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The Best Camping Chairs: Upgrading Your Outdoor Lounging Game

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Last Update: 05 July 2021

Besides the spectacular views of nature and the exciting trails, winding down and relaxing at camp can also be just as rewarding. Whether you’re enjoying the sun setting or just sitting around the campfire, a good quality camping chair is a sure first step to relaxing more comfortably outside.

Camping chairs come in all manner of designs from tripod styles to your more conventional lawn chairs. Sure, you can settle for a log, a large rock, a bear canister, or even inflatable ground pads for your outdoor lounging needs but camping chairs offer unrivaled convenience and comfort.

Furthermore, camping chairs offer plenty of benefits such as following:

That said, you are better off getting the right pick from the get-go.

Below are our picks for some solid options you might want to consider including a helpful buyer’s guide to help you get the best camping chair for your needs.

The best part?

You don’t have to rummage through the entire article to find your pick. Start by selecting a category that suits your needs below:

Which Camping Chair? Select One

Best High-Back Camping Chairs

Let’s kick off with high-back chairs, which have distinctly tall backrests to provide you with optimal back and head support. They are the ideal options for the big and tall as well as campers who prioritize comfort and good back support.

Chair Name Frame material Fabric Material Seat Height Max Weight Capacity Unfolded Dimensions Packed Size Packed Weight
KingCamp Low Sling High-Back Beach Chair Powder-coated Steel 600D Oxford Fabric 9.4 in. 300 lbs. 23.2 × 27.6 × 33.5 in. 30.3 × 6.7 × 7 in. 7 lbs.
Helinox Savanna Chair Aluminum Alloy 600D Polyester 13 in. 320 lbs. 26.5 × 31 × 44.5 in. 21.5 × 6.5 × 6 in. 4.19 lbs.
Nemo Stargaze Recliner Luxury Chair Aluminum Water Resistant Nylon Mesh 12.6. 300 lbs. 36 × 27 × 44 in 23.5 × 6.5 × 6.5 in. 7.13 lbs.
Marchway Ultralight Camping Chair 7075 Aluminum Alloy 1000D Ripstop Polyester w/ Mesh 17.9 in. 250 lbs. 22.8 × 17.1 × 40.9 in. 17 × 6.5 × 5.5 in. 3.7 lbs.
G4Free Folding Camping Chair 7075 Aluminum Alloy 900D Oxford Cloth 18.5 in. 260 lbs. 17.7 × 16.5 × 40.9 in. 16 × 6 × 5 in. 2.8 lbs.
Portal Outdoor Oversized Quad Folding Camping Chair Powder-Coated Steel Polyester w/ Mesh 20.5 in. 300 lbs. 23 × 29 × 41 in. 38 × 5 × 5 in. 11.68 lbs.

1. KingCamp Low Sling High-Back Beach Chair

Available in cyan and blue hues, the KingCamp High-Back Beach Chair is a low-profile chair meant not only for the beach but also for camping. It has a simple yet efficient design and comes from a world-renown outdoor gear manufacturer.

The camp chair has all that you would expect in a good-quality beach chair – from its ergonomic design down to its handy extras.

Tall Ventilating Backrest

When compared to its low-back option, the High-Back chair has a backrest that measures well over 30 inches. The low-back camping chair has a backrest measuring 25.2 inches. The High-Back chair also has a comfy seat that is about 20.8 inches wide.

Aside from all that, we were particularly highly impressed with its mesh and fabric backrest.

The mesh covers a huge section in the middle of the backrest to ensure your back gets ample ventilation. You won’t sweat as much thanks to the cooling effect provided by the mostly mesh back.

The tall high back provides good support to your back and head. Although there’s a slightly padded headrest of sorts, the chair lacks essential lumbar support to plop your spine in its natural positioning. The included pouch for storing the carrying bag doubles up as the headrest, so it might not feel evenly padded.

You also get soft-padded on either side of the chair, which also slopes nicely to avoid obstructions when getting in and out of the chair.

Good Quality Build

The KingCamp High-Back chair features a low-profile design that is meant to promote stability but might be problematic for taller folks. Additionally, it is built with durable materials all-round and is bound to serve for many camping trips to come.

The frame is made of powder-coated steel while its upholstery has a 600-denier Oxford fabric. With such a specs list, rust won’t be an issue here, and the fabric is also quite resilient against the elements.

As a result, the KingCamp High-Back Chair is strong enough to support up to 300 pounds.

Setting up the chair is as easy as removing it from the carrying bag and unfolding it but it has one minor inconvenience. You must connect/detach the top section of the back frame for each assembly and disassembly.

Despite all these features, the camp chair still weighs a modest seven pounds that can be easily hauled and packed away. The chair also comes with a carrying bag with straps to make portability even more of a literal walk in the park.

KingCamp also tossed in a few extras including anti-skid foot bars, a side mesh pocket, and a cup holder to make your outdoor experience that much more enjoyable. The hard-plastic anti-skid feet have textured bottoms to ensure the chair remains stable on uneven grounds.

While we do love that there’s an included cup holder, it’s located on one side and might not be friendly to left-handed people.

Bottom Line

A low-profile chair with a high backrest, the KingCamp Low Sling High-Back Chair does a great job of providing back support and optimal stability. It might be slightly uncomfortable for taller persons owing to its low center of gravity.

However, its fair pricing might just make it worth the compromise.

2. Helinox Savanna Chair

The Savanna Chair is available in a variety of color schemes such as Black, Blue Block, Scarlet Iron, MultiCam, Coyote Tan, and Realtree Camo. Going by its design alone, the chair is the pinnacle of functional design.

Firstly, the chair weighs a mere 4.19 pounds and packs down to a compact bundle measuring 21.5 inches long and 6.5 inches wide. Car campers and some backpackers will absolutely love its low weight and high portability.

And that’s not all as the chair also features a rugged build and is loaded with a few useful add-ons for maximum utility. You get two cup holders to place your beverages and soft drinks, one on either side.

Comfy and Easy to Use

The Savanna Chair comes with a shock-corded frame to allow for relatively quick and hassle-free set-ups and teardowns. Unfold the frame skeleton, align the segments, and click them into place. Then, attach fabric as needed.

While the exercise is relatively easy, you might initially find it a little hard securing the last frame tip into the fabric. This is mainly due to the already developed tension but you will eventually get the hang of it.

The included headrest sleeve encases the carrying bag to give your head and neck some cushioned support. However, some people might find the headrest to be too far back forcing you to lean all the way back for some support.

While you may stuff your jacket or other clothing behind the headrest flap for better comfort, consider getting a suitable neck pillow.

That said, the resulting chair dimensions are quite impressive and will feel very comfortable for most people. When fully assembled, the Savanna Chair has a seat with a height of 14 inches and a width of 25.5 inches. The armrests are also less accentuated on the model, which means easier accessibility and comfort.

Durable and Stable

The frame of the Savanna Chair is made of rust-resistant aluminum alloy while the fabric features a rugged 600-denier polyester fabric. Couple that with a superb build and you get yourself a chair that can withstand weights of up to 320 pounds.

Furthermore, the hubs and joining components are made of fiber-reinforced nylon 66. So, feel free to fold/unfold the chair with confidence knowing that the chair will hold up for years to come. It also has feet with plastic caps to keep the chair stable over a variety of terrains.

Bottom Line

Amongst the high-back camping chairs made by Helinox, the Savanna Chair has the tallest overall height. Its collapsible frame, varying color options, almost-armless design, and a wide seat among other useful features make it a worthy option for most campers.

The Savanna Chair is perfect for most outdoor activities including backpacking, camping, and sporting events, etc. However, you might have to make a few compromises here and there as we’ve seen before.

3. Nemo Stargaze Recliner Luxury Chair

The camping chair that does it all. The Stargaze Recliner Luxury Chair from Nemo Equipment has a hammock-like design with reclining and swinging properties. The chair is reasonably priced and available in beautiful color styles such as Graphite/Smoke, Sedona/Smoke, Twilight, Field/Cipher, Plasma Fractus, and Birch Leaf Green.

Disclosure: The Stargaze line of chairs was initially plagued with defects that resulted in the chair breaking and users getting injured. Thankfully, the flaws have since been addressed and the defective batch recalled. The newer upgrades feature redesigned buckles and reinforced webbing.

With that out of the way, let’s dig in the treasure trove that is the many features of the Stargaze Recliner chair.

Comfortable Hammock-like Chair

Made of an aluminum frame and a fine bacteria-resistant monofilament nylon mesh, Nemo Stragaze provides comfy swinging and reclining actions without the need of mounting extra hardware. To find the most comfortable reclined position, you simply lean back.

Additionally, this luxury chair features an adjustable headrest that you can tweak to your preferred comfort level and positioning. However, shorter campers won’t be able to appreciate the adjustable headrest as it can’t be moved to lower positions.

The chair’s fine mesh fabric upholstery helps improve breathability and is somewhat weather-resistant. We loved its padded armrests, which provide cushioning to your arms as you recline and swing away.

That said, we are not fans of the stiff threads along the seams and the fact that the seams might dig into your back as you swing or recline. The chair’s overall shape looks narrow around the shoulders and thus might not be friendly to users with broader shoulders.

Stability is always a key concern in chairs that try to do it all. The Stargaze Recliner Luxury Chair has a sturdy flex frame and a lower center of gravity to ensure it stays grounded even with the reclining and swinging motion.

The curved bar in the middle, just below the seat, is part of what lowers the chair’s center of gravity while its rubber feet ensure maximum stability over most terrains.

Convenience-Oriented Design

Unlike in other basic high-back camp chairs, setting up the Stargaze Recliner Luxury Chair will be quite challenging for the first few times. Thankfully, the pre-attached shock-corded frame and color-coded ferrules make the subsequent assemblies a little less daunting.

The connectors have white marks for optimal ease of usability.

You also get nifty add-ons such as a cup holder, a side pocket, and a padded carrying bag. The pocket will fit your small-sized valuables such as your smartphone or keys. Since the pocket and cup holder are located on the sides of the seat, they will be barely usable for most people.

As you sit down, the cup holder either gets smushed rendering it unusable, or turns sideways spilling your beverage all over your lap and legs.

When it is time to head out, the chair collapses down into a compact bundle measuring 23.5 inches long, 6.5 inches wide, and 6.5 inches deep. The included padded carrying case makes storage and hauling a little easier.

Bottom Line

The recline and swinging feature is the obvious highlight of the Nemo Stargaze Recliner Luxury Chair. These main features have been extremely well executed and are sure to provide comfort for most people. However, as with disruptive ideas, you can expect a few misses here and there.

That said, the chair is a solid option to consider if you’re into swinging and rocking chairs without the added hardware. Plus, the included lifetime warranty from Nemo is just perfect for you to experiment with the design.

4. Marchway Ultralight Camping Chair

At just under four pounds, the Marchway Camping Chair is one of the most lightweight high-back camp chairs in the market. It also packs down small making it more than ideal for both car campers and ultralight campers.

The camp chair is affordably priced and available in chic color styles such as light green, light blue, light green, and of course black. With its modest weight limit of up to 250 pounds, you can use the chair not only for camping but also for backyard BBQ sessions, fishing, or other outdoor activities.

Highly Portable

The Marchway Ultralight Camping Chair weighs about 3.7 pounds, which is lightweight enough to carry over short distances. It also packs down compactly into a small bundle measuring 17 inches long, 6.5 inches wide, and 5.5 inches deep.

The included Velcro straps greatly help in compacting and holding the frame together for an easier packing process. The resulting bundle won’t take up too much space in the trunk and can be easily attached to your backpack.

Comfortable High-Back Chair

When it comes to relaxation, the Marchway High-back Chair pulls all the stops. We’re talking sponge sleeving at the top for your head, a comfortable and breathable backrest, and a wide seat to plop down on. The armrests are padded and sloped outwards to allow for easy accessibility of the chair.

The seat is about 17.9 inches high from the ground, which means that for most people, their knees won’t be awkwardly positioned.

Stability is also well-addressed in this model owing to the sturdy frame and integrated anti-slip and abrasion-resistant feet. However, the hard plastic feet are mostly okay for hard surfaces but not for sandy terrains or soft grounds.

Rugged Components

Given the neutral color styles and overall construction of the chair, it will most likely serve well for many camping trips to come. The chair features a frame made of corrosion-resistant 7075 series aluminum alloy that comes shock-corded. Smaller nylon plastic holders form the hubs for the pole segments.

While the shock cording for the chair’s frame allows for quicker and easier assemblies, it is still not nearly as fast as your typical “unfold-n-seat” chairs.

Additionally, the fabric is made of strong 1000-denier ripstop polyester with mesh sections. The fabric is strongly stitched to handle any stresses without many problems.

