The Best Camping Beds, In a Nutshell

Best Camping Beds - Unbiased Review of the Top Rated Camping Cots You Should Consider In 2017

While a sleeping pad and a sleeping bag may suffice for outdoor nights inside a tent, there are some campers who wish for a home-like comfort in the wild. Such are the campers who need the best camping beds to carry along. The tricky part comes when choosing from a multitude of the available options with each brand claiming to be having the best camping cot. So, which is the best camping bed for you? What exactly should you look at before investing your hard-earned money in a camping bed? We give our unbiased review of the top ten best camping cots and give the factors that make them the most recommended brands for camping.

Forfar Folding Camping Bed

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The Forfar camping bed has for years been one of the campers’ favourite and its features speak for themselves. It is no doubt among the best camping beds on the market. The camping bed is designed from unique, high-class aluminium alloy. Not only that but also a PVC coated oxford cloth with a baking varnish colour. The material design is high quality and therefore strong and durable. The bed is also comfortable to lie on, and this is largely due to its design.

This camping bed has dimensions of 75” length, by 25.6” width and 15” height. Thanks to these dimensions, the camping bed is stable and can support a weight of up to 260 pounds.

The bed comes as an integrated structure and therefore no assembly is required. This allows for instant set up or folding. This feature, in addition, allows one to use the bag in various outdoor situations.

A portable bag that is part of the Forfar camping bed package allows its users to carry the bed with ease.

  • Strong and durable.
  • Easy to carry.
  • Stable and comfortable to lie on.
  • It is light.
  • Provides good ventilation.
  • Cons
  • Cannot be used in places where the ground is unstable.
  • The vents may not be useful in extreme cold
  • Bottom Line

    It is no doubt that the Forfar camping bed is among the best that you can find. Its military-style design provides comfort and stability. Its folding design that makes its setup easy is a big win. For easy portability, this portable camping bed is made of lightweight material which will not be much of a burden. Simply put, the Forfar outdoor bed deserves a huge consideration if you are planning for a comfortable camping trip.

    Coleman Airbed Cot – Twin

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    With the Coleman airbed cot, you rest assured of an indoor bed experience in the wild. It is another outdoor lovers’ favourite and it is no doubt why. The bed has an air tight system that is manufacture-tested and proven to be free from leakage. The double lock valve is dual-sealed and this also contributes to the leak-free properties of the bed.

    The bed has a comfortable and strong coil system. The system provides better support and ensures that the user enjoys all-night comfort.

    As part of the bed’s packaging is a 4D battery pump which easily inflates and deflates the airbed. It can be used for either outdoor or indoor purposes.

    The bed boasts of a side table with cup holder, sewn-in covers which keep the airbed in place and a strong folding frame designed from steel.

    The bed’s height is 23.5 inches and thus getting in and out of bed is nearly effortless. The bed is long enough for a 6 ft. tall person and it can support a weight of up to 300 pounds. The bed’s dimensions are 74” length, by 40” width, and 23.5” height.

    A carry bag is included as part of the bed’s packaging making it easier for one to carry the bag around.

  • Comfortable.
  • Strong and durable.
  • Leakage-free.
  • Can support a heavy weight of up to 300 pounds.
  • Easy to set up.
  • Cons
  • The bed is heavy.
  • Inflation and deflation of the bed may be a tedious process.
  • Bottom Line

    The Coleman airbed is definitely up there with the rest. It is a good option for an airbed and it should definitely be considered as an option. The bed may be slightly heavy, but the beneficial features of the bed outweigh the shortcomings.

    Magshion Portable Military Fold Up Camping Bed Cot

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    The Magshion Camping Bed Cot takes the sleeping outdoors experience to another level. Not only can it be used outdoors, but also serves as a perfect indoor emergency cot in instances when one has guests at their home.

    The bed has a size of 72" length, by 24.5" width, and 13.5" height. The bed can fit a 6 ft. tall person comfortably. The bed has the ability to fold up and it boasts of a folded size of 36" length, by 24.5" width, and 4.5" height.

    The bed can support a weight of up to 300 pounds and it is, therefore, suited for anyone both adults and kids alike. It is also portable and the cot’s fold-up design is quick and easy. A carry bag is included as part of the bed’s packaging.

    Steel and oxford cloth are materials used as part of the beds design. These designs make the bed strong and durable. The bed weighs an average of 8 pounds. It is, therefore, easy to carry.

