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Best Camping Blankets to Keep You Warm Outdoors

Last Update: 21 September 2020
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A warm, cozy sleeping system is a well-deserved treat after a long day’s hiking, fishing, hunting, rock climbing, or other fun outdoor activity. Most campers will opt for a sleeping bag and tent combo as their most basic setup while others will swap the bag for the more freeing camping blanket.

The difference between a camping blanket and a sleeping bag can be very subtle, especially with zippers involved. So, just think of camping blankets as stripped-down versions of your home duvet or blanket.

However, camping blankets are robust enough to shield you from the elements and keep you warm throughout the night.

As most of your camping gear, camping blankets also come in many different flavors and materials. We’ve rounded up 12 of the best in the market and thoroughly nitpicked on each of them so you can have an easy run when getting your own.

Whether you’re looking for the most affordable, versatile, comfortable, or most insulative, the following selection has something for everyone. So, step out of your sleeping bag cocoon and consider either of these blankies for your outdoor sleeping system.

The Best Camping Blankets

1. Kelty Bestie Blanket

Kelty Bestie Blanket
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With its 0.59 pounds of Cloudloft insulation, the Kelty Bestie camping blanket is your best chance at staying warm and cozy in frosty weather. The blanket has one large size and may be bought in either of its nine vibrant dual-tone styles.

The Bestie blanket’s protective top and silky-soft lining make it the perfect accessory for lounging around a campfire or snuggling on the couch. Plus, if it gets dirty, just toss it in your front-loading machine and air-dry it for the best results.

Comfy and Warm

While it may not protect you against inclement weather, the 190T Polyester Pongee underside more than makes up for it at being comfortable. The material is also non-slippery and won’t make any noises as you move around.

The blanket will stay on your lap without sliding off and the warmth-to-weight ratio is just enough for casual usage.

Further, the polyester top will keep moisture out to some extent and the Cloudloft insulation will ensure considerable heat retention. There are no temperature ratings on the unit so you may want to be prepared with a more capable blanket or sleeping bag if you’re camping in extreme cold.

Else, Bestie blankets are the most comfortable non-technical options you’ll get in the market today.

At around 75.5 inches in length and 42.5 inches in width, the Bestie camping blanket may be a bit too small for most people. However, it may work as a two-person blankie for children while for adults, it will most likely just drape across your shoulders or laps.

Durable Lightweight Blankie

The protective 75-denier Polyester Taffeta top will protect you from getting wet from mild breezes while the lining is best equipped to fight the cold. The blanket also features strongly-stitched seams and reinforced edges for maximum longevity.

The top fabric does a great job of expelling animal hair, dust, and other debris. However, when it comes to the silky-soft underbelly, the same will easily cling onto the fabric. Kelty Bestie camping blankets also feature a cross-stitched design to prevent the insulation from clumping in the middle or towards the edges.

Weighing only 1.5 pounds, the Bestie camping blanket is lightweight and compressible, which makes it a breeze to pack away and transport. The resulting packed size is a reasonable 11.8 inches by 6.7 inches cylindrical bundle.

The drawstring on the stuff sack ensures your blanket is stored away into a small, compact form-factor. Also, the conveniently-placed carry handle is perfect for portability and handling.

Bottom Line

The Bestie blanket from Kelty is a practical lightweight blanket that excels at being super comfortable and affordable. Sure, it may lack most of the flashy features but it makes up for it by being the best casual camping blanket in the market.

You may use it to get extra warmth and coziness when watching movies at home, lounging around a campfire, or just napping in a hammock. That said, we hope Kelty will give us more sizes to pick from and perhaps some Bestie blankets with waterproofing.

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2. Klymit Versa Camping Blanket

Klymit Versa Camping Blanket
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If awards are anything to go by then the Versa camping blanket already has one to its name; the Gear Institute’s 2018 Best New Gear Award. Klymit set the bar high with the classic Versa camping blanket and continues to do so with the newer Luxe model.

The Versa camping blankets are versatile lightweight accessories made for the outdoors. Whether it’s for camping, picnicking, a day at the beach, or air travel, the blanket is your perfect companion.

Large, Cozy Blanket

Klymit’s Versa blanket is huge; it measures about 80 inches long by 58 inches wide. It will provide plenty of coverage for tall persons and can even be shared between two people but without much of the material overhang.

The blanket is best suited for uses such as a lap blanket, picnic blanket, and part of the sleeping system. The Versa blankets are good options for warm weather sleeping as they can be best used in temperatures down to 60° F.

However, be wary of where you lay it on since the blanket lacks any water resistance or waterproofing qualities.

To maintain warmth, both models have the Klymalite synthetic loft insulation, which is made of 0.7-denier synthetic micro-fiber filling. The Versa blankets also have a 20-denier ripstop polyester shell for optimal comfort and longevity.

The Luxe model takes this up a notch with the added technical high-loft fleece, which feels soft to touch and slightly helps improve heat retention.

Feature-rich and Versatile

The Versa blanket has four corner pockets, a built-in footbox, corner snaps, and an included stuff sack.

The pockets may be used as hand warmers or hand pockets to secure the blanket in place, which is especially useful when sharing it with a friend. The built-in footbox helps keep your feet warm and can also be used as a pillowcase to stuff the rest of the blanket in.

Yes, a camping blanket that conveniently turns into a pillow, which means less gear to carry and great value for money.

Additionally, the corner snaps help you to configure the blanket into a poncho making it the perfect match for lounging around a campfire. The Luxe model also has a drawcord to provide you with a snug fit around the head and neck.