Bottom Line

If you’re looking for a no-frills, affordable high-back camping chair then look no further than the Marchway Ultralight Camping Chair. It features a mostly barebones structure that packs light and small.

Although limited in terms of capacity and extra features, the chair provided unparalleled comfort and durability.

5. G4Free Folding Camping Chair

Relaxing outdoors has never felt so luxurious yet affordable. The G4Free Folding Camping chair tries to deliver plush comfort without breaking the back, and with some degree of success. The chair is available in solid black with either blue, dark blue, orange, or red edges.

You can also get the camp chair in the floral-themed Maple Leaf Blue color style.

Since it is among the cheapest high-back chairs you can get today, do expect a few shortcuts here and there.

What They Got Right

Weighing just under three pounds, the G4Free Camping Chair is the most lightweight high-back model yet. Coincidentally, it also packs down into a minimalist bundle that measures 16 inches long by 6 inches with a depth of 5 inches.

When packed up, the chair will occupy the least volume in your car’s trunk or even backpack. It is about as voluminous as your two-gallon Nalgene water bottle.

The chair also comes with an included carrying bag to ease transportation and storage. There are also a couple of Velcro straps to help hold the frame in place and make the bundle more compact. The included bag can be attached to the chair just underneath the seat for safekeeping and easy reachability.

Another aspect the chair shines at is comfort. We absolutely loved the comfy backrest with its attached head pillow. The headrest is well padded and wide to support your head and neck for ultimate comfort and relaxation.

You also have the mesh sides just under the armrest that provide just okay ventilation. The chair also comes with a conveniently placed side pocket for your drinks, snacks, wallet, keys, or other items. However, the pocket can only fit one item or very small-sized items.

Longevity of the chair is somewhat maximized by its rugged components including the 7075-series aluminum alloy frame and 900-denier oxford fabric upholstery. Also, when compared to metallic alternatives in competing chairs, we found the plastic connectors to offer some give that helped counter any weight imbalances.

The G4Free Folding Camping Chair can withstand a maximum weight capacity of 260 pounds and feels very sturdy to sit in. Therefore, you can pull out it for other outdoor activities aside from camping including barbecues, beach outings, picnics, music festivals, or just your backyard sundowners.

The Bad

The few imperfections we noticed with the chair mainly relate to comfort and the assembly process.

Firstly, the chair has no real armrests and it might feel too narrow at the shoulders for some people. You will also want to carefully ease yourself into the chair as opposed to plopping down forcefully to prevent tipping over.

Similarly, the chair is mostly meant for adults as children mostly have a tendency of sitting at the edge of the seat, which would easily tip over this chair.

Setting up the chair as a beginner can be a painstaking ordeal as the fabric becomes too taut to fully insert the pole tips easily. Also, there are no markings or color- coding to help make the task more hassle-free.

Consider starting with the top pole ends for an easier assembly.

That said, we loved that the frame comes pre-attached via shock cords and that the segments interlock with ease. Since the frame segments are all permanently connected to the central part, there is a low risk of losing or mismatching them.

Bottom Line

The G4Free Folding Camping Chair is affordable, lightweight, and passably comfortable. It will suffice for your camping trips and short backpacking trips without any hitches. However, do keep in mind that a few bucks might get a chair that’s even more comfortable, rugged, and well-balanced.

That said, you may consider it for its economical pricing and unmatched portability.

6. Portal Outdoor Oversized Quad Folding Camping Chair

With its wide seat and unique folding mechanism, the Portal Outdoor’s Oversized Quad Folding chair is among the easiest and most comfortable chairs yet. It features an X-shaped frame, which is designed in that manner to help provide stability and allow for quick folding and unfolding actions.

The chair is available in mostly drab color schemes including black, dark grey, and Heathered. That said, it has a reliable build, useful features, and is very affordably priced. You can also get the chair in a rocking version that’s just as easy to use.

Durable and Comfy

The chair features a powder-coated steel frame as well as a polyester and mesh fabric upholstery. Its thick-walled steel tubing helps provide optimal strength while the powder coating helps improve corrosion resistance. The coating also gives the frame a nice-looking finish.

Furthermore, the chair can withstand lots of strain thanks to its well-balanced construction. All its four legs touch the ground meaning that the weight will be evenly distributed.

In other chairs, stability and weight distribution is entrusted to the often-weak plastic connector points. The chair also doesn’t have the annoying crossbar you would find underneath the seat as in most folding chairs. So, there is no awkward knee positioning required with this chair.

The Portal Outdoor Oversized Quad Folding Camping Chair has an incredibly high weight rating of up to 300 pounds.

The chair is also very comfortable to sit in and features cushioned sections and wide seat dimensions. The seat is about 23 inches wide with a back height of 26 inches and a seat height of close to 21 inches high.

The high backrest will provide ample support to your back, neck, and head while the padding on the sides help improve comfort. Breathability is also well maintained by the centrally-located, pod-shaped mesh fabric.

Unfold-to-Use Camping Chair

With its quad fold construction, the chair is super easy to use as you just slip it out of the carrying bag and unfold it to use. No instructions are needed, just a quick and easy folding action. However, do keep in mind that the unfolding and folding actions will require some considerable effort to accomplish.

Packing it away is also just as simple and it offers two carrying methods for your convenience. There’s a strap to hold the chair together and an attached adjustable shoulder sling to help you carry the folding chair. Alternatively, you can insert it into the bag that also has a shoulder strap for easier carrying.

Convenient and Useful Extras

The Quad Folding Camping Chair also features nifty extras such as a swivel cup holder, hard armrests, a large removable pocket, and a handy carrying bag.

The cup holder will keep your drinks in position and within easy reach. Sadly, you will only be getting the one cup holder located on the right armrest. Speaking of which, the hard armrests with their foam padding offer excellent support and make it super easy to get in and out of the chair.

Lastly, feel free to stash your magazine, mobile phone, wallet, keys, or other valuables in the large side pocket.

Bottom Line

If you are looking for a truly high-back chair with a wide seat that won’t sag then this might be worthy of your consideration. The chair is relatively affordable and packs a lot of unique and useful features like the sturdy armrests and easy folding/unfolding mechanisms.

However, it might be best suited for carrying over short distances and even more so meant for car camping. The chair itself is slightly heavier and bulkier to handle than most comparable options.

The Best Low-Back Camping Chairs

We’ve also handpicked the best low-back camp chairs you can find today. They feature shorter backrests and are designed to offer support to your mid to lower back. These types of chairs are ideal for campers who won’t be sitting around too much since they lack support for your upper back, neck or head.

Chair Name Frame material Fabric Material Seat Height Max Weight Capacity Unfolded Dimensions Packed Size Packed Weight
Alps Mountaineering King Kong Chair Powder-coated Steel 600D Polyester 18 in. 800 lbs. 38 × 20 × 38 in. 41 × 7 × 7 in. 13 lbs.
Coleman Cooler Quad Chair Steel Polyester 18.1 in. 325 lbs. 37 × 24 × 40.5 in. 38.2 × 6.5 × 6 in 10.6 lbs.
Omnicore Designs New Standard Folding Camp Chair Steel-Reinforced Aluminum Polyvinyl-chloride-coated Mesh Polyester (Textilene) 16 in. 225 lbs. 25.6 × 23.2 × 35 in. 33 × 25.2 × 3.5 in. 7.8 lbs.
Cliq Camping Chair Aluminum Ripstop Ballistic Nylon 12 in. 300 lbs. 24 × 24 × 26 in. 13 × 3.4 × 3.4 in. 3.65 lbs.
GCI Outdoor Freestyle Rocker Chair Powder-Coated Steel Polyurethane-backed Polyester 19.7 in. 250 lbs. 25 × 24 × 34.8 in. 34.8 × 24 × 4.9 in. 12.1 lbs.
Cascade Mountain Tech Low Profile Camp Chair Powder-coated Steel and Aluminum 500D Polyester w/ Nylon Mesh 9 in. 250 lbs. 20 × 14 × 21 in. 26 × 8 × 8 in. 7.89 lbs.
Alps Mountaineering Rendezvous Chair Powder-coated Steel 600D Polyester 9 in. 300 lbs. 22 × 14 × 24 in. 28 × 8 × 8 in. 6. 81 lbs.
Sportneer Camping Chair Aluminum 60D Nylon 13.8 in. 350 lbs. 22 × 20 × 26.5 in. 14 × 4.7 × 5.5 in. 2.09 lbs.
Moon Lence Backpacking Chair 7075 Aluminum Alloy 600D Oxford Cloth 12 in. 400 lbs. 19.7 × 16.9 × 26.4 in. 13.4 × 4.7 × 4.7 in. 2 lbs.
Trekology Yizi Go Camping Chair (Fixed Height) 7075 Aluminum Alloy 600D Polyester 15.4 in. 300 lbs. 19 × 12 × 28 in 11 × 4.3 × 6 in. 2.1 lbs.

1. Alps Mountaineering King Kong Chair

Aptly named for its strength and sturdy build, it is no wonder that the King Kong Chair is a favorite amongst newer and more seasoned campers. The chair is among the more feature-rich options we’ve found yet.

The King Kong Chair is available in exciting color styles such as Khaki, Salsa, Deep Sea, and Charcoal/Citrus. It offers a good balance between durability and comfort with its well-padded components and rugged materials.

Robust Build

With a bold as to having a weight capacity of a whopping 800 pounds, you can expect it to be built very strongly and feature high-quality materials.

The King Kong Chair has a powder-coated steel frame that’s well complemented by the 600-denier polyester fabric upholstery. The powder coating helps keep the frame rust-free.

The low-back and widely spaced legs help keep it even more stable across various terrains. Moreover, the chair won’t dig into the ground too much as is mostly the case with some folding chairs. There is also little to no risk of toppling over when rocking or leaning back into the chair.

The included carrying bag is also heavily reinforced to prevent tears when packing away the chair. Additionally, the storage pockets are made of a similar 600-denier polyester fabric that has been further lined with a non-porous material for easier clean-ups.

The King Kong Chair is further backed by a lifetime warranty against manufacturer defects so you can get as many years of service out of it as possible.

That said, you can expect some minor fraying of the fabric on the chair’s back corners especially, if you plop the chair against other surfaces. Also, the cup holders are only made of mesh, which admittedly is not as durable as other options.

Although the chair manages to offer peak performance and longevity, it is at the expense of portability.

The King Kong Chair is among the heaviest and bulkiest low-back chairs on our top-picks selection. It weighs a massive 13 pounds and packs down into a sizable bundle measuring 41 inches long and 7 inches wide.

The burly steel frame and other components makes it suitable for hauling over very short distances – from campsite to car and vice versa. Luckily, Alps Mountaineering has included an easy-to-carry storage bag with two shoulder straps for easy backpack-style carrying.

Built for Comfort

The chair has a wide seat measuring 24.5 inches with a depth of close to 20 inches. It is wide and high enough to comfortably fit most people as well as make it easy to get in and out of. There is ample padding on the seat and backrest for even more comfort.

However, if the chair is rained on, the padding doesn’t dry up as quickly as would be desired.

We also loved the sturdy, easily adjustable armrests, which come with straps at the back of the backrest for varied custom positioning for your arms. The King Kong Chair is perfect for most body sizes and sitting positions.

Moreover, it comes with extra features such as cup holders and storage pockets. You get a cup holder and a large side pocket on either armrest, and an additional large pocket at the back of the seat. The pockets should fit anything from the carrying bag, phone, book, magazine to your tablet device.

The chair slouches a little for extra comfort during long lounge breaks and downtime.

That said, some people might find it uncomfortable the way the metal bars slightly dig into their legs. Possible workarounds to this issue would perhaps be: using a pillow to hoist you slightly above and away from the bar or installing some pool noodles to cover the metal parts.

Quick and Easy Set-ups

Thanks in part to its telescoping support poles, setting up the King Kong Chair is as easy as pulling apart two of its legs. And voila! you have your comfy, sturdy chair ready for use.

However, given its heftiness and folding mechanism, you might struggle a little trying to put it back into the stiff-looking storage bag. We also noticed that the gaps in the chair’s plastic feet tend to carry sand, soil, and other debris, which won’t be fun at all during gear clean-ups.

Bottom Line

The King Kong Chair from Alps Mountaineering is perhaps the easiest recommendation we have stumbled upon yet. You will especially want to go for it if you prefer durability and comfort over low weight. The chair is very ruggedly built and will support most body types and sitting styles.

However, keep the chair away from moisture and don’t pack too far away from your campsite.