  • Comfortable.
  • Designed to fit tall people.
  • Strong and durable design.
  • Easy to set up and fold up.
  • Cons
  • Parts of the frame are susceptible to rust.
  • It is slightly heavier than other camping beds.
  • Bottom Line

    It has been reported that some of the Magshion Portable Military Fold up Camping Beds come with spots of rust, and this has been attributed to the steel design of the frame. I've never had such an experience myself but you should take note of it. Apart from that, the bed is one of those to be given a second thought when shopping for camping beds.

    Coleman Comfortsmart Deluxe Cot (My Favorite)

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    Another product from Coleman that has raised eyebrows among outdoor lovers. The Comfortsmart Deluxe, as the name suggests, is a touch of class and comfort. The bed has a coil suspension that offers a real bed experience. The bed also has a covered foam mattress pad which provides additional comfort.

    A strong folding steel frame is part of the bed’s design and this confers strength and durability to the bed.

    The bed has dimensions of 80” length, by 30” width, and 15” height. Thanks to the long length, the bed can comfortably accommodate a person who is 6 ft. tall. It can also has a weight bearing capacity of up to 300 pounds.

  • It is comfortable.
  • Strong, durable and stable.
  • Tall people can fit in the bed comfortably.
  • Good weight bearing capacity of up to 300 pounds.
  • Easy to set up.
  • Cons
  • It is somehow heavy for portability.
  • Steel frames are prone to rusting.
  • Bottom Line

    The Coleman Comfortsmart Deluxe bed is definitely an option to think about. It is above all a comfortable bed owing to its spring coil suspension. This has definitely raised a lot of eyebrows in the outdoor lovers community and therefore the increased preference for the bed. If you are looking for a comfortable bed that gives you an almost home-like experience, we highly recommend that you check out this product out.

    Disc-O-Bed Cam-O-Bunk Cot

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    The Disc-O-Bed Cam-O-Bunk cot is not just a bunk bed. It is a versatile bed that can be used as a bench or two single cots appropriate for two people depending on need. This is one of the factors that has made the bed a shoppers’ favourite. Not many beds can boast of this feature, and for that reason, the Disc-O-Bed Cam-O-Bunk cot is a cut above the rest.

    The top cot sits 21” while the bottom cot sits at 11” off the ground when bunked allowing it to fit in large family camping tents. The bunking ability of the cot maximizes on floor space. The bunk design is compatible to a broad range of tents and dome structures used for outdoor activities.

    The bed boasts of a 600-denier polyester sleeping surface. This ensures that the bed stays firm and supportive of the whole body from head to toe ensuring the user gets maximum comfort.

    The bed has powder-coated frames made from steel which are rust-resistant. Each of them can support a weight of up to 500 pounds. In addition, side pockets hang from each cot giving the user plenty of space for storing personal belongings.

    The rounded legs design on the bottom cot prevent it from sinking into the ground and causing damage to the tent’s floor.

    The bed assembles and disassembles easily without the use of tools. Each disassembled cot fits compactly in its own carry bag allowing for easy portability and transport.

    The 28” wide sleeping deck materials can be removed for cleaning. The materials dry quickly and offer proper ventilation.

    On the downside though, it is worth mentioning that in a smuch as the bed is built of steel and hence very sturdy and durable, this very choice of construction material adds too much weight to the Disc-O-Bed Cam-O-Bunk Cot. The bed comes as two units in a separate carry bag to allow for ease of portability. Even then, it is still heavy.

    Another notable mishap is the strong smell of the vinyl canvas it comes with. If you are asthmatic, this will be a no-go zonfor you!

  • Can fit two people.
  • Bunkable and therefore ability to maximize floor space.
  • Rust-resistant, powder-coated, and ultra-strong frame.
  • Side organizers for keeping personal items.
  • Properly ventilated and removable material.
  • Comfortable.
  • Cons
  • The steel frame makes the bed a bit heavy.
  • The vinyl canvas has a somehow unpleasant smell which might be irritating to some people.
  • Bottom Line

    The Disc-O-Bed Cam-O-Bunk cot is a great option for those opting to go for camping with their families or in large numbers. It may be heavier but it helps maximize on tent space. It is strong and durable. The bed is no doubt a hit and it should definitely feature as part of a camper’s best camping gear.