The included stuff sack makes storing and moving around the package that much easier. However, given the many included features in either model, the resulting packaging may feel slightly heavier and bulkier than desired.

This issue is more pronounced on the Luxe model, which packs down into a sizable - 16 inches long and 8 inches in diameter – bundle. Weighing 3.2 pounds, the newer model is almost three times heavier than the original Versa blanket.

Bottom Line

A blanket that transforms into a pillow and a built-in footbox are some of the extra features you’ll be getting with the Versa blanket. As a warm-weather blankie, it feels comfy to sleep with and is a good match for its price.

Also, most of the complaints and inefficiencies in the original award-winning model have been duly addressed in the newer but heavier Luxe version.

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3. ALPS Mountaineering Wavelength Blanket

Alps Mountaineering Wavelength
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Available in a grey color with either blue-, green-, or red-colored edges, the Wavelength camping blanket is as cozy and puffy as they come. The synthetic blanket is made by the trusty ALPS Mountaineering, which has decades of experience making high-quality outdoor gear.

The Wavelength camping blanket features ALP’s proprietary TechLoft Silver insulation and is made of durable high-quality materials. Despite it being available in only one size, the camping blanket does have its redeeming qualities.

Protective and Insulative

Its synthetic TechLoft Silver insulation, which is made of 100% resinated polyester fiber batting, ensures maximum heat retention and water repellency. While the silky 20-denier 380T nylon fabric on the top and bottom will feel soft and cozy laying across your body.

The blanket won’t get too hot or too sweaty despite the slick outer material. However, you may want to use it in chiller weather instead of warmer ones for the most comfortable experience.

Feel free to use it with your furry friends as pet hair, dirt, or any debris can be easily shaken off the slippery fabric.

The blanket features sewn-in horizontal bars and strongly-stitched edges so you need not worry about it busting open or the filling clumping. However, a ripstop style on the fabric would have been perfect for this outdoor blanket.

No-frills Design

No pockets, no poncho configurations, or any of the flashy features and accessories you may find in other blankets. Instead, you get a durable, fairly lightweight, and insulative blanket and a stuff sack. The choice of color (grey) is also intentionally in line with the blanket’s simple design.

It measures about 80 inches in length and 54 inches in width, which is large enough for one person and a pet to sleep or lounge with.

When packing away the blanket, it can be compressed down into a relatively small and compact bundle measuring about 16 inches in length and 9.25 inches in diameter. The blanket fits just right in the included stuff sack for hassle-free transportation and storage.

At 2.25 pounds, the Wavelength camping blanket may be what you’re looking for, particularly if you are mostly constrained by storage space and weight. Plus, it can only be washed in a commercial washing machine, one without an agitator.

Bottom Line

Whether you need a blanket for snuggling and keeping warm at a concert, ballgame, picnic, or campsite, the ALPS Mountaineering Wavelength Blanket is a solid option to consider. It will keep you warm and dry for longer.

The neutral colors and straightforward design elevates it into a high-quality mid-range camping blanket.

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4. Sorison Puffy Camping Blanket

Sorison puffy camping blanket
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Available in a neutral eclipse grey and twilight blue color style, the Sorison camping blanket is adaptable to most climes. Whether at the campground, indoors, at a music festival, or the beach, the blanket has most of the qualities needed to shield you from the elements and keep you warm.

At 80 inches in length and 54 inches in width, it is sizable enough for one or two persons. You can use it for sleeping, picnics, or as a throw blanket.

Weatherproof with Great Insulation

The Sorison Puffy camping blanket has a 20-denier ripstop nylon outer shell and the company’s proprietary atomicLoft insulation. The soft nylon is further treated with a DWR coating to allow for a waterproof and hypoallergenic surface.

The DWR-coated shell does a great job of shielding against the elements and it also repels odors, sand, and pet hair.

Unlike most camping blankets, the Sorison blanket claims to have an insulation system with three to five times the fill power. The atomicLoft insulation is made of a synthetic down with microfiber, which results in a comfy, warm, and high-loft unit.

A beautiful pattern has been stitched across the blanket not only for aesthetics but most importantly, to keep the insulation filling from clumping. Also, the edges of the blanket have been double-stitched to provide extra robustness.

Super Versatile

With a water-resistant, DWR coated nylon shell and the atomicLoft insulation securely-locked in; the Sorison Puffy camping blanket is perfect for almost all seasons. It offers a thermal rating of about 30 degrees Fahrenheit.

The blanket will offer supplemental warmth and comfort whether you’re at a ballgame, campsite, or any event. You can also use it as a ground cover at the beach, campground, or on wet ground. whichever the situation, the water-repellent nylon will be the barrier between you and moisture.

The Sorison blanket also has an innovative secret pocket that measures about 9 inches by 9 inches. It can be used to store small, valuable items close to you.

When you’re all done with the blanket, it can be compressed down to a compact package with dimensions of 18 inches in length and 7.75 inches in diameter. A drawstring carry bag with shoulder straps is present for worry-free storing and portability.

Lastly, the Sorison Puffy Camping Blanket is very easy to clean and supports home machine washing. You may air dry the blanket or just tumble-dry it in a dryer. That said, be sure to follow the included instructions on how to clean and care for your new camping accessory.

Bottom Line

The Sorison Puffy Camping Blanket is made for the outdoors. Whether you use it at your patio or in a campsite deep in the backcountry, its design and materials will work to serve your needs. However, the slippery but water-repellent nylon shell may have you considering other options.