2. Coleman Cooler Quad Chair

When shopping for your next low-back camping chair, it is prudent that your preferred option has a good balance of durability, comfort, portability, and if possible, affordability. The Coleman Cooler Quad Chair offers a very compelling combo…

The chair is relatively budget-friendly and performs quite well on most of the fundamentals. It is also available in varying color options such as black, navy blue, grey/black, and red. Additionally, the Cooler Quad Chair weighs slightly under 11 pounds and packs comparatively small.

When packed down, the resulting bundle measures 38.2 inches long and 6.5 inches wide. While its collapsible, folding design makes it super easy to lug around and store, it might be slightly difficult to cram into the included carrying bag.

And that’s not all, let us check out the chair’s durability and other features.

Durable and Cushioned Seat

The Cooler Quad Chair is made of a strong steel frame with a polyester fabric upholstery to complement it. The chair is strong enough to support a max weight capacity of up to 325 pounds, which is quite impressive.

It is also built for comfort owing to its wide and roomy seat, okay seat height, and well cushioned seat and backrest. The seat is about 18.1 inches high and 24 inches wide meaning it will be a perfect fit for most body shapes and sizes.

There’s adequate padding on the seat for lounging comfortably at the campsite, picnic, tailgates, or other outdoor events. An adjustable set of armrests also makes it easy to customize for the ideal sitting position.

Moreover, you also get a mesh cup holder to place your beverages as well as a side pocket for your reading materials, keys, mobile phone, and other items. The mesh pocket is a sizable 13 inches long and 9 inches wide and may come in handy in keeping the items dry.

The chair also comes with an included sling bag to make it easy to store and transport.

Our only gripe with the chair is perhaps the disassembly and packing away process. The cooler keeps getting in the way when folding down the chair.

Built-in Cooler

Aside from the mesh cup holder, the chair also has an inbuilt cooler that can hold up to four cans and a suitable ice pack. For that cold beer or soda by the campfire, the Cooler Quad Chair is exactly what you need by your side.

To keep your drinks chilled for longer, be sure to get some cooler ice packs. You can go for either hard or soft ice packs.

The insulation inside the cooler pouch will keep your drinks cold for hours on end while keeping them within reach.

Bottom Line

The main highlight of the Coleman Cooler Quad Chair is most definitely its built-in cooler. You get to enjoy your chilled drinks while at camp without overly relying on an actual camping cooler. The chair is also well-cushioned, comfortable, and considerably durable.

However, if you want a chair with adequate lumbar support then this low-back model isn’t the right choice for you. Lastly, for most people, the chair’s minor flaws will most likely become tolerable after using it for a while.

3. Omnicore Designs New Standard Folding Camp Chair

Taking after vintage folding lawn chairs, the new chair models from Omnicore Designs have stunning Cabana stripes in red, blue, and black variations. The folding chairs are also super versatile and will fit right in with your beach lounging, BBQ parties, picnicking, music festivals, and camping activities.

The chairs are made of a very lightweight yet durable aluminum frame then reinforced with steel bars for extra strength and stability. The chair’s sleek design is finished off by the strong striped polyester fabric.

Beautiful yet Functional Chair

Omnicore Designs did a great job of balancing out the functionality and aesthetics. Unlike your vintage webbed lawn chairs, these folding chairs are built to be easy to use and feature very durable materials.

While the chairs have lower weight capacity of up to 225 pounds, they are super comfy with nicely woven upholstery, armrest, and a wide seat. The seat is about 20 inches wide and 16 inches high from the ground.

The armrests are nice and firm but could be a little longer for optimal relaxation. We also found them to be a little awkward to sit in for shorter folks as the knees would not be properly positioned. Aside from that, the folding chairs are built to last and have a well-done folding mechanism that allows for easy folding and unfolding.

The Omnicore Designs folding chair is made of a steel-reinforced aluminum frame and a polyvinyl-chloride-coated polyester fabric. The fabric, which also goes by the Textilene brand, is mostly water resistant and can be easily cleaned up and dried out in minutes.

The seat is very strongly stitched but still slightly elastic to allow for custom body support and comfort. The chair doesn’t slouch or sag too deeply as would feel uncomfortable.

Okay Portability

Weighing only 7.8 pounds, the chair weighs slightly less than other good-quality low-back camping chairs. The folding chair will be fine to carry over short distances but is not at all suited for backpackers and hikers.

Despite the chair having an easy-to-use folding mechanism, it still doesn’t pack down small as would be preferred. You will have to lug around a sizable bundle measuring 33 inches in length, 25.2 inches in width, and 3.5 inches in depth.

Bottom Line

Whether it is for your deck, backyard, patio, or campsite, the Omnicore Designs Folding Camp Chairs are designed to deliver optimal stability and comfort. If you crave the classic webbed lawn chairs, then these are solid options to consider for all your outdoor activities. They are way more rugged, comfortable, and offer much better support.

4. Cliq Camping Chair

The Cliq Chair is the final product of a phenomenally successful IndieGoGo crowdfunding campaign accomplished a few years ago. The chair itself is among the best small, compact, and highly portable camp chairs around.

It comes in a few color options including Black, Silver, Royal Blue, Green, Gold, and Burgundy. The Cliq Chair has a distinctively fresh design as compared to other ultralight camping chairs in the market. Plus, it still manages to offer all that you would expect in a good quality low-back camping chair.

The Famed “Bottle-Sized” Camp Chair

When folded, the CLIQ chair is just about the same size as a big 2-liter water bottle. To put it in more succinct terms, the resulting carrying bundle measures about 13 inches long with a diameter of about 3.4 inches.

It also weighs a mere 3.65 pounds, which is lightweight enough to backpack or hike with. The chair also shines as the ideal choice when camping with family and friends as you can multiple of them for the whole family.

To make it even easier to carry, the Cliq Chair has a handy keychain loop to hook it to your pack or motorcycle.

Although there is a Velcro strap present to hold the folded-up chair intact, we would have loved the chair even more if it came with an included carrying bag. You will have to buy the bag separately from Cliq or other options, which makes the chair even more expensive to acquire.

That said, we do appreciate that Cliq also sells large bags that can carry up to six of the chairs.

Feature-rich Toughie

A compact lightweight design is not all that’s going for the Cliq Chair, it also boasts of prime comfort, good longevity, and a few extras.

The chair’s base and arms are made of anodized aluminum while the hub consists of rugged die-cast anodized aluminum. Moreover, the seat is made of a ripstop ballistic nylon fabric that is waterproof and tear-resistant.

You can expect excellent longevity owing to the rust-resistant hardware and strong build. Stability is also highly prioritized by the inclusion of the non-skid rubber feet.

The Cliq Chair can support a max weight limit of up to 300 pounds without many compromises to comfort. You will be getting a wide 20-inch seat that is about 12 inches off the ground. Sure, some will find it a bit too low or even a little hard to get in and out of but your mileage will vary.

Lastly, the chair also has mesh pockets on the back to help store your valuables within reach. But be sure to place items that you would be comfortable sitting on. So, no keys, sunglasses, or drinks and maybe yes for a wallet, magazine, or book.

Since there are no cup holders included, you will have to place your drinks on the ground or DIY a solution using the included loops.

Umbrella-like Operation

We also loved how easy and quick it is to set up and pack away the chair – you won’t have to deal with separate frames or seat fabrics, just a single chair unit.

The chair can be opened like an umbrella, well sort of…

Firstly, you will need to undo the Velcro strap, let the spring-loaded legs open as needed, and then extend the four arms until you hear a satisfying click sound. And that’s it, the chair is ready to be used.

When it is time to go, just pop the arms back in place by pushing the small buttons. Then, push the big button on the underside of the hub to allow folding the legs and wrap the Velcro strap around the chair as it was before.

Bottom Line

The Cliq Chair has a unique design that not only makes it super easy to use but also very compact to carry around. While it may not be a true ultralight camp chair, it offers the best blend of the key essentials of a good-quality low-back chair.

However, it is not as affordable as we would have hoped and the lack of cup holders or even an included carrying pouch just adds insult to injury.

5. GCI Outdoor Freestyle Rocker Chair

Using a rock chair at the campsite is not always a smooth experience as you must set it on very level ground and assembling it is no fun. Luckily, the GCI Outdoor have completely redesigned camping rocking chairs to ensure they are very simple to use, comfortable, and can be set on a wide range of terrains.

The Freestyle Rocker comes in about three main color styles including Indigo Blue, Cinnamon, and Black. The chair is just one of the many camping rocking chairs made by GCI Outdoor. In a nutshell, the Freestyle Rocker is supportive, comfortable, rugged, and has one of the best rocking mechanisms we have seen yet.

It has a wide 25-inch seat chair that is about 19.7 inches off the ground, which will not only feel comfortable to most people but also will be easy to get in and out of. The slightly padded armrests are also nice and firm for optimal support.

Additionally, the backrest is made of mostly nylon mesh to allow for optimal ventilation and minimize sweating. There is also a sizable cup holder on the right-hand side to hold your drinks. However, you will want to use it for normal-sized or tall cans and capped cup holders as the holder tilts to the side.

Rugged Construction

The Freestyle Rocker is made of a powder-coated steel frame with a polyurethane-backed polyester fabric. The steel frame will remain rust-free for years to come while the fabric offers some water resistance to allow for easy clean ups.

It supports a max weight capacity of up to 250 pounds, which is understandable because of the included rocking feature.

That said, the rugged build and rocking mechanism is at the expense of portability. The chair weighs a hefty 12.1 pounds. Further, it can only be folded down once resulting in a large bundle that measures 34.8 inches in length, 24 inches in width and 4.9 inches in depth.

Luckily, the Freestyle Rocker folds down flat making it easier to haul and store. Also, we absolutely loved how easy it was to pack it away since you only need to pull up the handle on the side of the seat and fold it as needed.

Since it doesn’t come with a bag, the built-in carry handle will have to suffice for transporting it over short distances. It also goes without saying that the chair is meant for car campers and RVers, but not backpackers.

A Rocking Chair for the Boonies

Most rocking chairs will have curved bands attached to the base of their legs but that is not the case with the Freestyle Rocker from GCI Outdoor. The chair comes with full-on spring-loaded shocks for smoother and fuller rocking motion.

The spring-action pistons are located on the chair’s rear legs, which allows utmost balancing and support. Unlike traditional rocking chairs, you can use the Freestyle Rocker on pretty much any terrain thanks to the balancing spring-loaded rockers.

Bottom Line

The Freestyle Rocker is a sturdy, reasonably priced rocking camp chair that can be used on all types of terrains. It’s the ideal choice for anyone looking for a well-designed rocking camp chair for their RVing or car camping activities. Else, its weight and bulkiness might be a huge blow for some people.

6. Cascade Mountain Tech Low Profile Camp Chair

The Low-Profile Camp Chair is a solid, low-profile option that will be ideal for most of your outdoor activities. It features a rugged build consisting of a strong metal frame, comfortable fabric upholstery, and an overall stylish yet practical design.

The chair’s frame is made of powder-coated steel and aluminum while the seat has a 500-denier polyester fabric. Its backrest is made of mostly mesh to provide you with optimal ventilation. Moreover, the chair also has armrests that are both covered in rubber foam for extra comfort.

It is solidly built and will most likely remain very stable over most types of terrain for many camping trips to come. In fact, the chair is built to support a maximum weight capacity of up to 250 pounds without any creaking or bending on the frame.

Comfortable Low-seated Chair

Most public gatherings or beaches have seat height restrictions when it comes to folding chairs. In such cases, you want to go with the Cascade Mountain Tech Low Profile Camp Chair. It is very low-profile – from the ground, the seat is about 9 inches at the front and 4 inches at the back.

The seat height will make it easy for you to stretch out your legs but that doesn’t always apply to everyone. Additionally, the chair is also built for comfort as evidenced by the relatively wide seat, cushioning, and breathable backrest.

Its nylon mesh backrest works wonders in eliminating the back sweats especially when sitting around a campfire. Moreover, the chair’s cushioned armrests will allow you to stay comfortable even after long hours of sitting.

The Low Profile Camp Chair from Cascade Mountain Tech won’t be a tight squeeze as it has a wide 20-inch seat with a back height of close to 18 inches.

However, as we found out, low-profile chairs are not meant for all people. Some people might find it hard getting in and out of the chair. Also, the chair doesn’t come with a cup holder but then again it could be argued that the seat is low enough to make it easier to pick your drinks from the ground.

Easily Portable

The chair also packs down relatively small and compact with a resulting bundle measuring 26 inches in length, 8 inches in width, and 8 inches in depth. It also weighs about 7.89 pounds, which admittedly isn’t very lightweight but manageable with motorized transport.

That said, it folds down very easily and comes with a handy storage bag for easier hauling and storage. The bag has a handle loop at the top as well as a side shoulder strap for easier carrying over short distances.