    KingCamp Folding Camping Bed Cot

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    The KingCamp Folding Camping Bed Cot is a comfortable sleeping bed with angled top flanges that can act as pillows. This unique design is one of the things that makes this bed one of the most sought after beds in the camping world.

    The bed is designed with a high strength steel tubes bracket and a triangle structure. In addition, it boasts of a breathable 600D double oxford fabric that gives the bed good ventilation. The bed weighs 15.9 pounds and has the ability to support up to 220 pounds.

    A person with a height of 6’2” can fit comfortably on the bed thanks to its unfolded dimensions of 74.8” length, by 26.8” width, and 18.9” height.

    The compact design of the bed allows one to quickly and easily set it up and fold it down (Folded Dimensions: 41.3” length, by 9.1” width, and 6.7” height). The bed folds up to fit inside most car trunks. A storage bag is included as part of the beds package for easy transport and storage.

    The KingCamp Strong Stable Folding Camping Bed Cot is incredibly lightweight and portable. The camping cot is perfect for both adults and children, campers, explorers or unexpected house guests. The bed is widely used not only as a camping bed, patio and pool furniture, but also in beauty salons and reflexology parlours, just to mention a few.

    To be honest with you, I didn't find a mishap about the KingCamp Folding bed worth writing about. Except for the fact that it lacks organizer for storage of personal items, everything else is a plus.

  • Very lightweight and easy to carry.
  • It has a slightly elevated head side and you won't need the burden that is a pillow to your backpack.
  • Strong, stable and durable.
  • It is easy to set it up and also fold it after use.
  • It is easy to clean by a simple wiping.
  • Cons
  • Lacks an organizer where one can store personal belongings.
  • Bottom Line

    The bed’s design is without fault. It is the perfect camping bed designed to suit all needs of outdoor lovers. It packs small, it is comfortable, it has a good design, and above all it is easy to carry and can be used for multiple purposes. The slight elevation at the head side is perfect for allowing one to sleep without a pillow. Campers couldn’t ask for better.

    Kamp-Rite Oversize Kwik Cot

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    As the name suggests, the Oversize Kwik Cot is designed for extra comfort.

    The Kamp-Rite Oversize Kwik Cot opens in a matter of seconds to create a comfortable 84"x 33" sleeping surface. The wide sleeping surface area makes the bed a campers’ favourite. The bed can fit two small bodied people or children. The bed is a great tool to have at home especially in cases where one has overnight guests.

    The bed has two drop down storage pouches that can be used to keep personal belongings such as cell phones, wallet keys and the likes.

    When folded the two bed pouches form a carry handle which make transportation of the bed easier. The Cot also comes with a zippered carrier which allows for clean and easy storage. The bed can accommodate a weight capacity of up to 400 pounds.

    It folds down to a compact 42" length, by 9" width and 8" height with an average weight of 25 pounds.

  • It is lightweight.
  • Easy to set up and fold up.
  • It has a compact and stable design.
  • Incoporates storage pouches for storing personal belongings.
  • Cons
  • The beds fabric is not durable.
  • Its big size will require that you have enough space in your camping tent.
  • The lack of locking mechanism on the legs when extended might make you feel somehow insecure.
  • Bottom Line

    The Kamp-Rite Oversize Kwik Cot is a bed that boasts of a wide sleeping surface area. Apart from the questionable fabric durability, it is a top shelf bed that should definitely be considered when looking for a camp bed.

    Ancheer Folding Camping Bed Cot

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    The Ancheer folding camping cot is made of a durable aluminium constructed frame and reinforced water-resistant 600 D polyester fabric. The bed has the ability to support up to 300 pounds. The cot’s cloth is easy to wash and mildew resistant.

    This cot is designed tough, strong and comfortable and without doubt adhering to the high quality standard any built outdoor equipment should have.

    The bed is portable and the cot’s package includes a pillow which is great for using in various scenarios such as at parks, backyard or camp site among many other outdoor places.

    The comfortable cot allows one to have a good rest while they enjoy the fun of fishing, camping, reading or other outdoor activities. The bed is ideal for use as a temporary bed when guests are around.

    The cot’s design includes a pillow, and the bed folds in half to maximize portability and thus easy transportation and storage.

    No tools are required to set up and fold the bed.