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5. Pendleton Yakima Camp Blanket

Pendleton Yakima Camp Blanket
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Going head-to-head with today’s multi-layered and technologically-advanced camping blankets is this Yakima Camp wool blanket from Pendleton. The blanket has a vintage style akin to the classic ombré stripes much like the style used in the Hudson's Bay point blankets.

At first, we thought it leaned way too hard on the nostalgia effect given its steep pricing for what seems like a traditional wool blanket. However, we couldn’t have been more wrong. Its wool-cotton blend and classic design make it the envy of most modern blankets.

High-Performance Wool Blend

The Yakima Camp Blanket is made of a blend of 86% wool and 14% cotton warp fibers. This works wonders in eliminating the scratchiness of wool while still retaining its insulative and water repellency qualities. The top and bottom surface feels soft to touch and won’t slide off your body like other camping blankets.

With up to three sizes available to your picking, you’ll get a suitably-sized blanket to comfortably keep you warm.

The wool-cotton blend does a great job of trapping heat making it a relatively warm blanket. The small heat-trapping air pockets created in the fibers makes it all possible. Although windy conditions may deteriorate the effectiveness of its insulation, the blanket will still keep you warm in light showers.

Warm Blanket for All Occasions

As compared to most wool blankets, the Yakima Camp Blanket is super versatile whether you use it indoors or outdoors. You can use it as a picnic blanket, a lap blanket, or a couch cover for your furry friends.

Don’t fret about the pet hair, sand, or even debris sticking to the blanket as it can be easily shaken off. However, we observed that the always-drawn dog’s claws botched up the surface of the blanket over time.

The weight was also a bit of a letdown but the blanket is still fairly lighter than other wool ones. The twin size weighs 4.8 pounds while the queen is slightly heavier at 6.14 pounds. Additionally, portability has been greatly improved by the included clear plastic casing that’s also zippered and reusable.

Further, the variations in size, color, and patterns leave you with a lot to choose from. Hopefully, that’s enough of a compromise for the lack of extra features and dry clean only washability.

Bottom Line

The Yakima Camp Blanket is available in queen, twin, and throw sizes and can be bought in either of its four vintage styles. It performs exemplary well for a wool blanket but may be too pricey, heavy, and bulky for most campers.

However, if you’re looking for a good quality wool camping blanket then this is one of the best you’ll find.

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6. Mambe Extreme Weather Camping Blanket

Mambe Extreme Weather blanket
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With over eight color combos to choose from, the Mambe Blanket Company outdid themselves with this nylon-backed fleece camping blanket. Whether you get it either small or large sizes, you’re guaranteed to enjoy its effective insulation and practical design.

The blanket will help you retain your body heat and stay warm in cold climes including outdoor picnics, camping trips, music concerts, and stadiums among others.

Weatherproof and Insulative

At a sizable 84 inches long and 58 inches wide, the Extreme Weather blanket will comfortably drape over your body without sliding off. Also, the reflective nylon lining greatly helps prevent loss of radiant body heat.

The star of the show, the Polartec Classic 300GSM Fleece, is an industry-standard insulation fabric for outdoor wear. The fleece is breathable, super comfy, durable, and offers warmth without much of the weight.

Consequently, the blanket is windproof and weatherproof to some degree and will protect in most weather conditions.

Versatility over Portability

The blankets can be used for all manner of purposes including as a picnic blanket, a lap blanket, or even an emergency blanket. The Large can be shared between two people while the Small size is perfect as a wrap-around blankie for kids or just a lap blanket.

When it gets dirty, you can wash this quick-drying blanket in your home washing machine to bring it back to its tiptop shape.

Transporting the Mambe Extreme Weather blanket is also a breeze as there is an included drawstring stuff sack to pack it down into. Plus, it can be folded down into a bundle of 15 inches in length by 7 inches in diameter for the small one or 15 inches in length by 9 inches in diameter for the large blanket.

Sure, the packed sizes may be a little too heavy and bulky to deal with for some people. However, the sack does have a daisy chain and attachment points to hang it to your pack or add shoulder straps for easier movability.

Bottom Line

At such a dear price, you’d expect the Mambe Extreme Weather camping blanket to have it all. Yet, most campers may pass on it for its heft and large packed size while others will frown at the lack of shoulder slings on its stuff sack.

Anyway, in terms of performance and keeping you warm, the blanket will do just fine!

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7. YETI Lowlands Blanket

Yeti Lowlands blanket
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Always with the tear-jerking prices, YETI’s entrant in this gear category is the Lowlands Blanket. It is a high-quality synthetic-filled camping blanket that promises to blow the competition out of the water.

The blanket seamlessly marries the soft, cushiony bottom side with the rugged, waterproof, and padded outer side for the best possible performance. The Lowlands Blanket is available in one size that measures about 78 inches in length and 55 inches in width.

You may also pick between its three beautiful color styles, which go by names such as River Green, Fireside Red, and Smoke Blue.

Multi-Use Blanket

YETI is large enough for two to snuggle in and most importantly, you can have it under or over you without losing much of its functionality. Whether as a beach blanket, picnic mat, groundsheet, sleeping blanket, or lap blanket, the YETI Lowlands Blanket is capable of it all.

Heck, you can even use it as a couch or car seat cover for your pets.