Bottom Line

If you’re looking for a good quality chair that seats very low to the ground, then the Cascade Mountain Tech Low Profile Camp Chair is a worthy consideration. It is very well built and comfortable.

However, the chair has a cookie-cutter design that lacks a few useful features such as a drinker holder and storage pockets.

7. Alps Mountaineering Rendezvous Chair

Another low-profile camp chair on our list is the Rendezvous Chair from Alps Mountaineering. Its low-seated design makes it suitable for a variety of outdoor activities including sporting events, music festivals, backyard lounging, beach outings, and camping.

The Rendezvous Chair is budget-friendly and available in beautiful colors such as Khaki, Ocean/Charcoal, and Salsa/Charcoal.

It is also relatively easy to use given its simple folding mechanism. However, we found it a lot easier to fold it up when it’s flipped over by pushing from the front legs.

While not the most lightweight at 6.81 pounds, the chair packs down into a manageable bundle measuring 28 inches long, 8 inches wide, and 8 inches high. The chair also comes with an included carrying bag to make transportation and storing a breeze.

The bag comes with a wide, adjustable shoulder strap for easier and more comfortable carrying.

Strong and Supportive

Its low design is not done by mistake in fact, it helps keep the chair stable and comfortable. When seated in the chair, the resulting center of gravity is even lower meaning better stability and reduced risks of toppling over with the chair.

Also, its low-profile style makes it highly suitable for taking to outdoor events that have chair height limits. The chair also slouches a bit to allow you to lean back at a slight angle for optimal relaxation.

Furthermore, the Rendezvous Chair has a max weight capacity of up to 300 pounds that is achieved in part by its strong, durable build. The frame is made of rust-proof powder-coated steel while the seat is made of double-stitched 600-denier polyester fabric.

The chair also has a wider leg base than most comparable options, which helps make it even more stable over various terrains. It also makes it super easy for you to stretch out your legs for better relaxation.

Mostly Comfortable

The chair’s seat is about 19.5 inches deep with a back height of close to 24 inches. Additionally, the seat is about 9 inches and 6 inches high at the front and back. Most campers will find the chair very comfortable and supportive.

The Rendezvous Chair has a mesh backrest that provides optimal breathability especially during hot summers.  It also has foam-padded armrests for extra comfort and to shield it from being too hot or cold to touch.

However, it lacks adequate neck and head support, which makes it even uncomfortable to sit in for taller people. Also, the crisscrossing bars supporting the backrest might dig into your back and feel uncomfortable after prolonged sitting.

Being that low to the ground, you will want to set the chair on very level grounds. Moreover, the low-profile design might be harder to get in and out of for some people. You will be forced to roll sideways as if getting out of bed for a better experience.

The chair also does not snap into a fixed position thus using the armrests to support yourself up won’t work as expected.

Lastly, since there is no included cup holder, you will have to place your beverages on the ground next to the chair.

Bottom Line

The Alps Mountaineering Rendezvous Chair is a low-back, low-profile chair that offers great support, stability, and comfort at a reasonable price. It is well-built and arguably the best quality low-profile camp chair you’ll ever find.

However, the chair might not be suitable for most people owing to its low profile. The chair will be harder to get out of and it also doesn’t offer any support for your head and neck.

8. Sportneer Camping Chair

Available in black with deep orange color styles, the Sportneer is one of the more affordable yet reliable low-back camp chairs in the market. It has a beautiful scoop-shaped design that will be a sure crowd-pleaser whether you’re backpacking, tailgating, camping, hiking, or attending a music festival.

While the Sportneer doesn’t come with any cup holders or pockets, it excels in most of the other key aspects that make a good camp chair. However, if such features are important to you then you might want to consider getting its other version, which has drink holders, pockets, and even legs with adjustable heights.

That said, you are getting a camp chair that is comfortable, easy to use, and very portable. The seat is about 14 inches high and 20 inches wide. It also features mesh back panels and sides for a supportive, sweat-free, and comfortable sitting experience.

Clever “Rope Ring” -aided Assembly

Out of the box, the chair comes as a shock-corded frame with a separate seat fabric. Setting up the chair is quick and easy owing to the one-piece frame and nifty “rope rings” at the pole inserts.

Since the frame is pre-attached using the shock cord, there will be zero chances of losing or misaligning the poles. Each of the frame segments snaps into place nicely to form the skeleton of the chair.

The rope rings are just loops located at the top corners of the seat fabric. They help you pull the fabric over the frame poles, which especially comes in handy when inserting the last pole tip. The rings help cut down time and energy that would be wasted setting up the camp chair.

Durability meets Portability

Often you would have to compromise on durability or affordability to get a very lightweight and portable camp chair. With the Sportneer Camping Chair, making your final decision will be much easier.

At only 2.09 pounds, the chair is one of the most lightweight options you will get today. It also packs down into a small bundle measuring 14 inches long, 4.7 inches wide, and 5.5 inches high. Hauling or even storing the Sportneer Chair will be super easy and hassle-free owing to its compactness and low weight.

Additionally, it comes with a handy storage bag featuring an easy-to-carry handle for even more convenience.

Durability is also at the core of the chair’s design as evidenced by the rugged materials and quality craftsmanship. The frame is made of lightweight, robust aluminum while the seat fabric is made of strong 60-denier nylon.

Furthermore, the chair legs have anti-slip rubber feet at the ends for optimal stability over most types of terrains. But you will still want to keep off sandy or soft grounds as the legs might dig into the ground and possibly bend or warp due to the imbalanced weight.

Despite the chair being very lightweight, it still manages to support a high weight limit of up to an impressive 350 pounds.

Bottom Line

While not meant for people with pre-existing back pain conditions, this low-back camp chair is comfortable, lightweight, and durable. It is perfect for most outdoor activities beyond camping but not meant for setting on softer grounds.

The Sportneer Camping Chair will suffice for an entry-level seating solution for the periodical outdoor setting.

9. Moon Lence Backpacking Chair

Weighing only two pounds, it’s almost hard to believe that the chair can support a weight capacity of up to 400 pounds. The Moon Lence Backpacking Chair has a familiar scoop-shape design but with a few tweaks done on the frame.

The chair is affordably-priced and features a collapsible design loaded with a few extras to make your lounging experience even richer.

You get two side pockets with Velcro closures to stush away your sunglasses, water bottle, keys, or smartphone. Also, it comes with a storage pouch to help you haul and store the chair more easily and conveniently. The storage pouch can even be attached to the side of the chair for use as a large storage pocket.

With its minimal packed size of 13.4 inches long by 4.7 inches wide and a depth of 4.7 inches, you could easily take the chair with you wherever you want. It is also a good candidate to consider for your backpacking or even ultralight camping trips.

Nifty Redesigned Frame

Aside from its high weight capacity, you can distinguish this chair from its similar-looking Ultralight Folding Chair version and other chairs by looking at its frame. The Moon Lence Backpacking Chair has a rectangular frame just under the seat.

The beauty of this redesigned frame is that it results in a wider leg base and arguably, better stability over a wide variety of terrains. Perhaps it is the main secret to the chair’s high weight-bearing capacity. However, the legs are a bit narrow and thus would drive in too easily when set on soft grounds.

Additionally, the frame is constructed with high-grade 7075 Aluminum Alloy tubing while the upholstery is made of 600-denier Oxford fabric. You also get your typical mesh backrest for some considerable levels of continued airflow.

Matters Comfort? Just Okay

In terms of comfort, it is pretty much what you would expect in a standard scoop-shaped camp chair. While it is very economically-priced, some padding in the backrest would have been a good idea. The armrests are also barely functional.

That said, the slightly sunken bucket seat will initially offer good support and comfort. However, you can expect the fabric to stretch and sag over the continued use of the chair and slight discomforts will ensue.

Bottom Line

You may consider the Moon Lence Backpacking Chair if you are looking for a high-capacity chair that won’t break the bank. Its unique frame and overall design are a guarantee to provide you with a stable and mostly comfortable seating solution.

However, you can expect some minor durability issues especially on the pole tips as well as minor discomfort over prolonged usage of the unit.

10. Trekology Yizi Go Camping Chair

Another lightweight low-back chair that made it on our line-up is the Yizi Go Camping Chair from Trekology which weighs a mere 2.1 pounds. The Yizi Go comes in two main variants; this one with a fixed height and the Yizi Go Plus with an adjustable height.

The Yizi Go folding chair is available in black, red, blue, and green color schemes. The chair is portable, affordable, and highly versatile for use in many outdoor events and activities.

Like most collapsible camping chairs, it comes as a three-piecer consisting of the frame, seat, and carry bag. Assembling the chair is very straightforward since the frame is shock-corded and there are some loops near the pole inserts to make the process a lot quicker and smoother.

To avert having to deal with pesky last-pole insertions, simply use the loops as grips to help you drape the seat fabric over the pole tips. Packing it away is just as easy. Moreover, the chair comes with Velcro straps to help compact the frame as well as a handy zippered carry bag for hauling and storing the chair.

Comfort and durability are also at their peak in the Yizi Go camping chair as you will see below…

Comfortable Bucket-style Seat

The Yizi Go camping chair has a deeper bucket-style seat than most comparable options and thus you can expect it to be slightly more comfortable.

It also sits slightly higher than most low-back chairs at slightly over 15 inches from the ground. If you prefer a chair that’s just a little higher from the ground then the Yizi Go Plus chair with its adjustable height would be a great choice.

Also, the seat has mesh on the sides to allow for continued airflow and minimized sweating.

Another feature we found appealing was the included side pockets which offer some storage space for your snacks, drinks, and personal items. Also, the bag can be used for extra storage space when it is attached to the crossbar of the chair’s frame via Velcro straps.

While it is not a heavy-duty option, the Yizi Go camping chair still manages to pull off a high weight capacity without feeling too flimsy. The rust-resistant 7075 Aluminum alloy frame and double-stitched 600-denier polyester fabric do a great job of keeping you well-supported and comfortable for longer.

That said, the seat won’t offer adequate, if any, neck or head support so it might be ideal for people with back pains.

The legs also don’t do much to prevent from sinking too much on muddy and soft terrains. But you can always get an aftermarket sand cover or mat to address that issue.

Bottom Line

The Yizi Go folding chair from Trekology offers a good balance between the fundamentals and will be a great addition to your camping gear shopping cart. You will be getting a supportive, comfortable, and super portable unit that is also easy to set up.

Sure, the chair has a few nitpicky issues but you simply can’t get as much value from another alternative at the price.

Best Camping Stools/Tripod Chairs

Built around functionality, camping stools are generally the most lightweight and highly portable chairs yet. Each of the chairs we’ve chosen below stood out to us for their good-quality build, low weight, and affordability.

Chair Name Frame material Fabric Material Seat Height Max Weight Capacity Unfolded Dimensions Packed Size Packed Weight
GCI Outdoor Quik-E-Seat Chair Powder-Coated Steel Polyester 17.3 in 250 lbs. 17.1 × 14.6 × 27.4 in. 26.8 × 5.5 × 4.7 in. 4.4 lbs.
Alps Mountaineering Tri-Leg Stool Powder-Coated Steel 600D Polyester 16 in. 250 lbs. 14 × 14 × 16 in. 24 × 3 × 3 in. 2 lbs.
Lightspeed Outdoors Xtra Wide Tripod Chair Steel 420D Ripstop Nylon 18.25 in. 225 lbs. 18.25 × 19.75 × 33 in. 31.5 × 5 × 5 in. 5 lbs.
TravelChair Slacker Chair Powder-Coated Steel 600D Nailhead Polyester & 600D Ripstop Polyester 19.5 in. 275 lbs. 12 × 14 × 20 in. 24 × 2.75 × 2.75 in. 2.2 lbs.

1. GCI Outdoor Quik-E-Seat Chair

Kicking us off on some of the best camping stools in the market is the Quik-E-Seat Chair from GCI Outdoor. It is a high-endurance tripod-style camping chair that is not only affordable but also has most of what you would expect in your conventional-styled camp chair.

Unlike most camping stools, the Quik-E-Seat Chair has a low-back backrest that will be sure to support your lower back. It is also lightweight, easy to use, and ruggedly built.

Robust Frame and Materials

The chair offers good longevity thanks to its durable steel frame and high-denier polyester fabric upholstery. The steel is further powder-coated for aesthetics as well as to provide more resistance to rusting and corrosion over time.

As a result, the Quik-E-Seat Chair can support a maximum weight capacity of up to 250 pounds.

Moreover, the high weight capacity and rugged materials barely affect the chair’s overall portability as compared to other alternatives. The chair weighs a moderate 4.4 pounds and packs down into a manageable bundle measuring 26.8 inches long, 5.5 inches wide, and 4.7 inches deep.