  • Easy to set up and fold.
  • Strong and durable.
  • Very comfortable to lie on.
  • Easy to wash.
  • Cons
  • There is a possibility of rollover if you sleep at the edge due to the bed's legs structure which makes it lack a strong stability.
  • Bottom Line

    The Ancheer Folding Camping Bed Cot is ideal for both children and adults. The cot’s strength and durability among many other things make the cot one of the most widely sought after by campers. Even then, this bed lacks proper stability and you may encounter toppling surprises in your sleep. If you are much of a stable sleeper and not worried of rolling to the edge, this an affordable choice for you.

    Hunter Green Camping Folding Military Outdoor Cot

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    The Hunter Green Camping Folding Military Outdoor Cot dimensions are 72” length, by 24.5” width, and 13.5” height. A 6 ft. tall person can comfortably fit in the cot thanks to its long dimension. The cot folds into a size of 36” length, by 24.5” width, and 4.5” height.

    The cot is designed from steel/Oxford Cloth material and can accommodate a maximum weight capacity of 300 pounds. The bed has a weight of 8 pounds.

    In addition, the bed is portable and has a quick and easy fold up design. The cot’s packaging includes a storage bag that allows for easy transport and storage.

  • Lightweight hence easily portable.
  • Ideal for tall individuals.
  • Comfortable sleeping on.
  • Easy setup and folding.
  • Cons
  • The cot’s strength and durability are questionable.
  • The middle joint keeps popping up when the cot is open.
  • Bottom Line

    The Hunter Green Camping Folding Military Outdoor Cot is ideal for everyone. It is a good camping bed, but a few improvements in the design would make it better.

    Timber Ridge Deluxe XL Camp Cot

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    The Timber Ridge deluxe XL folding camp cot is very easy to fold and unfold. This cot also comes with a storage bag which comes in handy when one needs to store the cot. The storage bag also allows for easy portability.

    A super sturdy steel frame and good, high quality material are part of the cot’s design. The XL model of the Timber Ridge Deluxe Cot is oversized and has the ability to support a weight of up to 300 pounds. The cot has a sturdy steel leg construction which aids in supporting weight exerted on the cot.

    The bed has the following size dimensions: 83" length, by 31" width, and 20" height. It folds to a pack size of 40" length, by 7" width, and 5.5" height, wider than the average XL cots. The cot weighs 27.5 pounds.

    Heavy-duty 600D poly ripstop tops allow for quick setup and folding of the bed. The cot folds up to a compact size for easy transport in the included carrier bag.

  • Stable and sturdy.
  • Easy to fold and unfold.
  • Suitable for big people.
  • Cons
  • It is heavy.
  • Has a somehow questionable durability.
  • Bottom Line

    The Timber Ridge Deluxe XL Camp Cot is a well-designed bed that is ideal for use by everyone. The bed folds small and can be used for multiple purposes. The sturdy design confers strength to the cot, though its durability has been questioned. It should definitely feature as an option when shopping for camping beds.

    The Definitive Guide To Choosing the Best Camping Cot

    A camping cot or a camping bed is a relatively lightweight, collapsible bed that is ideal for camping and other outdoor situations. Most camping beds have a design consisting of a metal or wooden hinged frame bed with overlying strong fabric that serves as the cot’s sleeping surface. A camping bed collapses easily to fit inside of a car or on a car’s roof top. A camping cot is designed to fold repeatedly and take up as little room as possible maximizing on space. The best camping cots are ideally made of rust-resistant metal and nylon or polyester.

    What to consider when shopping for camping beds

    Comfort, weight, and portability are some of the most important factors campers consider when shopping for camping cots. Comfortable cots are generally heavier and thus not meant to be carried for long distances. Very light and portable cots are available but they can be expensive and unaffordable to all campers. Oversized or extra strong camping cots also come at a price premium due to the extra quality that they have. Below, these considerations are discussed in detail:

    1. Frame
    2. The frame and cot’s support structure are some of the core components of a camping bed. Most camping cot frames are designed from aluminium which is strong and very light in weight. Heavy duty cots are made using steel frames which have the ability to withstand heavier weight. It is crucial that one checks the manufacturer’s weight rating before buying a cot.

      Camping cots designs feature three main leg styles. These are: vertical legs, military style X legs, and legs connected by a horizontal bar in a C shape. The latter design is more suited for indoor use and it is the cheapest of the three designs. Cots to be used inside a tent should have rubber legs and end caps. Cot legs have the tendency to puncture or tear the floor of a tent hence the need for rubber legs and end caps.