The materials used on the blanket repel dirt, pet hair, and even burrs; just a vigorous shake or a hose down and it will be back to its original form. Water will just bead up and roll off the blanket thanks to its waterproof Hydrobarrier layer.

The icing on the cake is that it is also machine-wash and dryer safe so whether you opt for your home washing machine or the laundromat, the blanket will be clean safely.

Practical and Stylish Extra Features

Did we mention there are also corner loops on this blanket? They are located in the corners and sides of the blanket to help stake it down and secure it in place. That way, it won’t bunch up if there’s a lot of play happening on it.

The YETI Lowlands Blanket also has the best-looking carry bag we’ve seen in a camping blanket so far. The zippered carrying bag resembles a small gym bag and has handles on the side to allow for easy towing.

Its boxy design makes it easy to pack down the blanket and will fit perfectly in the car trunk.

Bottom Line

Other than the premium-pricing on the blanket, YETI products rarely disappoint. You’ll get your money’s worth and some more, and the minor complaints can easily be overlooked for the performance you will be getting with the Lowlands Blanket.

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8. Rumpl Puffy Down Blanket

Rumpl puffy the original camp blanket
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A huge improvement over Rumpl’s Original Puffy blanket is this Puffy Down blanket. It comes with down insulation and a compression stuff sack instead of the former’s synthetic insulation and regular carry bag.

It can be bought in throw, one-person or two-person sizes with the last two being more accommodative for people taller than six feet.

Cozy Down Blanket

The blanket is made of RDS-certified duck down with a fill power of 600 and an 80% down to 20% feather ratio. The RDS (Responsible Down Standard) certification means that feather and down were sourced responsibly and sustainably.

As we’ve discussed in the buying guide below, down is the best possible solution you can get in any outdoor gear. The Rumpl Puffy Down blanket will keep you comfortable and warm down to 40 degrees Fahrenheit.

Insulation has also been improved by the square wave baffle patterns throughout the blanket as they prevent any clumping scenarios.

Its shell is made of 20-denier ripstop nylon, which is capable of withstanding considerable abuse despite its thinness. The shell fabric has been further DWR-treated to repel moisture. That said, comfort may be slightly compromised by the slippery nylon material as it makes the blanket slide off too easily.

The nylon is also more susceptible to tearing when going through areas with low-hanging branches and shrubs. You’ll also want to use it cautiously around a campfire as stray embers go right through the exterior shell.

The 1-person blanket has a cape clip that allows you to configure it into a hands-free poncho without losing on the warmth and coziness factor. This comes in handy when you want to grab a bite or drink, or when lounging around a campfire.

Corner loops are also present on the blanket to help you stake it down in the ground securely.

Even with all the materials, cleaning the Rumpl Puffy Down blanket quick and easy as it’s machine-washable and dryer safe. Moreover, it also does a great job of expelling sand, dirt, pet hair, and other debris.

Super Lightweight and Portable

The Puffy Down is one of the lightest, high-quality camping blankets in the market today. Across its available sizes, it weighs only 1 pound, 1.2 pounds, and 2.1 pounds. Combine this feathery weight with the included stuff sack and you’re left with the most lightweight and portable blanket yet.

Furthermore, the roll-top compression bag helps pack down the 1-person blanket into a small compact size of about 7 inches in length and 7 inches in diameter.

Bottom Line

Aside from the drawbacks of its nylon shell and liner fabric, the Puffy Down Blanket follows the footsteps of its preeminent predecessor and greatly outshines most camping blankets in the market today. If weight and storage space are your major concerns then this is the perfect match you’ve been waiting for.

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9. NEMO Puffin Insulated Blanket

Nemo Puffin camping blanket
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A large, warm, and comfy camping blanket that matches up to its relatively high pricing is exactly what you should expect with the Puffin blanket. It is available in one- and two-person sizes and comes with numerous color styles to select from.

Although it might be slightly bulky for backpackers, NEMO’s Puffin blanket has plenty of features to effectively protect you from the elements and keep you warm.

Innovatively Designed

The Puffin blanket’s sides are outwardly curved to ensure plenty of coverage when wrapped around your body. It is also made of high-quality 40-denier ripstop nylon shell fabric that has been further DWR-treated to repel water.

The insulation filling is made of the company’s proprietary Stratofiber material, which does a great job of trapping heat and keeping you warm. With such high-quality craftsmanship and materials, you can use the Puffin blanket as a warm-weather sleeping option, picnic blanket, or a lap blanket.

Even though the nylon underside is a bit slick, it will mostly feel soft and comfortable against your skin. Additionally, either of the two sizes is thick and puffy, which makes them very comfortable but also slightly bulkier and heavier than desired.

It also has a Foot Nook system, which is a practical buttoned-up pocket to tuck your feet for a cozy night’s sleep. If you want to enjoy the blankets less-constrictive open design, the Foot Nook can be easily unbuttoned.

You may also fold the blanket into itself to form a sizable pillow for supporting your head and neck. The buttons come in handy here as they can be used to secure the bundled-up blanket into the pillow shape. The stuffed sack will also work as a pillow.

Feature-Rich Rugged Blanket

Yes, there’s an included drawstring stuff sack to haul this 2.38-pound blanket. Despite its large packed-down size of about 14 inches in length and 8 inches in diameter, the sack makes it super easy to store and transport.

The ultra-soft nylon fabric will remain quiet even with lots of body movement and it also makes the blanket easy to clean.

The foot box, three buttons, pillow configuration, high-loft synthetic insulation, and the attractive Lifetime Warranty makes this a sure buy for indoor and outdoor use.