The only problem with the chair is that it does not come with a carry bag. So, you will have to rely on the included easy-to-handle shoulder strap for all your hauling. The strap is a little wide so you can be sure that it will evenly distribute the weight of the chair across your shoulder.

It is also worth noting that the chair is more suited to car campers and the like than backpackers and hikers.

Comfortable and Easy to Use

With the seat situated about 17 inches from the ground, you can expect the chair to offer okay levels of support and comfort. The seat and backrest have also been slightly padded for extra comfort.

Most camping stools do not come with backrests and thus the included one in the Quik-E-Seat Chair is a welcome feature. Although it barely offers adequate full back support, your lower back will still be slightly supported.

That said, the Quik-E-Seat Chair is made for short sitting periods, for breaks and such, beyond which it would be slightly uncomfortable.

We also loved that it came with a large drink holder pouch that can also be used to store your small-sized valuables within reach.

Setting up the chair is also quick and easy to accomplish owing to the chair’s “Auto-Fold Technology”. Simply unravel the chair by the top corners of the backrest to unfold it and pull the carry strap to fold the unit.

Bottom Line

The GCI in the brand’s name means “great chair innovations”, which is quite apt given how good their chairs are. The Quik-E-Seat Chair is no different – it is supportive, easy to use, durable, and comfortable.

Although slightly heavier and bulkier, the Quik-E-Seat Chair has additional useful features and even a longer lifespan than other options.

2. Alps Mountaineering Tri-Leg Stool

The Tri-Leg Stool is available in brilliant color styles such as Rust, Deep Sea, Clay/Apricot, Citrus/Charcoal, and Ocean/Charcoal. The three-legged stool is a favorite among campers and outdoor enthusiasts alike for its affordability, functionality, and high portability.

The stool will suffice for a solid option for seating around a campfire or lounging at the campsite with friends.

Unmatched Longevity and Stability

The Alps Mountaineering Tri-Leg Stool is made of powder-coated steel legs and a strongly stitched 600-denier polyester seat. It also features a reliable plastic hub that works as a center joint for the legs and there is also a tough webbing attached at the base of the legs.

The webbing helps maintain the stool’s legs at their optimal position while ensuring that the legs don’t extend further. The overall design and durable materials help ensure that it remains stable and durable for many trips to come.

In fact, the Tri-Leg Stool can support a maximum weight capacity of up to 250 pounds

Low Weight and Portability over Comfort

Being super lightweight and portable is typically the main selling point for most camping stools. Aside from being very durable and stable, the Tri-Leg Stool also scores highly on weight and portability.

It weighs a mere two pounds and packs down into a minimalist cylindrical bundle measuring 24 inches in length and 3 inches in diameter. Lugging around the unit is also quite simple as you can either carry it as is with the included adjustable shoulder strap or use the included carry bag.

Moreover, the carry pouch has drawstring closures that double up as handles for easier hauling but do keep in mind that the bag itself doesn’t have a shoulder sling.

The Tri-Leg Stool is also relatively comfortable for what it is – a three-legged camping stool. The triangular seating surface is not as wide as your typical camp chairs but it is situated at a comfy 16-inches high off the ground.

With regards to comfort, the stool is a good alternative to sitting on the ground, tree stumps, logs, or stones. You won’t be getting any support for your back but then again, the stool is very lightweight and portable.

Bottom Line

The Tri-Leg Stool from Alps Mountaineering focuses on being super lightweight, highly portable and affordable over any other features. It is also very well-made and could see you through a couple of camping trips.

Car camping or even backpacking with the chair won’t be too strenuous, however, the Alps Mountaineering Tri-Leg Stool is not the most comfortable or the most feature-rich option yet.

3. Lightspeed Outdoors Xtra Wide Tripod Chair

Another three-legged stool with a backrest is the Xtra Wide Tripod Chair from Lightspeed Outdoors, which is also known as the Take Anywhere Tripod Chair. The chair is available in two vibrant colors that include orange and deep blue.

The stool will be pretty much your ideal option for a lot of your outdoor events for a couple of reasons.

Slightly Wider and Comfy Chair

The Xtra Wide Tripod Chair has the widest seat surface as compared to most camping stools. It also has an equally wide and supportive backrest that will be sure to provide you with a comfortable seating experience.

Although the backrest isn’t tall enough to provide ample lumbar support, for a camping stool – the design is the closest you will get to a normal chair experience. Also, there is some cushioning both in the backrest and seat for some improved level of comfort.

At slightly over 18 inches off the ground, the seat is high enough to promote good posture and relieve some knee or back pains. You also get a mesh bottle holder to eliminate having to bend down to pick your drinks.

There is also an included storage pocket for stashing your small-sized valuables within reach.

That said, the three-legged design poses a few challenges especially with regards to overall comfort. Although the chair remains mostly stable over most terrains, a sudden forward lean could easily have you toppling over with the stool.

Males will also have a hard time finding the “right spot” as their crotch area will be directly over one of the support legs. We quickly discovered that the Xtra Wide Tripod Chair is best suited for using for a few hours; maybe over a short break or for mealtimes.

A Robust and Passably Lightweight Chair

To support a hefty weight limit of up to 225 pounds, you can expect the chair to be very well built with good quality materials. The stool is made of a burly steel frame and a strongly-stitched 420-denier ripstop nylon fabric. The camp chair is guaranteed to offer great service for many years to come.

Although it folds and unfolds quite easily, you will want to keep your hands away from the middle section to avoid getting pinched.

Moreover, hauling and storing the Xtra Wide Tripod Chair is made super convenient by its low weight and small packed size. The chair comes with Velcro strap closures to hold and compact the unit into a small bundle measuring 31.5 inches in length and 5 inches in diameter.

Since there is no included carry bag, you will have to make do with its built-in adjustable shoulder strap to carry the 5-pound chair.

Bottom Line

As its name suggests, the Lightspeed Outdoors Xtra Wide Tripod Chair has a slightly wider seat and backrest than your typical three-legged camping stools. The chair is comfortable, durable, and loaded with extra features that you might not find in other comparable options.

4. TravelChair Slacker Chair

The Slacker Chair, also known as Slacker Model 1389V, is a three-legged stool that is not only easy to use but also one of the most lightweight options we’ve stumbled upon. You can get it in either green, red, blue, and black color styles but that’s not all the stool brings to the table.

Easy to Use and Durable

Its powder-coated steel frame is sturdy, corrosion-resistant, and has an extremely low risk of warping, chipping or breaking if you stay within the set weight limits. The reinforced fabric upholstery is made of 600-denier Nailhead Polyester and 600-denier ripstop polyester. The fabric is also double-stitched and mostly tear-resistant.

The seat is slightly over 19 inches high and wide enough for comfortable sitting over short bursts of time. Also, the chair strongly supports a maximum weight capacity of up to 275 pounds. The Slacker Chair’s stability is maintained by its overall solid structure, duck-billed-style feet, and slightly angled legs.

The chair also sets up tautly and thus there isn’t much sagging on the seat.

That said, a backrest would have provided the much-needed back support given how the chair forces one to sit up straight. The chair’s feet also tend to break off easily.

Backpacking-Friendly Stool

The TravelChair Slacker Chair packs down into the smallest and most compact size yet. The resulting bundle measures only 24 inches in length and 2.75 inches in diameter, which means the chair won’t take up too much space and it will be easier to haul.

Whether you’re a car camper or an ultra-lightweight backpacker, the Slacker Chair is your best bet when looking for a lightweight, portable, and capable seating solution. It weighs a mere 2.2 pounds and has a built-in adjustable shoulder sling for easy handling.

It also comes with integrated Velcro closure straps to hold the chair together.

However, if you opt for the Slacker Chair then you will be missing our useful features such as a backrest, a carry bag, and a storage pouch. Thankfully, the seat is still relatively low meaning you can always pick your beverages from the ground.

Bottom Line

The TravelChair Slacker Chair is a backpacking friendly stool that is made to last and sets up quickly and easily. It’s priced economically and won’t weigh you down when traversing your favorite hiking trails. However, the three-legged design is still a concern here despite the chair’s high weight capacity.

There are also equally-priced camping stools with more features and extras than the Slacker Chair.

The Best Camping Chairs with Canopies

These types of chairs come with sunshades to protect you from the sizzling hot sun or the eventual light showers. They take your outdoor lounging experience to the next level!

Chair Name Frame material Fabric Material Seat Height Max Weight Capacity Unfolded Dimensions Packed Size Packed Weight
ShelterLogic Quik Shade U.S. Flag Chair Steel 300D Polyester 18 in. 225 lbs. 33 × 30 × 55 in. 36.6 × 6.7 × 6.3 in. 9 lbs.
SwimWays Kelsyus Premium Original Canopy Chair Powder-coated Steel Polyester 20 in. 250 lbs. 24 × 37 × 58 in. 33 × 7 × 7 in. 9.9 lbs.
Goplus Outdoor Canopy Chair Steel 600D Polyvinyl Chloride 20 in. 265 lbs. 38 × 26.5 × 51 in. 37.5 × 8 × 7 in. 13 lbs.
Alpha Camp Canopy Camping Chair Powder-coated Steel Oxford Polyester w/ Mesh 20 in. 350 lbs. 36.6 × 23.6 × 53.1 in. 37.8 × 6.3 × 7.1 in. 14 lbs.
Kamp-Rite Chair w/ Shade Canopy Powder-coated Steel 600 Denier Polyester 17 in. 300 lbs. 34 × 20 × 38 in. 35 × 7 × 7 in. 12 lbs.

1. ShelterLogic Quik Shade U.S. Flag Chair

Feeling a little patriotic? Then pave the way for the Quik Shade Folding Beach Chair from ShelterLogic with its majestic U.S. Flag -inspired color patterns. The chair has a reliable, collapsible design with a folding canopy that helps protect you from the hot sun.

It has a roomy 24-inch seat that rests about 18 inches off the ground, which is more than adequate for most people. Despite the lack of cushioning in the seat and backrest, the chair has nice sturdy armrests and a mid-high backrest for optimal comfort.

However, the armrests might not be long enough for most people to support their arms fully and comfortably. The backrest also doesn’t provide any neck or head support whatsoever.

With the Quik Shade U.S. Flag Chair’s mesh cup holder, you won’t have to fidget with your beverages wondering where to place them. But do keep in mind that it does not come with storage pockets.

Well-designed Canopy

The integrated canopy is made of 190-thread-count Aluminex fabric that does a great job of shielding you from the sun’s harmful UV rays. When unfolded, the shade is slightly over 50 inches from the ground, which might result in an 80%+ shade coverage.

Additionally, you can tilt the canopy in response to the sun’s position throughout the day for maximum UV protection. However, the shade isn’t removable thus might not allow for an easier disassembly or hauling experience.

Made to Last

The Quik Shade U.S. Flag Chair is built with a strong steel frame and a rugged 300-denier polyester fabric seat. Expectedly, the steel frame is very sturdy and long-lasting while the fabric is further coated with polyurethane (PE) to provide some levels of stain and moisture resistance.

As a result, the chair can handle a maximum weight limit of up to 225 pounds without the slightest of creaking or warping.

Beyond its rugged build, transporting and storing the chair is relatively easy to accomplish thanks to its small packed size and collapsible frame. The chair packs down into a bundle measuring 36.6 inches long, 6.7 inches wide, and 6.3 inches deep.

The chair’s included 210-denier nylon carry case comes in handy when it’s time to ship out. The bag also has a convenient carry strap for easier handling of the packed-down chair over short distances.

With all that in mind, the Quik Shade U.S. Flag Chair weighs about 9 pounds and thus you will need motorized transportation if you plan on bringing along the chair.

Bottom Line

A product that dons the American Pride color scheme as well as the Quick Shade Chair does is a true rarity. Further, the chair seals the deal with its mostly intuitive design, durability, affordability, and protective sunshade.

The chair might miss a few key extras such as dual cup holders and storage pouches. But as an entry-level unit, it is a good deal for you to consider!

2. SwimWays Kelsyus Premium Original Canopy Chair

Next up, we have the Kelsyus Premium Original Canopy Chair not to be mistaken with its earlier version, the Kelsyus Original Canopy Chair. Both models have mostly similar features including the canopy design but with slight variations in terms of the color of the chair frame and fabric sew patterns.

The Premium model is very well-built with its powder-coated steel frame and polyester fabric seat upholstery. The chair can hold a maximum weight limit of up to 250 pounds.

When fully set up, you’re looking at a massive chair spanning 24 inches wide, 37 inches deep, and about 58 inches high. The seat is at a comfortable height of 20 inches from the ground and has a width of close to 22 inches.

Moreover, the chair has sideway-facing armrests for supporting your arms without affecting accessibility of the seat. An O-ring cup holder has also been integrated in one of the armrests for placing your favorite beverage.