    3. Fabric
    4. Single layered polyester or nylon fabric is supportive and easy to clean hence commonly used in the designing of modern cots. Cots with cotton canvas fabric should be avoided because cotton canvas is heavier and retains dirt and stains. Cots with mesh fabric are cooler and can, therefore, be used for warm weather camping.

    5. Comfort and Support
    6. Fabric tension and/or spring systems are for providing a supportive sleeping surface for camping cots. Some tension systems are adjustable to the user’s level of support and comfort. Some spring systems can also be fine-tuned by adding, removing or relocating the cot’s supports.

      There are also cots that come with extra padding. Some are so plush that they nearly resemble recliners. The padded models offer extra comfort but are shunned because they are heavier and bulkier. A foam mattress or a camping pad can alternatively be used as a topper to provide extra warmth and cushioning. The foam mattress is a more flexible option. Cheap models with ill positioned crossbars are quite common and these compromise on comfort since one will be sleeping on something equivalent to a pull out couch with a cross bar right under their back.

    7. Size
    8. The average unfolded cot dimensions are roughly 25 inches wide and 75 inches long. This is generally large enough to accommodate most adults. However, there are longer cots designed for taller campers and shorter models designated for youthful users. Extra wide cots measuring up to 40 inches across are available and these tend to be the heavy duty models which also support huge weights.

    9. Weight
    10. The average, aluminium framed camping cot weighs between 15 and 20 pounds. A heavy duty, steel or oversized cot weighs more. Cots with extra padding will also be heavier. Cots that weigh 2-3 pounds are mainly designed for back country use. A cot for a permanent or semi-permanent structure, does not factor in weight. Campers that move around a lot will opt for a lighter camping bed due to the ease of transport.

    11. Portability
    12. Most, if not all, cots designed for camping will fold to a degree for ease of transport and storage. Some fold over into small sections while others disassemble completely. The packed size and weight of a camping cot are the most important factors that determine portability.

      Most portable cots pack down to the size of a 1-2 person tent and only weigh 2-4 pounds. Portable cots are marketed as a viable option for backpackers. They are not without shortcomings. Portable cots usually sit very low to the ground, may have a lower weight capacity, and may not be as durable as heavier counterparts.Most folding cots come with a simple carrying bag with shoulder straps that come in handy during transportation.

    13. Ease of Assembly
    14. The most simple cot designs are very straightforward. They unfold along joints and snap into place with very little effort. Aluminium frame designed cots work in this manner.

      More innovative cot designs that are available in the market require some slight assembly. Shock cord poles should snap together, threaded through the fabric, tension springs assembled, and inserted into the cot’s body. Setting up a cot takes only take a few minutes. It is not as hard as it sounds, but if one can setup a tent they can definitely setup a cot.

    Benefits of a camping bed

    Camping cots are advantageous in that they keep you elevated off the ground when sleeping during an outdoor expedition. This boosts overall comfort and ensures a good night’s rest especially on a rocky or an unstable terrain. An elevated bed can make a big difference for campers who have challenges in getting up and down. They are also great for relaxing and simply lounging around a campsite and even at home. Camping cots can be used as extra beds in cases where one has guests sleeping over.

    The fact that camping cots are elevated and off the ground also helps campers regulate their temperature. Nature dictates that cold air naturally settles. At night, the cold ground saps away body heat via conduction. A camping cot helps mitigate both of these issues by mere elevation and keeping one from the ground. In warmer conditions, a cot can aid in keeping the body cooler by allowing air to freely circulate above and below one’s body.

    A cot is not necessarily used inside a tent. It can be used outdoors and this is a great way to improve one’s connection to the outdoors.

    When and where should the camping cots be used?

    Camping cots are ideally used in instances where one does not have to physically carry the cot for long distances. Camping cots have been proved to be great for car camping, canoe camping, and supported bike trips among other outdoor activities. They are also great for long term camping situations like base camps and research trips where extended comfort is essential.


    Similar to most things in life, there’s not really a single best choice when it comes to camping cots. Choosing the best camping bed is highly dependent on how you’re going to use it.

    Car campers who like to bring comfort and luxury to the wild should consider one of the sturdier cots with extra padding since they allow one to appreciate the extra comfort while sleeping. Luxury cots can even be used for lounging around camp fires.

    Lightweight backpackers should consider carrying a camping cot into the back country. There are cots that weigh between 2 and 3 pounds and thus easily portable allowing for easy travel.


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