Bottom Line

If you’re looking for a warm, comfortable camping blanket and don’t mind a slick lining then the NEMO’s Puffin blanket is a perfect choice. It has a well-thought and distinctive design that greatly improves on the blanket’s performance without adding too much weight or sophistication.

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10. Snugpak Jungle Blanket

Snugpak Jungle blanket
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Dismissing the Snugpak Jungle Blanket on account of its cheap pricing and bland design would have you forgoing one of the most sought-after camping blankets in the market. Sure, its two sizes and two varying color choices may not inspire much confidence but we can assure you that there’s more than meets the eye.

It offers some of the best warmth to weight ratios and is made of high-quality materials. The Jungle blanket will have you feeling at home whether you’re camping in the backcountry or partying hard at a music concert.

High-Quality Materials, Peak Performance

Made of Travelsoft polyester insulation that’s been sandwiched between a MicroDiamond polyester top and a Paratex polyester lining, Snugpak Jungle blanket lives up to most of its hype.

Its exterior feels super soft against the skin and less slippery than other options. Although it has less loft as compared to other camping blankets, its large size make up for it in terms of coverage and comfort.

The Travelsoft 100% polyester microfibers offer good insulation and will ensure that you stay in chilly or windy situations. However, the DWR-lacking MicroDiamond fabric may not adequately repel water; it may be just enough to address the accidental coffee/water spill or light showers.

When it comes to reducing odors and required washes, the antimicrobial and antibacterial Paratex treatment on the blanket is at best a hit-or-miss.

That said, the Snugpak Jungle Blanket has a straightforward design devoid of any gimmicks or extra features. The approach can even be seen in the choice of colors, black and olive, which easily blend with the environment it’s meant to be used in.

Very Lightweight and Portable

The standard version measures about 76 inches in length and 64 inches in width while the extra-large blanket has a coverage of approximately 88 inches long by 72 inches wide. With such massive sizes, you can use the regular version as a one-person blankie and the XL as a two-person blanket.

What’s more impressive is that either of the two blankets weighs less than two pounds and both come with a compression sack. Their packed sizes are also very small and compact so you can store and transport them with ease.

Bottom Line

You get what you pay for, the Snugpak Jungle Blanket packs as much functionality as possible and scores highly in some areas. If you’re looking for an affordable entry-level camping blanket to keep you warm indoors and outdoors then this blankie has got your back.

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11. Lightspeed Outdoors Sundown Camp Quilt

Lightspeed Outdoors Sundown blanket
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Whether for indoor, outdoor, or on-the-go use, the Sundown Camp blanket performs almost as high as your sleeping bag and homey quilt. Its polyester filling will afford you nearly down-like insulation but with more tolerance to washes.

The Sundown Camp blanket is perhaps one of the few camping blankets to integrate a storage pocket for storing the stuff sack when it’s not in use. With such customer-centric design approaches, we were just as intrigued as you might be to test it out.

Insulative and Cozy

Only available in teal, the Sundown Camp Quilt has most of the features you’d find in a quality camping blanket but without the hefty price tag. Its 20-denier ripstop nylon shell feels soft against the skin and is capable of repelling water and dirt.

The blanket also comes with corner pockets, which you can use as hand warmers and holds to better wrap it around you. The extra two corner pockets come in handy when wrapping the blanket between two people.

While the Sundown Camp Quilt may be modestly-sized at 77 inches long and 55 inches wide, it can still be shared between two people. Feel free to snuggle up around the campfire, on the couch, or even use it in your hammock.


Aside from dark teal and green-yellow accented piping, this camping blanket has yet some more tricks up its sleeves. A handy drawstring stuff sack has been included to help pack down and carry the resulting blanket bundle that measures about 13 inches in length and 8 inches in diameter.

With a weight of slightly less than two pounds, the blanket is lightweight enough for easy hauling. When the sack isn’t in use, there’s a small pocket at the top corner of the blanket to stash it away in.

The wind and water-resistant outer fabric coupled with the lofty synthetic insulation works together seamlessly to keep you warm even on breezy sunsets. The blanket can also be tossed in the machine-wash, no problem.

However, be wary that it does not have a cross-stitching through the mid-section thus may easily slide off or clump up with time.

Bottom Line

Lightspeed Outdoors has addressed all areas that make up a good quality camping blanket with the Sundown Camp Quilt while keeping it at a reasonable price point. It’s lightweight, warm, and cozy for any outdoor or indoor snuggling pastime activities.

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12. Leisure Co Adventure Camping Blanket

Leisure Co Ultra Adventure blanket
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Last but not least, we have this stylish Adventure Camping Blanket from the Northern California-based Leisure Co. The blanket is lightweight, durable, multipurpose, warm – and so much more. It’s a premium blanket that’s dirt cheap but has been hugely overshadowed by the big-name brands.

The only reason it doesn’t rank higher on our list is its small sizing, which measures a mere 74 inches in length and 48 inches in width.

High-quality Craftsmanship at a Bargain

Right of the bat, its two varying color styles of navy/red or teal/greige look beautiful and well-matched.

It is made of a 75-denier woven polyester outer shell and a 190T woven polyester lining. Sandwiched between the two is the 100% polyester hollow fiber insulation.

Its feathery weight of about 1.4 pounds plus the included drawstring compression sack will have you taking it with you further into the great outdoors. The blanket is lightweight and portable for hiking, festivals, picnics, beach days, and general travel.