We also love how quickly and easily it is to fold and unfold the Kelsyus Premium Original Canopy Chair. Speaking of which, portability and usability heavily depends on the mechanism used for the sunshade. These factors are very well taken care of – to some degree – by this camping chair’s canopy design.

Highly Portable Canopy Chair

The included sun canopy provides 50+ UPF protection and is typically locked in a fixed position. When not in use, you can simply unlock the canopy and glide it to the back of the chair, out of the way.

The only bummer is that you won’t be able to adjust or tilt the canopy to cater for the changing positions of the sun. On the bright side, the canopy not only folds easily but also doubles up as a carrying case.

At about 9.9 pounds, the Kelsyus Premium Original Canopy Chair is quite heavy to carry around especially over longer distances. The canopy cum carry case with its hand strap makes the exercise a little smoother and less strenuous.

However, we hope the next iterations of the product comes with longer straps for over-the-shoulder carrying. That said, the chair is still slightly heavier and bulkier to move around as compared to other alternatives.

Also, the resulting carry bundle measures a substantial 33 inches in length, 7 inches in width, and 7 inches in depth.

Bottom Line

Available in blue/grey and red/grey color styles, the Kelsyus Premium Original Canopy Chair is a good mid-range camping chair ideal for most outdoor events. It features a well-crafted canopy cum carrying case design that will be sure to make your trips that much enjoyable and easier to accomplish.

However, from a company that makes canopy chairs with integrated ottomans and bug guards, we were disappointed that this chair lacked some crucial features. The company seems to have gone all in with the nicely done canopy mechanism and in effect forsaking the little but important tidbits.

3. Goplus Outdoor Canopy Chair

Available in vibrant red and blue hues, the Goplus Outdoor Canopy Chair is a versatile seating solution perfect for beach use, poolside lounging, campsite sit-arounds, and other outdoor spaces. Regardless of where you are, its foldable design allows you to set up and pack up easily in a matter of minutes.

The chair has a distinctive canopy design, which stands relatively high and features scalloped valance edges. The canopy is typically locked into a fixed position when in use so, you won’t be able to tweak it to always provide sun shade.

Also, if the sun is not searing hot then you can fold the canopy backwards or remove it entirely. Windy conditions will easily flip over the canopy when it is not in use, therefore ensure to keep it away from open areas or remove the canopy to lower those risks.

Strong Supportive Build

The Goplus Outdoor Canopy Chair features a sturdy supportive steel tubing frame and a 600-denier polyvinyl chloride fabric. In conjunction with the included feet, the chair can support a maximum weight limit of close to 265 pounds.

Most people will be comfortably supported by the chair without any problems. That said, the chair is not the most lightweight or most portable option out there.

It weighs a massive 13 pounds and packs down into a sizable bundle measuring 37.5 inches in length, 8 inches in width, and 7 inches in depth. Like most canopy chairs, it is meant for car campers and motorcycle campers.

While we do appreciate that it comes with a convenient carry bag, we found it a little hard to put the folded-down chair into the bag. Also, the included carry strap isn’t long enough or even adjustable to be slang over the shoulder for easy carrying.

Tall, Comfortable Seat

When fully unfolded, the canopy chair measures 38 inches in width, 26.5 inches in depth, and about 51 inches in overall height. The seat is 24 inches wide and rested close to 20 inches off the ground. The canopy will offer plenty of coverage but mostly effective at noon.

The seat is wide enough for most people but will be a little on the high side – the canopy chair will be more than ideal for taller folks.

Moreover, the chair has soft padded armrests to support your arms and a mid-back backrest to provide some support to your lower-middle lumbar region. You also get a cup holder on either armrest to place your favorite beverages.

You may also use the drink holders to place other items as the chair does not have any storage pockets

Bottom Line

While it might be a little more expensive than other competing canopy chairs, this model from Goplus Outdoor packs just enough features to make it all worth it.

The chair is durable, comfortable, and supportive with a beautifully designed canopy. That said, we would have loved it even more if the canopy was adjustable or tiltable.

4. Alpha Camp Canopy Camping Chair

The chair is one of the more expensive options on our best canopy chairs listing. The Alpha Camp Canopy Camping Chair has a sturdier frame, a slightly larger canopy, and is generally more feature-rich than other comparable alternatives.

We found its enamel blue with grey color option absolutely stunning but you can also choose from its other style variations including royal blue and red. Keep in mind that the grey undertones are present in all the variations.

Sturdy and Feature-rich

The Alpha Camp Canopy Camping Chair is made of a powder-coated steel frame and a strongly stitched Oxford polyester seat fabric. The powder coating on the steel tubing helps prevent corrosion and rust.

Additionally, the chair has some extra support steel tubing under the seat for extra strength and durability. As a result, this heavy-duty camping chair can support a hefty weight capacity of up to a whopping 350 pounds.

The Alpha Camp Canopy Camping Chair also comes with a mesh backrest not only to support your back but also promote airflow.

Also, the seat is about 20 inches off the ground and thus will be comfortable and ideal for most people. In particular, the chair is perfect for taller persons who won’t now have to sit with their knees bent awkwardly. Else, shorter folks might get slightly uncomfortable after sitting in the chair for prolonged periods.

Unfolded, the chair measures 36.6 inches wide, 23.6 inches deep, and 53.1 inches high. It folds down into a relatively compact bundle measuring 37.8 inches long, 6.3 inches wide and 7.1 inches deep, which admittedly is quite bulky to handle. Its hefty weight of approximately 14 pounds also doesn’t help matters much.

That said, the included carry bag with its easy-to-handle carrying strap helps make the chair’s portability a little easier.

Lastly, it also comes with one cup holder in one armrest and a mesh pocket in the other. Your typical 32-ounce cup will fit inside the holder perfectly while the small stash pocket is made to fit your smartphone or other similar-sized items.

Passable Canopy Design

Like in most canopy chairs, the canopy in this chair provides 50+ UPF sun protection. So, you don’t have to worry about suffering from issues relating to overexposure to the sun’s harmful rays. Such issues might include peeling skin, blisters, and sunburns, etc.

Although the canopy is non-detachable and non-adjustable, you can always fold it back onto the chair when it is not in use.

Bottom Line

The Alpha Camp Canopy Camping Chair is a heavy-duty seating solution that does a great job of balancing out the key features. If portability is not much of a concern for you then the chair is a strong and reliable option to consider.

5. Kamp-Rite Shade Canopy Chair

Kicking things up a notch, we have the Kamp-Rite Chair that is essentially a good-quality quad style camping chair with an integrated sunshade canopy. The chair is well designed to offer a relaxing seating experience while shielding you from the glaring sun.

Whether you are embarking on a camping trip, tailgating adventure, or outdoor sporting event, the Kamp-Rite Chair is guaranteed to be your perfect companion. The seat of the chair has a distinct blue and beige color style while its frame maintains the usual silver color.

At 17 inches off the ground, the chair’s seat isn’t too high or low for either short or tall persons. Plus, the included soft armrests and mid-back backrest work hand in hand to provide comfort and support.

Additionally, the chair comes with two cup holders, one on each armrest, to not only place your beverages but also improvise as storage pouches.

Impressive Sunshade Design

When you fully unfold the chair, it occupies a volume measuring 34 inches in width, 20 inches in depth and 38 inches in height. Since the shade is slightly lower than in most canopy chairs, you will stay well covered and protected against the sun.

Moreover, the canopy is made of a waterproof fabric meaning you could probably wait out light showers without getting drizzled on. In case you prefer basking a little in the sun, the canopy can be easily moved out of the way without detaching.

Lastly, when it is time to ship out, the canopy doubles up as the carry case for the chair. Two durable snap-lock buckles have been included to help hold the chair together in place. Also, the chair comes with a wide, adjustable carrying strap for easier hauling.

Reliable Seating Solution

Weighing about 12 pounds, the Kamp-Rite Chair is not the most lightweight or even most portable canopy chair in the market. With that in mind, the manufacturer has tried to solve this issue by providing two carrying options.

You can use the included carry bag or just settle for the canopy-cum-bag mechanism. We found it a little cumbersome to carry it in the separate bag especially since you must first struggle getting it inside the bag.

We were also very impressed by its overall durable and stable build owing to its robust components and excellent craftsmanship.

Firstly, as we all know, four-legged chairs tend to be the most stable seating options. The four legs can evenly distribute weight and stick firmly into varying terrains. Secondly, the chair is made of a powder-coated steel frame, a 600-denier polyester fabric upholstery, and finished off with polycarbonate feet.

The result is a tough, rust-resistant, stable, and supportive seating solution that will serve you for years to come. In fact, the chair can support a weight limit of a massive 300 pounds.

Bottom Line

The Kamp-Rite Chair is exactly what happens when you fuse the best of both worlds – a strong and reliable quad-style camp chair meets a multifunctional sunshade. The chair is reliable and comfortable and will do an excellent job of protecting you from the hot sun.

However, you will still be getting an “on or off” sun shade experience with zero in-between tweaks to address changes in the position of the sun.

The Best Double Camping Chairs/Loveseat Chairs

If you don’t mind sharing your sitting space with family and friends, then the following top picks are up to snuff. They feature all you would expect in one-person chairs including padded parts, mid-back seats, and even cup holders. Cozy up with your loved one around a campfire on either of the below-listed loveseat-style camp chairs.

Chair Name Frame material Fabric Material Seat Height Max Weight Capacity Unfolded Dimensions Packed Size Packed Weight
Kelty Low Loveseat Chair Powder-coated steel 600D Polyester 13.5 in. 400 lbs. 44 × 24 × 37 in. 34.5 × 11 × 11 in. 15 lbs.
Kamp-Rite Double Folding Chair Powder-Coated Steel 600D Polyester w/ Polyvinyl Chloride Coating 17 in. 500 lbs. 42 × 18 × 40 in. 40 × 7 × 9 in. 14 lbs.
Goplus Loveseat Camping Chair Steel 600D + 300D Oxford 20 in. 500 lbs. 60 × 28 × 38.5 in. 39 × 8 × 15 in. 17.5 lbs.
Timber Ridge Spruce Duo Loveseat Powder-coated Steel Polyester 12.8 in. 500 lbs. 41.3 × 17.7 × 33.1 in. 33 × 8 × 10 in. 11.46 lbs.
Coleman Quattro Lax Double Quad Chair Steel Polyester 14.6 in. 450 lbs. 55 × 24 × 29 in. 31.9 × 7.9 × 6.7 in 10.5 lbs.
Trademark Innovations Loveseat Style Camp Chair Steel Polyester 17 in. 440 lbs. 55 × 22 × 31.5 in. 32 × 9 × 6 in. 9.11 lbs.

1. Kelty Low Loveseat Chair

The Low Loveseat Chair comes in three ice-cream-themed color styles including Deep Lake, Canyon Brown/Beluga, and Tapestry. The chair offers a cozy seating platform for you to share with your buddy, family member or spouse.

Whether it’s for the occasional all-day music festival, road trip, or camping adventure, this two-seater folding camping chair is up to the task.

Comfortable Folding Seat for Two

As most products from Kelty, the Low Loveseat Chair is very well designed to always ensure you stay comfortable and relaxed. The chair has a low-profile design with the seat just about 13.5 inches high from the ground.

The low-profile design maintains the center of gravity closer to the ground resulting in a very stable chair. It is also the go-to design for places or events that have chair height limits. You and your loved one won’t be blocking anyone’s view of the stage or any happenings around the campfire with the Low Loveseat Chair.

Moreover, the seat is 42 inches wide, which is as roomy as having two separate camp chairs without any armrest intrusions. Speaking of which, the chair has two adjustable armrests on either side. The armrests also house two adjustable and insulated cup holders for placing your favorite beverages.

Since it’s a two-person chair, having only one armrest to support your arm might be slightly uncomfortable for some people.

The Low Loveseat Chair also has a slightly reclined backrest for extra comfort. However, it’s a bummer that the backrest does not include mesh panels to promote airflow.

That said, the chair can support a max weight limit of 400 pounds thanks in part to the robust materials and overall construction. The Low Loveseat Chair is made of a powder-coated steel frame and a tough 600-denier polyester upholstery. It also features more support tubing on the front and middle sections for extra sturdiness and stability.

Lastly, we would have loved the chair even more if the included seat fabrics and padding were water-resistant and quick drying for better performance.

Multi-use Storage Bag

Like most two-person folding chairs, the Low Loveseat is heavy and bulky to transport and more suited to car camping or RVing. It weighs a hefty 15 pounds and packs down into a sizable bundle that measures 34.5 inches in length, 11 inches in width, and 11 inches in depth.

