product from Barnett comes in digital grey camo that is appealing to the eye. It entails string dampeners that enhance stealth-like shooting. The CNC machined aluminum flight track adds to this feature.

It comes mostly assembled requiring little time to fully assemble. The 4x32 illuminated scope is added deliberately for fast and clear target acquisition.

The crossbow allows integration of a crank cocking device for support of the weight. It also has an adjustable butt stock making it appropriate for all sizes. Other features include three picatinny rails that allow the attachment of more accessories.

Barnett TS390 Tactical Series Crossbow has an innovative incorporation entailing a self-adjusting soft-low floating bristle arrow retainer. This securely holds the arrow once loaded.

With it, your safety is ensured due to the anti-dry fire system as well as the nock sensor barring dry fires by only allowing shots when the arrow is correctly seated. This coincides with the finger safety reminders that enhance correct placing of fingers to avoid accidents.

Lastly, its scope is clear with red/green illumination for low light shots, easy to sight in and can be used without illumination.

The only shortcoming is that the cable frayed after about 100 shots.

This crossbow shoots perfectly and is really quiet. For that it scores 4.5 stars.

  • Thick blade
  • Molle Compatible
  • Lanyard hole
  • Reversible tip-up pocket clip
  • Ambidextrous lock
  • Comfortable grip
  • Lifetime warranty
  • Handle is color absorbent

Finding the Best Crossbow for Hunting: Which Factors Matter?

While most hunters are normally already decided on whether they want a compound or recurve crossbow, there are other deciding factors that highly impact the crossbow that they end up with.

Follow these narrowed guide to get full exposure to the essentials to look out for when purchasing a crossbow.

1. Draw weight


Draw weight refers to the number of pounds it takes to pull the crossbow’s string back into cocked position. Most quality bows have a draw weight of 150 to 200 lbs. This weight is adequate to kill game at moderate range. Note that a crossbow’s speed is enhanced by a higher draw weight.

Look into how many pounds you can comfortably draw back. Crossbows usually come equipped with cocking devices that aid with this weight.

Crank cocking devices are either normally built-in or are attached to come up with a pulley-like mechanism that lightens the weight for the archer. One of these pulley-like systems is the cocking rope which is usually attached to the string and will reduce the draw weight by half.

The ACU draw is one such cocking device that reduces the amount of force necessary to cock to FIVE pounds!

2. Arrow speed


While the draw weight affects the arrow speed, other factors have a say as well. These include the length of the power stroke.

The average speed for modern crossbows is 270 to 400 feet per second. A velocity of 300 fps will result in a clean hunt and is just enough energy to maintain arrow trajectory when shooting at longer ranges.

When shooting at live game, it is advisable to do so within 40 yards to avoid a complete miss especially because most crossbows create a noise when fired. This alerts the game which then instantly reacts by taking off. You want to maintain a reasonable shooting range while being aware of your bow’s arrow speed.

Because crossbows have shorter power strokes as compared to conventional bows, they lose their kinetic energy faster. Kinetic energy refers to the energy required to propel an object. This means that you have to be close to the game for ethical hunting that does not result in injuring your game and leaving it like so.

3. Arrow features

The features of the arrow including its length, weight, type of broadhead and even type of nock all have an impact on your hunting experience.

The correct size of an arrow is significant because light arrows in the wrong crossbow may result in a blow-up. Crossbows usually come with instructions from the manufacturer on the appropriate length and weight of an arrow in order to avoid dry-fires among other mishaps.

Opt for a lighted arrow as it is easier to recover. The make of the arrow is equally important. You want to work with carbon or aluminum arrows which will ensure that the arrow is not flimsy. The nock also has to be designed for crossbows.

Crossbows require heavier broadheads to even out their flight. 100 to 125 grains should do but shoot plenty of shots first to determine whether it will fly accurately from your crossbow. Remember, the arrow should be around 400 grains inclusive of the broadhead meaning a 100-grain broadhead would be appropriate for 300-grain arrow. They should also have sharp blades.

4. Optics (type of scope)

Sighting devices aid in making accurate shots. The rule of the thumb is that you are always going for the game’s vital organs when hunting.

The most popular ones are multi-reticle scopes. With them, the goal is to zero the top-most reticle or dot at 20 yards. If your scope has one dot then you can sight it for any distance.

An illuminated reticle will come in handy especially during early morning or late evening hunting.

5. Accessories

These are the factors that enhance the functionality of your crossbow. They include string suppressors, slings and string lubricants among others.

A sling and a crossbow are just the perfect pair especially when hiking. You want a robust sling that is well padded and has a non-slip surface that will keep the crossbow in place.

String dampeners are meant to attenuate sound and vibration. Lastly, to guarantee a good harvesting, keep your strings lubricated as they are prone to wear and tear from the string-to-rail friction. A hunt is only as good as the state of your crossbow.

Develop your hunting skills rather than opting for a bow with faster arrow-speed. With these essentials in mind, you will be sure to hunt and capture game easily.

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