The resulting packed size measures about 13.5 inches in length and 6 inches in diameter.

Furthermore, if you don’t want to carry the sack by hand, there’s a handy bottom strap on the sack that easily attaches to your pack’s carabiners. The strap also makes it super easy to remove the blanket from the carry bag.

The stuff sack will also keep your blanket dry owing to its water-resistance quality.

The manufacturer has also added two buttons that can be clipped together to transform the blanket into a poncho. This leaves your hands free to grab a drink, lend a hand, - all while staying nice and toasty in the blanket.

Superb Warm Weather Insulation

The choice for polyester as the main source of insulation helps prolong the life of the blanket and allows for machine-washability. As you know, polyester fibers utilize their loft to effectively trap body heat and keep you warm in most climes.

Whether you sleep/sit on it or wrap your body with it, the blanket will feel cozy and warm even when wet.

The blanket also features some square patterns stitched across its surface. This helps a great deal in improving the blanket’s loft and insulation as the polyester filling won’t clump up in the middle or at the edges.

The exterior fabric of the blanket feels soft and smooth against the skin and effectively repels dirt and pet hair. However, it may not be an effective sleeping blanket for chilly climes and its size may not be suitable for tall people.

It may be a good add-on to your sleeping bag when the nights are too cold.

Bottom Line

The Adventure Camping Blanket from Leisure Co is a good-quality, versatile camping blanket that doesn’t cut too many corners to keep its price down. You’ll have to try it to believe and after all its price isn’t prohibitive.

While its manufacturer may be relatively new to the industry, you can tell that the team over there is well in touch with what we outdoor lovers need.

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Comparison Table For the Top Camping Blankets

Blanket Filling/Insulation Outer Shell Material Liner Material Weight Size Packed Size
Kelty Bestie Blanket Synthetic - Cloudloft 75D Polyester Taffeta 190T Polyester Pongee 1.5 lbs. 75.5" × 42.5" 11.8" × 6.7"
Klymit Versa Camping Blanket Synthetic - Klymalite 0.7D Filling 20D Polyester Original - 20D Polyester
Luxe - High-loft Fleece
Original - 1.3lbs.
Luxe - 3.2 lbs.
80.0" × 58.0" Original - 10.0” × 6.0”
Luxe - 16.0" × 8.0"
ALPS Mountaineering Wavelength Blanket Synthetic - TechLoft Silver 20D 380T Nylon 20D 380T Nylon 2.25 lbs. 80.0" × 54.0" 16.0” × 9.25”
Sorison Puffy Camping Blanket Synthetic - AtomicLoft 20D Ripstop Nylon 20D Ripstop Nylon 2.8 lbs. 80.0" × 54.0" 18.0" × 7.75" × 7.75"
Pendleton Yakima Camp Blanket Wool - Cotton 86% Wool, 14% Cotton Blend 86% Wool, 14% Cotton Blend Twin - 4.8 lbs.
Queen - 6.14 lbs.
Twin - 84.0" × 66.0"
Queen - 90.0" × 90.0"
Twin - 18" x 15" x 5"
Queen - 18" x 16" x 6"
Mambe Extreme Weather Outdoor Blanket Synthetic - Polartec Classic 300 Fleece Nylon Polartec Classic 300 Fleece Small - 3 lbs.
Large - 4 lbs.
Small - 58.0" × 48.0"
Large - 84.0" × 58.0"
Small - 15.0" × 7.0"
Large - 15.0" × 9.0"
YETI Lowlands Blanket Synthetic - Doubleduty Comfort 65% Polyester, 35% Rayon 65% Polyester, 35% Rayon 5.8 lbs. 78.0" × 55.0" 21.0" × 10.25" × 6.75"
Rumpl Puffy Down Blanket, 1-Person 600 Fill Duck Down 20D Ripstop Nylon w/ DWR 20D Ripstop Nylon w/ DWR 1.2 lbs. 80.0" × 54.0" 7.0" × 7.0"
NEMO Puffin Insulated Blanket Synthetic - Stratofiber Insulation 40D Ripstop Nylon w/ DWR 40D Ripstop Nylon 2.38 lbs. 85.0" × 57.0" 14.0" × 8.0"
Snugpak Jungle Blanket Synthetic - Travelsoft Polyester Micro Diamond Polyester Paratex Polyester Regular - 1.54 lbs.
XL - 1.98 lbs.
Regular - 76.0" × 64.0"
XL - 88.0" × 72.0"
Regular - 6.0" × 6.0"
XL - 10.0" × 6.0"
Lightspeed Outdoors Sundown Camp Blanket Synthetic 20D Ripstop Nylon 20D Ripstop Nylon 2.0 lbs. 77.0" × 55.0" 13.0" × 8.0"
Leisure Co Adventure Camping Blanket Synthetic - Polyester Hollow Fiber 75D Polyester 190T Polyester 1.4 lbs. 74.0" × 48.0" 13.5"× 6.0"

How to Choose the Right Camping Blanket

What makes a good-quality camping blanket? What do you need to consider when shopping for a camping blanket?

Whether you’re getting a camping blanket for the first or umpteenth time, you should always factor in the following key elements.

Type of Filling: Down, Wool or Synthetic Fill?

woman wrapped up in a down camping blanket

The overall performance of a camping blanket mostly depends on the materials used. The main areas you should be extra keen on includes the type of filling and exterior fabric used. It’s also advisable to inspect the style of stitching used on the unit.