Fortunately, Kelty has thrown in a padded roll-tote storage bag to help in carrying and storing the chair. It features a wide adjustable shoulder strap and snap-lock buckles to make the process even easier to pack.

The carrying case can also be used to pack and haul other camping gear or even firewood. It can also be used as a mat when unrolled.

Bottom Line

Aside from the usual portability and weight concerns, the Kelty Low Loveseat Chair is among the best two-person options you can get today. Its multi-function roll-tote bag also adds a lot of value to the already high-quality model.

2. Kamp-Rite Double Folding Chair

If you fancy sharing your seat with your spouse or pet when outdoors then durable two-person chairs such as the Kamp-Rite Double Folding Chair, are the way to go. In terms of aesthetics, the chair comes in a blue/beige color style and looks like two basic camp chairs but without the center armrests.

The chair is a reliable option for all manner of outdoor activities including sporting events, backyard BBQs, and camping.

Strong and Well-Built

Given its high weight limit of close to 500 pounds (250 pounds for each seat), it is no surprise that the chair is made of high-quality materials. The frame is made of powder-coated steel while the seat is made of 600-denier polyester fabric.

The seat fabric has been further coated with Polyvinyl Chloride for extra durability and weather resistance. When set up, the Kamp-Rite Double Folding Chair has a roomy 40-inch seat that sits about 17 inches high off the ground.

While most people won’t have any problems getting in and out of the seat, it might be slightly harder for you if you are used to supporting yourself on armrests to stand upright. The chair only has the side armrests and lacks the center ones.

The backrest might also feel a bit too stiff for some people, resulting in awkward postures and general discomfort. Also, the seat gets a little taut at the front when in use, making it slightly harder to get out of.

That said, the chair is mostly comfortable for two persons to sit and the included two cup holders are highly welcomed features.

Lastly, the Kamp-Rite Double Folding Chair weighs about 14 pounds and packs down into a large bundle measuring 40 inches long, 7 inches wide, and 9 inches deep. While we appreciate the effective collapsible design, the inclusion of a convenient carry bag is even more reassuring.

The bag even has a shoulder strap to make the hauling exercise that much easier.

Bottom Line

The Kamp-Rite Double Folding Chair is your typical two-person seating solution that lacks most of the aesthetics and extra features found in more premium alternatives. If you don’t mind missing out on the padding, breathable mesh panels, and storage pouches in other options then this is a solid and practical chair to consider.

3. Goplus Loveseat Camping Chair

Available in gray and blue colors, the Goplus Loveseat Camping Chair is your best bet for a comfy outdoor lounging experience with your loved one. While it might cost you a few more dollars, we found it super comfy and sturdy to use.

Foam-Padded for Your Comfort

The Goplus Loveseat is probably the most well-cushioned camping chair in the market yet. It has soft foam padding on the seat, armrests, and backrest so you can be assured of considerable pressure relief and comfort.

The large seat platform measuring 45 inches in width and 20 inches in depth will suffice for most people. Additionally, the 21-inch-high backrest does a good job of relieving neck pressure while offering unmatched back support for both parties.

While the chair doesn’t have armrests on both sides for each occupant, we appreciate that the available ones are wide and soft for optimal relaxation. Then again, it’s a loveseat (sort of) and thus meant for cozying up together without any restrictions.

Besides comfort, support is greatly enhanced by the rugged frame and strongly-stitched Oxford fabric. The X-shaped steel frame features six support points with reinforced connections, which ensure the chair always remains stable. Some anti-sink foot pads have also been included for extra steadiness.

As a result, the chair can support up to 500 pounds, which is roughly 250 pounds on each seat. The slightly breathable seat fabric helps eliminate any possible back sweat issues and ensures longevity.

Nevertheless, all these come at the expense of portability.

The Downsides

The Goplus Loveseat weighs just under 18 pounds and packs down into a large bundle measuring 39 inches in length, 8 inches in width, and 15 inches in depth. Evidently, the chair is neither the most lightweight nor the easiest to carry around.

Despite its foldable design, packing the chair away might be somewhat challenging for the first few times. However, if you first secure the folded-up chair with the long bottom strap, then it will make it far much easier to put the chair in the included carrying bag.

Portability issues aside, the Goplus Loveseat comes with two storage mesh bags for your water bottle or small items as well as the handy boxy carrying bag.

Bottom Line

Whether you are sharing the chair with your spouse or a big dog, it’ll be comfy and supportive even for prolonged hours of sitting. The Goplus Loveseat outshines other folding double chairs with its large well-padded seat platform. Plus, it remains supportive and stable in most terrains.

However, it costs more and is less portable than most comparable folding double chairs.

4. Timber Ridge Spruce Duo Loveseat

If you can get past its dull grey looks, you will quickly come to appreciate just how comfortable and well-built the Spruce Duo Loveseat is. It features most of what you would expect in a good quality two-person camping chair.

We are talking soft armrests with integrated cup holders, reinforced steel frame, collapsible design, and padded backrest and seat, among other features.

Couch-like Comfort

The chair has a roomy seating area spanning slightly over 41 inches in width and 17 inches in depth. It will be more than sufficient for comfortably sitting both you and your partner. Additionally, the chair has thick padding integrated into the backrest and seat for a relaxing sitting experience.

Unlike in other options, the backrest in this chair is quite high meaning you will get good support for your mid/lower back.

That said, Spruce Duo Loveseat has its seat resting approximately 13 inches from the ground, which might make it a tad bit challenging to get up from. Elderly persons and very tall people will most likely need some assistance getting up from the chair.

It also comes with soft armrests and built-in mesh cup holders to bring you closer to home even when you are having fun outdoors. You also get a stash pocket just under the seat to store your phone or other valuables.

Sturdily Built

The Spruce Duo Loveseat is made of a durable powder-coated steel frame and a strong polyester fabric seat. Furthermore, the seat’s corners have been triple-reinforced to lower the risks of tearing and damage.

As a result, the chair easily supports a weight limit of up to 500 pounds, which is about 250 pounds for each seat. With regards to weight and portability, the Spruce Duo Loveseat doesn’t outperform other two-person chairs by much.

It weighs about 11.46 pounds and packs down to a tall bundle measuring 33 inches long, 8 inches wide, and 10 inches deep. Fortunately, the chair comes with an included carry bag that makes it a little more convenient and easier to store or transport.

Bottom Line

Delivering unparalleled comfort for two-person sitting is where the Timber Ridge Spruce Duo Loveseat outshines the res. The chair features thick padding integrated into the backrest and seat. You also get a sturdy, durable frame and upholstery but at the expense of portability.

5. Coleman Quattro Lax Double Quad Chair

Originating from Coleman, which is one of the most revered outdoor gear makers, the Quattro Lax Double Quad Chair is a sure hit amongst outdoor enthusiasts. The chair comes in a beautiful lime and jungle green color style.

Further, it has a collapsible design that forces the chair to fold in on itself at the center for quick and easy assembly/disassembly.

Strong Steel Frame

The Quattro Lax Double Quad Chair is made of a strong steel frame that is well complemented by the high-denier polyester fabric upholstery. Every joint seems well put together and the plastic feet do a good job of protecting floors and maintaining stability over various surfaces.

The resulting high weight limit of up to 450 pounds can be partly credited to the chair’s strong steel frame and other well-designed components.

When unfolded, the chair provides a wide 55-inch seat for you and your partner to sit on. Since the seat rests slightly under 15 inches from the ground, most people might find it a little challenging to get in/out of. In particular, the chair might be too low for elderly or very tall people.

Although the chair’s backrest looks a bit stiff, it still manages to offer considerable back support without forcing one into an uncomfortable posture.

Despite its two-person sizing, the chair packs down into a small and compact bundle measuring 31.9 inches in length, 7.9 inches in width, and 6.7 inches in depth. To put that into perspective, the Coleman Quattro Lax Double Quad Chair will occupy less space than would be the case for two separate folding chairs or even most two-person alternatives.

At 10.5 pounds, the chair is relatively lightweight and highly portable as compared to other alternatives. The included carry bag also makes it much easier to transport and store the chair.

Lots of Useful Extras

The Quattro Lax Double Quad Chair comes with two soft armrests with integrated cup holders on either side. Each occupant gets one armrest and one cup holder to rest their arm and place their beverage, respectively.

Moreover, you also get two large storage pouches on the back of the chair to stash your valuables.

Bottom Line

From the beautiful lime color style, floor-friendly plastic feet, to the burly steel frame, the Quattro Lax Double Quad Chair delivers exactly what you would expect from Coleman. The chair performs very well in terms of durability, comfort, and portability. It even comes with two large storage pouches at the back of the chair – a rarity for most two-person chairs.

Our only gripe with the chair is that its relatively low-profile design makes it a pain to use for some people.

6. Trademark Innovations Loveseat Style Camp Chair

Available in black, dark green, and orange color styles, the Loveseat Style Camp Chair is an affordable two-person seating solution with a lot to offer at its price. The chair unfolds into a roomy 55-inches wide seat that will be more than enough for most people.

The chair can support a maximum weight limit of up to 440 pounds or 220 pounds for each seat. The strong steel frame and robust polyester fabric seat ensures both users are comfortable and well supported.

Additionally, the seat height for the Loveseat Style Camp Chair is close to 17 inches, which is favorable for tall people as well as the elderly. Getting up from the chair won’t be too challenging as would be the case with low-profile seats.

The chair also comes with mesh cup holders integrated into the soft armrests but are for the most part just “usable”. You won’t be able to fit extra-large beverage cans or water bottles into the flimsy mesh holders. Also, they don’t seem to be the long-lasting types owing to the all-mesh bottoms and sides.

Lightweight and Portable

The Trademark Innovations Loveseat Style Camp Chair weighs about 9.11 pounds and has a packed size that measures 32 inches in length, 9 inches in width, and 6 inches in depth. Evidently, the chair is one of the most lightweight and highly portable two-person models in the market today.

Additionally, it comes with a convenient carry case for easier hauling and storage. While the bag does have two handles, carrying it like a backpack gets a little uncomfortable. That said, it folds down nice and easy for on-the-fly storage as well as usage.

Bottom Line

There is not much to write home about the Trademark Innovations Loveseat Style Camp Chair. It has a forgettable design but with all the basic features you can expect in a double size camping chair. At best, it serves as an inexpensive option for your weekender camping trips and occasional outdoor events.

That said, it is still a very comfortable, lightweight, and highly portable chair that could prove very useful for all manner of outdoor events.

Buyer’s Guide: How to Choose the Right Camp Chair for You

various camping chairs near a river

It goes beyond aesthetics when it comes to picking out a good-quality camping chair. Ultimately, you want a model that meets your needs and is the ideal match for your weight and body size. You will also want a chair that fits your campsite space and won’t take up too much space in your RV, truck, or car’s trunk.

Additionally, your ideal camp chair should be easy to set up and use with simple folding/unfolding mechanisms. You will want to go for chairs with a pre-attached frame so you don’t have to take even more time trying to insert the poles in the matching inserts.

If you do land on a chair with a separate shock-corded frame and seat fabric then make sure it has at least some markings or color-coding to make the installation more hassle-free. While complexities on the design of the chair might mean even more useful features and improved comfort, the set-up process usually takes a hit.

However, there are plenty of other factors to consider when shopping for a camp chair…

The Intended Use of The Camping Chair

The where and how you plan on using the chair should help you determine the most ideal pick for you. While there are plenty of outdoor activities you can engage with, it all boils down to the classic car camping versus backpacking scenario.

Car Camping and Backpacking

Comfort is typically the main priority for front country camping, backyard camping, and car camping in general. There’s lots of wiggle room when it comes to shopping for a chair for your car camping needs since your vehicle will be doing most of the heavy lifting.

Feel free to splurge on camping chairs with proper cushioning, reclining/swinging features, or even heavy-duty builds. Luxurious features such as cup holders and footrests among others are also very much welcomed.

On the other hand, backpackers are left to prioritize camping chairs that pack compactly and minimally as well as are generally very lightweight. This is mainly due to the obvious storage space and weight limitations that come with backpacking.

Camping chairs may also be viewed as luxuries when backpacking is concerned as the added bulk and weight might slow you down. With that in mind camping stools weighing barely two pounds and other ultralight chairs shine as backpacking options.

Other Uses

camping chair at home

You may also want to consider how well the chair will perform when used in other outdoor activities. How will it hold up during your prolonged backcountry trips or park visits? How comfortable or durable is it in various locations or weather conditions?

To get the most value for your money, you might also want to go for a multi-purpose chair that will fit right in with your non-camping activities.  Whether it is the occasional soccer game viewing, backyard barbecuing, tailgating party, concert, festivals, beach bumming, or romantic dates – a folding chair that can do it all is highly desirable.