The filling of any camping blanket or sleeping bag is usually the main source of insulation. It also directly affects the product’s weight, water resistance, packability, and ultimately its price. Camping blankets come with either of three main types namely; wool, down, or synthetic fillings.

Wool Filling

We’ll start with the wool filling type, which has been a favorite choice among outdoor lovers for eons. Wool camping blankets usually have wool/cotton blend for loft and comfort reasons. Thicker wool fibers would make the blanket too scratchy thus cotton is incorporated for a softer feel.

However, at a higher price, you may opt for the soft Merino wool camping blankets.

Wool camping blankets maintain warmth even when damp due to the fuzziness of wool fibers and the absorbent nature of wool. The wool fibers will soak up some of the water and shed water droplets just as easily.

These properties are perhaps the main reasons why the wool filling is heavier and bulkier than other alternatives. So, if weight is no concern for you then go for the good insulation and weighted blankets’ appeal in wool camping blankets.

Taking care of your wool camping blanket can also be an ordeal. While most will require only dry cleaning, others would rather be washed infrequently. Else, you risk the blanket shedding some of the wool fibers or the colored dye during the cleaning process.

While cotton may be breathable and comfortable as a blanket filling, it usually gets clumpy and heavy when wet. Plus, it takes longer than most materials to completely dry off. So, try to avoid blankies with 100% cotton and instead go for those blended with other materials.

Down Filling

In plushier camping blankets, down filling is king. The down usually comes from ducks or geese plumage and may be blended with feathers for extra loft and insulation. You can expect a standard mix ratio of 80-90% down to 10-20% feathers in your favorite down camping blanket.

Down camping blankets tend to be very light and highly compressible as compared to synthetic and wool equivalents. This makes them ideal for backpacking, hiking, and general travel. The filling is also very breathable and efficient at trapping heat.

While camping blankets with goose down might be a little more expensive than those with duck down, all down filling offers top-of-the-line insulation and breathability. That said, geese down have a higher fill-power when compared to duck down.

A higher fill-power is desirable as it means more loft but with less down to occupy the space. This results in a lighter filling and thus a lightweight camping blanket. Down filling offers the highest warmth-to-weight ratio than any other types of fillings.

The biggest drawback about down filling is that it loses most of its insulation when wet. The down loses loft and clumps up when in contact with the slightest of moisture. Not to worry as some high-end down blankets have water-resistant treatments, which are effective enough to protect the down from the moisture effects.

A water-resistant exterior should also be able to counter the moisture problem. Cleaning down camping blankets often requires special care and, in some cases, may cause allergies to some people.

Synthetic Filling

You may also find camping blankets with synthetic filling such as polyester, nylon, acrylic, mylar, or polar fleece among others. Polar fleece, which is made of polyester fibers, is perhaps the closest you’ll get to a filling that best mimics wool.

Fleece traps air between its loosely-packed fibers while still being able to wick away moisture. It’s also very easy to clean, quick to dry out, and very lightweight. Fleece camping blankets are the ideal alternatives for people allergic to wool.

Beyond its hydrophobic qualities, however, fleece is very flammable and might be a turn-off for environmentally-conscious buyers as its microplastics get left behind during washing. You’ll also want to keep off high-temperature washing or tumble-drying your fleece blankets to avoid damaging the filling.

Mylar is mostly used to make emergency blankets and space blankets thus may not be fit for camping. They redirect heat back to your body while still keeping any condensation away from you. Mylar blankets should only be used in survival situations and emergencies.

With that in mind, other blankets with synthetic fillings will mostly apply the same principles to maintain warmth in varying weather conditions. Synthetic fibers may be wrapped in specific patterns or come in long strands to provide loft, which in turn provides excellent insulation.

Additionally, synthetic fillings tend to be long-lasting and will maintain loft for longer, unlike wool and down options. Unfortunately, this also means that they’re not easily compressed and they are heavier and thicker than down.

In a nutshell, if you don’t mind the extra weight and bulkiness then synthetic-filled blankets are your best bet for a durable, fairly-insulative, and affordable coverage.

Blanket Shells

The exterior fabric or lining covering up your down, wool, or synthetic filling is usually the Achilles’ heel of the entire insulation system. Before we get into what materials you should expect in your camping blanket of choice, let’s talk stitching.

Firstly, you want the blanket to have tearproof and durable stitching on the exterior fabric. Thus, you should always go for blankies with Ripstop and Oxford stitching styles. Secondly, the inner or middle stitching should be present as it adds to the blanket’s beauty and prevents most of the clumping issues common with most types of filing.

Nylon and polyester fabrics are commonly used on the exterior. Good quality camping blankets will usually have a durable water repellent (DWR) coating on the exterior to prevent stains, spills, and water.

To prolong the life of your camping blanket, always follow the included care instructions on how to wash and reapply the DWR coating, where applicable.


Unfortunately, some of the chemicals, additives, or fabrics used in making the camping blankets may cause allergy symptoms. It could be anything from the formaldehyde finishing resins, tanning agents, glues, to dyes used in processing the given fabrics.

The formaldehyde resins are usually the biggest culprits as they are mostly used to make fabrics resistant to shrinkage/wrinkling and waterproof. Common allergy symptoms include skin rashes, itchiness, scaling, and skin redness.

So, if you ever experienced the same after coming to contact with certain fabrics then the more thorough your research should be on your ideal camping blanket. However, airing out the blanket or washing it beforehand may lessen or eliminate the effects.

Packed Size and Weight

camping blanket: packed size and weight

The ideal camping blanket should be reasonably-sized to best protect you from the cold. So, you should always take into account your height and body shape when shopping for your next camping blanket.

If you’re looking for a two-person blanket, pay attention to the dimensions to ensure that it’ll give you enough coverage. However, always keep in mind that a larger blanket may compromise portability and ease of storage.

Speaking of which, you’ll always want to go for a compressible blanket when looking for a highly portable unit. A compact rolled bundle of the blanket will be easy to stuff into the carry bag and easy to store in the pack.

As earlier mentioned, compressibility usually depends on the material of choice but may also be influenced by the type of stitching or styling used.

That said, you don’t want the blanket to remain compressed for long as it may lose its loft and puffiness. Instead, store it after your camping trip by folding it lightly or hanging it, and compress it only while moving it to extend its life.

Lastly, the weight of a blanket will depend on its material, size, and density. Sure, there are ultralight camping blankets out there but this may be at the expense of effective insulation. This is particularly so if you want to use the blanket beyond the summer season.

Extra Features

friends wrapped up in camping blankets

A good camping blanket should have proper waterproofing to best repel moisture and keep you nice and warm at all times. Plus, some weatherproofing features such as wind- and sand-resistance are more than welcome in the right camping blanket.

Temperature ratings may be present on some of the camping blankets but it’s only best if you used them as a guide rather than a complete truth.

Some camping blankets include nifty add-ons and special features such as buttons, snaps, weighted corners, storage pockets, pre-stitched fold lines, and even ground peg rings. The buttons or snaps allow you to conveniently transform your blanket into a poncho for campfires and tailgates.

When using the blanket as a ground cover for picnics or just sitting, included hooks and loops help secure the blanket in place. The pockets may be zippered for storing small items or meant for pocketing your hands.

As expected, most blankets will come with an included stuff sack with carrying straps or a shoulder sling to help store and carry it with ease. The sacks come in all styles including: roll-top, pouches, compression sacks, and so on.

You’d also want the right camping blanket to be machine-washable or at the very least be easy to clean for more convenience. Else, it would be quite tiring having to handwash your camping blanket after every camping trip.

Drying off the camping blanket may also be a little easier if the unit has hooks and loops.

Why Go for Camping Blankets Instead of Sleeping Bags?

As most avid campers can attest to, cutting down on your pack’s weight is an absolute necessity if not a source of joy. Sleeping bags are known to hog considerable space in the backpack and may not be as lightweight as desired.

sleeping bag vs camping blankets

Camping blankets are a timely innovation meant to counter most of the inefficacies of your typical sleeping bag.

Blankets Are Lighter Than Sleeping Bags

The blankets shave off considerable weight owing to their minimalist design without compromising on the warmth factor. The hood, zippers, and back, as found in sleeping bags, are notably not present in camping blankets.

The result you get is a lightweight, insulative piece to shield yourself from the cold.

When you use a sleeping bag, you compress most of the back insulation and thus affecting the bag’s overall performance. However, with a suitable camping blanket, you get considerable warmth and comfort at a fraction of the weight.

Fewer Restrictions, More Versatility

camping blankets have less restrictions

Sleeping bags have a sole purpose whereas camping blankets can be adapted for any indoor or outdoor activity. Sure, the bags perform exemplary well in keeping you warm and cozy but the bear-burrito form factor can be quite restrictive.

You can easily trip while getting out of the snugly-fitted sleeping bag and the zippers sometimes just get in the way. Plus, if you need a ground cover, picnic blanket, or pillow then a camping blanket is your blank canvas.

Camping blankets can be used in most climes as they don’t get too hot during summer or too cold in winter. Also, since most campers are three-season campers anyway, a camping blanket is the best option to use throughout all seasons without adding too much weight to your load.

That said, their open design allows them to be used in hammocks, car camping, backpacking, and even indoors. Need a throw blanket to wrap around you while enjoying your favorite flick? Then a camping blanket will suffice, and campfires will never be the same again.

Further, camping blankets may also be used as privacy or wind screens by hanging them across a rope, a branch, or where needed.

Furthermore, all sleeping positions are well accommodated when you use a camping blanket rather than a sleeping bag. You’re no longer confined in a small space thus you can feel free to sprawl all over your sleeping pad or tent floor.

Camping blankets are your best bet when looking for a freeing source of insulation and warmth during camping. Whether you toss and turn constantly during sleep or need to have one leg out when you sleep, camping blankets are all that you need.

Lastly, camping blankets can be used by two or more persons with relative comfort while sleeping bags are mostly made as one-person units.

Convenient Portability

camping blankets are more portable

Camping blankets compress into compact bundles that are easy to carry and stuff into your pack. The compressed form factor can also double up as cushioning for your backpack. Plus, most camping blankets will come with compression packs for easier storage and portability.

The blankets are made of similar materials found in sleeping bags thus you won’t lose out on much in those regards.

Newbie campers will especially appreciate the natural transition from home duvets/comforters to equally-structured camping blankets. Getting in and out of “bed” is also a breeze as you don’t have to deal with zippers snagging and so on.

The closed-off design in sleeping bags makes them hard to clean and dry unlike camping blankets, which you can easily drape over trees to dry out quickly.


Whether you partake on the occasional backcountry hike or just the light backyard tent camping, a camping blanket can mean all the difference in terms of comfort and staying warm. We hope the information we’ve provided above will make it a little easier to single out the most suitable camping blanket for you.



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