However, as much as we would hope, no one chair can do it all. So, it is also prudent to focus on the chair design that best suits your lifestyle and needs.

Which Type of Camping Chair Do You Fancy?

Ever since they were first invented, folding chairs or camping chairs have had plenty of improvements over the years. From functional redesigns to provide better comfort and support to more cosmetic styles such as scoop-shaped models.

Despite this, the overall structure and parts of the chair have remained relatively similar across various types of camping chairs.

High-Back vs. Low-Back Camping Chairs

high-back vs low-back camping chairs

On paper, high-back and low-back camping chairs take after your typical office chairs in terms of lumbar and back support.

A high-back camping chair has a taller back height and often comes with a headrest. High-back camping chairs offer the best possible support for your upper back, shoulders, and neck/head. You will be able to lounge outdoors more comfortably with high-backs than any other type of camp chair.

High-back camp chairs will also often feature noticeable lumbar support pads and armrests.

On the other hand, low-back camping chairs have shorter back heights and are essentially designed to provide support to your lower back. They also offer better stability on a variety of terrains as they are closer to the ground, unlike high-back chairs.

The most obvious difference between the two types will be the listed height from the ground to the top of the headrest/backrest. Keep in mind that low chairs can also be used in concerts and they perform greatly on sandy and uneven terrains. Lastly, high-back chairs also tend to be easier to get in and out of than other types.

Camping Stools

They come in two main variants namely tripod/three-legged or two-legged chairs. The extra leg in tripod camping stools makes them slightly more stable than their counterparts. But you can still expect the two-legged options to feature a robust frame with relatively high weight limits.

However, most two-legged camp stools will have your feet acting as the extra “legs” for the chair, which limits any chances of leaning backward. The stool might also have you toppling over if you lean back too far.

camping stools in the jungle

Lastly, most three-legged camping chairs come with the seat and back for some level of support and comfort. As you would expect, three-legged and two-legged chairs are very lightweight as compared to your typical four-legged versions.

In other novelty models, the chair comes integrated with camping gear such as backpacks and coolers.

Camp Chairs with Canopies

While camping during summer or on the beach has its wins, lounging in the scorching sun can quickly dampen one’s spirits. Camping chairs with canopies combine the classic camp chair with an overhead canopy to shield you from the harmful sun’s rays and the occasional raindrop.

They make it possible to sit wherever you please instead of having to stick to a shaded space at camp.

Always opt for chairs with adjustable and removable canopies or shades for optimal customization and versatility. Also, keep in mind that some chairs will feature UPF (ultraviolet protection factor) ratings and in some rare cases the waterproof rating.

A chair with a shade rated UPF 30 to 50+ will suffice. However, you will still have to wear your sunscreen for double protection from the sun’s UVA and UVB rays.

Loveseat/Double Chairs

These two-person chairs are designed for couples and feature a wide seating area. They are geared towards elevating your camping trip into a more intimate experience. Some models also offer adjustable seating for better eye contact and almost face-to-face seating orientations.

The Double camping chairs can also be good alternatives if the single-person options aren’t a good fit.

Rockers, Recliners, Swinging, and Gliders

We’ve grouped these types of camping chairs as you can get most of the mentioned features in one unit. Rockers and gliders are perfect for laidback lounging with slight rocking motions while swinging camp chairs offer unmatched suspended comfort.

Either type of chair can also be a great option if you are feeling a little bit fidgety at camp – just gently rock or swing away to shake off your anxiety.

Reclining camping chairs offer several reclining positions for optimal comfort. They usually come with headrests, armrests, and footrests for an unbelievably cozy time outdoors. Zero gravity camping chairs take the reclining game to a whole new level.

Inspired by the famed zero gravity posture adapted by NASA astronauts, the similarly-named camping chairs offer reclined seating for unparalleled comfort levels. The chairs are designed to make you feel weightless by distributing your body across all pressure points.

Other Camping Chair Designs

Traditional camp chairs have four legs, a straight back, a flat seat, and fabric upholstery. Other types such as scoop chairs, inflatable camping chairs, director’s chairs, legless chairs, hanging chairs, and even swivel chairs build upon the classic camp chair design to deliver aesthetically appealing and functional camping chairs.

Scoop chairs have no defined backs or seats, allowing for some degree of comfort. Swiveling camping chairs are perfect for allowing easy reach of items at the campsite while seated. Inflatable options can be pumped with air to offer comfy sofa-like outdoor seating platforms.

Additionally, some inflatable camp chairs don’t even require pumping as you can easily trap air by running it against the wind. However, your newfound beanbag should never be used near the campfire for obvious reasons.

If you are fond of your hammock tent set-up then a hanging chair might just be the thing for you. They are intended to be hung from sturdy tree branches to provide a comfy swinging lounging experience.

Let’s Talk Comfort

a comfortable camping chair

The comfort provided by a given chair varies from person to person and further depends heavily on your body size, build, and mobility. However, there are other specific factors you can look at to give you a hint of how comfortable a given chair will be.

Seat Dimensions

With regards to the size of the chair, there are three key measurements that you will need to keep an eye out for. They include the back height, the seat height, and the seat width.

As we earlier discussed, a seat’s back height is a good indicator of the neck and back support. It is essentially the height of the backrest. The metric is also very important for use in certain scenarios such as music festivals and concerts that have seat height limits.

Higher backrests prevent your neck from cramping as might be expected after sitting for extended periods. Taller persons or people with longer torsos will also greatly enjoy camp chairs with high backrests.

The overall seat height is measured from the ground to the seat. If it is too low then the chair will be slightly uncomfortable especially since your legs will be bent awkwardly. Also, getting in and out of the chair might be more backbreaking.

Conversely, taller seat heights will offer a more natural seating position and are highly recommended for people with knee or back complications. They are also very easy to get in and out of.

The seat of your dream camp chair should be wide enough to accommodate you without the armrests digging into your waist or arms. This will be even more applicable if you have wide hips or a larger body build. Consider going for a chair with an extra-wide seat if you’re unsure about the specifics.

To recap, if you value comfort over other factors then always go for camp chairs with long legs, high backrests, and wide unobstructed seats.

Maximum Weight Capacity

camping gear - chair, table, pan

Obviously, you should never exceed the suggested weight limit of the camp chair. Else you will be risking injuring yourself or even cutting short the longevity of the chair. Too much strain on the chair will most likely result in a broken or bent frame.

The weight capacity of most camp chairs will range from 200 to 300 pounds while heavy-duty variants will support north of 500 pounds.

Choose a chair with a weight limit a few pounds above your actual weight for peace-of-mind comfort levels, stability, and optimal longevity. Also, keep in mind that the weight limits are manufacturer-provided and thus might be slightly generous than the truer picture.

Padding and Other Features

Comfort seekers should also go for chairs with foam padding, especially those that provide lumbar support. Chairs with cushioning on the armrests, backrest, headrest, and seat will be very comfortable.

Chairs with breathable mesh back panels can also go a long in reducing the sweaty back syndrome. The meshing helps improve the evaporation of sweat as your body continually tries to regulate your body temps.

The chair design may also add to your comfort, but your mileage may vary. However, intricately designed chairs often go hand in hand with longer set-up processes. Try out the chair before committing to a purchase. If that’s not possible then sellers with friendly return policies are the way to go.

However, you can expect the super comfy chairs to be slightly heftier than your basic alternatives. Also, the integrated cushioning might take a while to completely dry if the chair gets wet or rained on.

The Chair’s Durability

Your dream camping chair should be robust enough to handle many trips to come and at most offer some versatility. For most camping chairs, durability comes down to the chair’s frame, upholstery, and overall build.

Frame Material

Steel and aluminum are the most popular options for making the frame of the chair.

Although it results in a slightly heavier and bulkier unit, steel is usually the go-to option for making rugged and durable frames. The other downside of steel camp chairs is that the material may rust over time, unlike aluminum options.

Powder coating of steel helps keep rust at bay while anodizing helps keep the aluminum corrosion-free.

Speaking of which, aluminum is lighter, more flexible, and for the most part, corrosion-resistant. The metal resists corrosion by forming a very thin yet effective layer of oxide film on the surface. However, the making of chairs and other applications mostly utilizes aluminum alloys instead of pure aluminum.

Aluminum is alloyed with other elements to help increase its strength while maintaining it very lightweight. With that in mind, expect to pay a pretty penny for camp chairs with aluminum frames as opposed to those with steel legs and frames.

In other models, both aluminum and steel are used to make the frame and legs of the chair. The combination delivers unbeatable longevity while saving a few ounces here and there with aluminum alloy components.

Lastly, to ensure you are not always trying to balance yourself when seated on the camp chair, a few stability features are integrated. A wider leg base will often mean a more stable chair on even terrains.

You will also want the chair to have grippy rubber feet for optimal stability on most types of surfaces including sandy beaches, wet grounds, and gravel-filled campsites.


When it comes to upholstery in camp chairs, there is only the fabric and mesh to talk about. The mesh offers much-needed ventilation and comes as a single panel situated right at the center of the seat’s back.

As for the type of fabric, you have several synthetic options to consider such as polyester, nylon, and polyvinyl chloride. Polyester and nylon are very common fabrics for making camping chairs. Nylon offers better abrasion resistance and durability as compared to the more affordable polyester.

You may also find some chair seats made of Oxford fabric, which is a combination of polyester and cotton or rayon. Oxford fabric is stronger, easy to clean, and more wrinkle-resistant than nylon and polyester.

The denier rating, stitching styles, and water repellency of the seat fabric should also be considered to better gauge the overall longevity of the chair. Higher denier ratings or thread counts and ripstop style stitching translate into a solid chair capable of handling a lot of use and abuse.

Ripstop stitching prevents further ripping of the fabric in case of a small tear. Also, PVC-coated or polyurethane-coated seat fabrics tend to be slightly more resilient and water repellent than other choices.

Portability and Convenience

The last thing you want is to lug around a hefty and bulky camp chair together with your other camping gear. While this might not matter too much for car campers, it is a key consideration for backpackers and ultralight campers.

Weight and Packed Size

If you plan on paddling, biking, or hiking to your campsite then the weight of the chair is an important factor to consider. Lightweight camp chairs often feature simple designs and are usually made of aluminum frames. Any chair under five pounds should suffice if weight is a concern for you.

On the other hand, larger and more heavy-duty chairs offer some extras such as wider sitting surfaces, armrests, cushioned padding, or even the ability to recline or rock. Such chairs will weigh just a few ounces off 20 pounds. They might be a good match if you’re car camping, RVing, or tailgating.

The chairs should also pack down compactly and into small bundles to help with movability and storage. Pay close attention to the listed packed-down sizes if you want to save on trunk or backpack space.

Included Accessories

When packing away the chair, you will want the collapsing or folding motion to be as seamless as possible. This will allow you to fold away the chair quickly and easily.

A sturdy carrying bag with straps, handles or shoulder slings will also make it that much hassle-free to haul and store the chair. Some chairs will even come with straps integrated within their frames so you can tote them around with ease.

Other Extra Features

camping gear - chair, table, pan

To get the most value out of your camping chair, plenty of included accessories and extra features are very much welcomed. They are bound to improve the ease of use, overall comfort, and functionality of the chair.

Your ideal chair should come with storage expanding features such as pockets and mini-storage compartments. The extra storage space comes in handy in storing your small-sized valuables such as phones, magazines, sunglasses, and sunscreen.

An integrated neck pillow or cushioned headrest will also go a long way in improving comfort and support. Some chairs will have a pouch for storing the carrying bag that doubles up as the headrest or neck pillow. An adjustable and removable footrest on your favorite camp chair is also an excellent add-on.

You won’t have a hard time balancing your hot meals and beverages at camp thanks to chairs that come with side tables and cup holders. If possible, always go for chairs with a cup holder on the right and left armrests to accommodate both right- and left-handed persons. Dual cup holders also mean an extra space to place your drinks.

Other premium chairs will go a step further by including a two- or four-can drink insulated cooler right at the armrests. Heck, you might even get chairs that have cup holders that can swivel for the ultimate convenience.

Parting Shot

Camping chairs bring indoor comfort to the great outdoors. Too tired to trudge on the trail? Take a breather and plop down into a functional chair that can be set up in less than a minute with luxurious features like reclining abilities and cup holders.

They can also double up as lounging chairs for your other outdoor activities including music festivals, beach, tailgating, sporting events, or just your laidback backyard BBQ sessions.

That said, as with most camping gear – it’s a sea of brands out there with slight variations and often gimmicky features.

We hope the above write-up gave you an informative sneak up on what matters when it comes to a good quality camp chair. Also, the included selection of the best camp chairs should give you a good starting point as you look for the right unit for you.



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